5 Business Marketing Ideas to Get Great ROI with a Small Budget


The aim of marketing is to reduce the need for selling.

Most of the small business owners underestimate the power and the need for marketing their business thinking about their restricted budget which doesn’t allow them to extend their boundaries to try their hands on different territories of business marketing.

This is the reason why most of them fear to invest after it as the guarantee of getting proper ROI for their efforts is lesser unless your budget is high. No this is a myth!

You don’t always need a great budget to get your business marketing campaigns successful! Yes, marketing is all about how creative you can be with the things at hand and how you could sell the same product differently.

Here the time and money both play an important role, as pitching your audience at the right moment with some specified money can bring in some more bucks than investing a huge amount at any unusual time.

So all the small business owners out there, don’t stop your business growth as you have less to invest, as here are some simple business marketing tactics that can help you achieve those numbers.

Carefully planned social strategy

A campaign gets accomplished successfully only because of the efforts and time invested after plotting the strategies after it. Great research and understanding about the concept, business and the industry can help one to think about the goods and bad of the campaigns that can be planned for a particular business.

Strategic planning also involves the need to understand that not all business needs to be promoted on all platforms, based on the niche, one has to decide whether its Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other platform that can bring the right audience to the business.

The next thing that involves strategic planning is to know when to invest or boost your campaigns and where exactly is the need for your money to be invested.

Connect to the audience with contests 

The next and the most workable idea to get your customers attention without spending your money is by organizing a contest.

The contest is the most effective way to grab your customers interest as there is something in return that you would provide as a gift or a reward to them in exchange of some activity like, sharing your social profile in their network or playing a game by using your product and posting it on their pages.

This small ways of marketing are fully engaging and have a great chance of getting successful.

Great creatives grab attention

Great marketing campaigns tend to work due to some extraordinary creativity shown by its designer team. Yes, the first thing that catches a person’s attention for any marketing campaign is the image kept by the team to market the business.

The more creative and eye-catching the image is, more are the chances that your user will stick to the post or campaign to have a proper view of what you are trying to promote.

For most of the big business accounts, great and smart use of their business products in the creative sets their business image as a brand making it viral on the internet for the exceptional through that was put into the market the product.

Email marketing campaigns could do wonders

If you are into B2B business, email marketing is the most effective marketing platform to choose and generate leads. Majority of the business professionals are active on their emails and are easily approachable through this medium.

Generate an email list of all the prospect leads of your business, make a creative email newsletter that includes the message that you want to convey to your audience. Add some clickable links to your website (if any) and contact details to help them contact you to inquire and close the deal. Try to make it as interesting as possible, with the most attention-grabbing subject line which can trigger them to know further to open the email. Don’t be over promotional and try and keep it natural.

Fire this emails to all of them and you are done, it’s time to wait to get some reverts.

Connect with influencers 

The last and challenging technique of marketing your business is by getting your product promoted by some influential person. Influencers are the people having a great image and network on social media where they could create a buzz about your product by showcasing it to their audience.

These people are the trendsetters of the industry who either by having a paid partnership or for FREE (if you could convince them) could review your product in their blogs and other communication channels where they have thousands of active users who will watch and get to know about your business.

This technique of handshaking with the influencers to market your business will give you a great amount of new audience to promote your brand name.

Summing Up

Marketing is indeed not an easy task and most of the business owners feel it getting wrong. The reason behind their concern is everything about their business promoted online will be showcased to hundreds of people and one miss can change the game for them.

The other concern that most of them have is the money they invest in the failed campaigns that don’t work out to give them the profit amounts that they expected to get. But to keep away all the exceptions of the marketing world, following the above-mentioned ideas can be proved to be cost-effective and trustworthy for newbie owners of the industry to at least give a try to implement it for their business growth.