Eight Sleep Pod Mattress Review

eight sleep pod

Due to its unique design and ability to induce peace, the Eight Sleep Pod Mattress is a sleep technology that has gathered a lot of attention. Modern consumers are highly looking for sophisticated mattress solutions beyond basic comfort because of the emphasis on health and good sleep.

Innovative features like temperature control, sleep tracking, and configurable comfort settings set the Eight Sleep Pod Mattress apart. Examining the pod mattress’s features and performance in providing a rejuvenating and pleasant sleep environment is the focus of this review. Stay here to know about the Eight Sleep Pod Mattress:

What is the Eight Sleep Pod Mattress?

The Eight Sleep pod mattress is not like other box beds, yet. This smart mattress maximizes your sleeping experience by fusing cutting-edge technology with classic comfort.

The four main layers of foam of the pod mattress are intended to moderate temperature, relieve pressure points, and offer support. It differs, though, with its integrated technology that claims to improve the quality of sleep.

Top specifications of the eight sleep pod

This is more than just a mattress. The integrated technology is actually groundbreaking and will transform the way you think about sleep. As per their website, the mattress can presently perform the following functions:

  • Biometric tracking

Effortlessly, the Pod tracks more than a dozen physiological and environmental variables, including sleep duration, onset and duration, heart rate variability, breathing rate, heart rate, and temperature in bed.

  • Sleeping in a warm or cool environment

One of the Eight Sleep Pod’s best features is its ability to regulate temperature. Sleepers can find their ideal sleeping temperature with its active grid and hub.

  • Transfer of motion

A mattress that is more responsive and has some bounce is called the Pod. Mattresses that have foam that moves more slowly tend to reduce motion transfer.

  • Responsive foam layers

The Eight Sleep Pod Mattress is made with numerous layers of high satisfactory foam, supplying unequalled consolation and assist. Its flexible foam conforms to the curves of your frame to alleviate stress areas and inspire proper spinal alignment. It does no longer rely if you sleep on your stomach, returned, or facet, and you can relax knowing that this bed has your again covered.

  • Compatibility with partners

Happy days for couples with varying sleep preferences. Partner compatibility is a key consideration in the design of the Eight Sleep Pod Mattress. It guarantees that you and your spouse can have a customized sleep experience without compromising due to separate temperature settings for each side of the bed.

  • Smart temperature mode

With the help of biofeedback and machine learning, the app’s smart temperature mode dynamically modifies your bed’s temperature to ensure that you get the best possible sleep. Eight Sleep Pod Mattress has the smart temperature mode. When it comes to helping you stay asleep, these sleep metrics are revolutionary.

  • Hypoallergenic supplies

A hypoallergenic bed is a have to for every person who has allergies. This is happy by way of the Eight Sleep Pod Mattress, which makes use of hypoallergenic materials to offer a hygienic and wholesome snoozing surroundings. Say goodbye to congestion and spells of sneezing and howdy to restful shut eye.

  • Thermo alarm

To take advantage of the temperature to wake up more naturally and without disturbing a sleeping partner, use a thermo alarm to gradually chill the bed a few minutes before the planned wake-up time.

You can set the exact temperature at which you want your thermo alarm to wake you up as part of your smart temp profile, ensuring a more consistent temperature flow from night to morning.

For every day of the week, set up a repeating wake up temperature experience to guarantee consistency and a good start to the day. By regulating the temperature, it guarantees a comfortable night’s sleep and makes a slow wakeup possible.

Users who see noticeable declines in HRV can monitor their health and predict illness or exhaustion. Along with other biometrics like resting heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep stages, and sleep time, the Pod enables continuous HRV monitoring.

  • Sleep training

The AI engine of Sleep Coaching Eight Sleep determines your sleep patterns and fitness score, suggests Pod settings, and lets you compare your results with those of your friends and peers.

  • Dual zone management

The dual zone temperature control feature of the Pod Mattress is ideal for couples with varying sleeping tastes. Both partners can achieve their perfect sleeping environments with autonomous bedside adjustments without compromising.

  • Active temperature

You can enjoy a colder atmosphere for deeper, longer, and uninterrupted sleep by adjusting the temperature on either side of the pod to your perfect pleasure. From 55 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit, there are temperature settings. This is really helpful when you want to chill yourself at night without using the air conditioner in the heat.

Advantages of eight sleep pod mattress

  • Improved recovery

Getting enough sleep is essential for mental and physical rejuvenation. The Eight Sleep Pod Mattress could improve your quality of sleep and speed your restoration from tough workouts or busy days. It precisely regulates temperature and provides customized comfort, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. This materess effectively replenishes your body and mind.

  • Peace of mind

It can be reassuring to understand that the product you are shopping for is supported by means of technology and era. The clinical principles of sleep physiology had been the muse for developing the Eight Sleep Pod Mattress, which has passed through good sized checking out to guarantee its effectiveness. You may feel secure knowing you are putting your sleep health first due to features that improve the quality of your sleep and support your general wellbeing.

  • Smart integrations

Integrations of smart homes have grown in popularity in today’s networked environment. Popular smart home systems are easily integrated with the Eight Sleep Pod Mattress, giving you easy control and monitoring over your sleeping environment. With voice commands for temperature adjustments and fitness tracker synchronization for your sleep data, this mattress keeps you connected and in control.

  • Comfort

Smart home integrations are becoming increasingly common in today’s networked society. You can easily monitor and regulate your sleeping environment with the Eight Sleep Pod Mattress’s seamless integration with popular smart home devices. This mattress keeps you connected and in control, whether through voice commands to change the temperature or syncing your sleep data with fitness trackers.

  • Therapeutic benefits

The Eight Sleep Pod Mattress has therapeutic advantages and is a comfortable floor which could assist with common sleep problems. It can ease muscle tension, inspire relaxation, or even assist lessen the signs and symptoms of illnesses like sleep apnea and insomnia by using retaining the body at its ideal temperature all night.

  • Good quality

Purchasing a mattress is an investment in your general health and quality of Sleep. The Eight Sleep Pod Mattress has premium components and an inventive design that guarantees life and durability. It has offered unmatched comfort and support for many years, including a breathable fabric cover and a responsive foam layer.

Disadvantages of eight sleep pod mattress

  • High price tag

The pricey nature of the Eight Sleep Pod Mattress is one of its most prominent downsides. The Pod is more expensive than standard mattresses and thus, consumers on a tight budget might be unable need help to afford it. While the amenities seem alluring, many prospective customers may need to pay more.

  • Complex setup

Setting up the Eight Sleep Pod Mattress can be cumbersome. It requires connecting the mattress to a power source and syncing it with the Eight Sleep app. This may be a hassle for those who prefer a simple setup process.

  • Limited options for firmness

The Eight Sleep Pod Mattress has limited firmness adjustability compared to regular mattresses, which provide a range of hardness options to suit varied preferences. Although it has other capabilities like temperature control, people who value firmness personalization might find this less good.

  • Technology depended

The Eight Sleep Pod Mattress’s sleep tracking and temperature control functions can be useful, but they also make it more difficult to get a decent night’s Sleep without technology. Certain customers may prefer a more conventional mattress without the extra hassles of tech integration.

How to Set Up the Eight Sleep Pod Mattress?

The Pod will be available in two containers. One has the bed, which you will set up like a bed-in-a-box. The different boxes carry the Pod Pro’s Active Grid cover and Hub. To install your new Pod, download the Eight Sleep App. This app presents installation guide for setting up your mattress.

To set up the cover, unzip it onto your mattress and plug it into the Hub, which is then plugged into the wall. Use the App to attach the Hub on your smartphone and Wi-Fi. Fill the Hub with filtered water and hydrogen peroxide, pick your favored temperature at the App, and permit it to take a seat for ninety mins.

The Hub will pump water into your Active Grid and hook up with all the sensors. Once it’s primed, you can use the App to set your bed’s temperature between 55 and 115 levels Fahrenheit.


How are Eight Sleep Pods used?

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro Hub consists of a pc and a pump. The water within the bed’s active grid gets each heating and cooling. Sleepers can adjust the temperature of the mattress with the Eight Sleep app.

How does the mattress from Eight Sleep function?

The Hub, an external reservoir with the capability to warmness or cool water to a temperature of 55 to 110 ranges, is hooked up to the grid. Furthermore, sensors woven throughout the Active Grid gather plenty of sleep-related statistics, which you could view through the associate app Eight Sleep.

Is there a lot of noise made by the Eight Sleep Pod?

It is really quiet to use the Eight Sleep Pod. Whether the water in the mattress is being warmed or cooled, the Hub merely makes a soft buzzing noise.

Is there a warranty for the Eight Sleep Pod?

Yes, the Pod has a ten-year warranty. The Pod Cover has a 2-yr restrained assurance.

Is there a sleep trial for the Eight Sleep Pod?

Yes, you could try the Pod mattress for a hundred nights and the Pod Cover for 30 nights.

How is the Eight Sleep Pod shipped?

The bed-in-a-box mattress will arrive compressed in two boxes – one with the mattress and one with the Hub and Cover. Shipping is free.

How does it work?

The hub and Active Grid track sleep and adjust temperature. You can monitor your sleep score through an app on your phone.

Bottom line

Finally, the above referred to are approximately the Eight Sleep Pod Mattress. One of the largest traits inside the Eight Sleep Pod bed is sleep era. It is an attractive opportunity for people trying to maximize their sleep enjoy due to its combo of comfort, assist, and the present-day technology.

I advise the Eight Sleep Pod Cover for temperature control while slumbering, as long because it suits your price range. It has a wide range of heating and cooling options, person settings for every aspect of the bed, clean controls, and automated temperature changes. The sleep-tracking feature is a bonus, however there are inexpensive options for greater detailed monitoring.

Consider those factors before shopping for the Pod Cover: challenging setup, constrained bed compatibility, and vulnerability to harm. Despite these drawbacks, the duvet’s era is mind-blowing. Try it throughout the 30-night trial to look if it’s worth the price. A few nights of pleasant sleep can also persuade you to invest within the Eight Sleep Pod Cover.

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