7 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives & Proxy Sites for 2024

ExtraTorrent Alternatives

ExtraTorrent was discontinued and is no longer available, but you can try some of the best ExtraTorrent alternatives or proxy sites to download movies, web series, and TV shows that are listed here.

There are many outstanding ExtraTorrent alternatives or proxies available on the internet. This article presents you with a list of ExtraTorrent proxies. These make easy access to the ExtraTorrent Website. They offer high-quality content to file-sharing aficionados from around the world. This can be used for the ExtraTorrent proxy/alternatives and the ExtraTorrent unlock process.

There are also available many unofficial ExtraTorrent mirror sites. But you should compare those sites as many of them are found with malware, cryptocurrency mining scripts, and malevolent software.

What is ExtraTorrent?

The world welcomed a new torrent site in the year 2006. It took only ten years for the site to become the world’s second-largest torrent site. You guessed it right, outsized only by The Pirate Bay. Yes, we are talking about ExtraTorrent, known as a renowned torrent site. This site gets accepted by all seasoned users of the BitTorrent file-sharing protocol.

Users from around the world got to access some scrumptious buffet of digital content. It went for a long time though. The well-designed user interface made the search easy for the users. It was trendy amongst the users. It gives preference to downloading files, movies, and games via the seeding method. The users of the site were always in a rapid mode to report malevolent content. This kept the site clean and secure even for new users.

But, for all ExtraTorrent members, the well-liked torrent site was shut down by its owners in 2017. On May 17, 2017, the site said, “ExtraTorrent has shut down permanently“. And the shutdown was an unpredictable one. The fans were left with several alternatives or proxies of the original site. Many other torrent sites, known as mirror sites, have much of the same content as ExtraTorrent did.

ExtraTorrent Proxy Mirror Sites

After the shutdown, the bigger surprise was the relaunch of ExtraTorrent. It came out with the domain name ExtraTorrent.cd. Today, if you would attempt to visit ExtraTorrent.cd, you will perceive the site redirects to ExtraTorrent.si. ExtraTorrent.si is ExtraTorrent’s latest domain name.

If you are speculating from where the hell these sites come from and what are these all about. Here is the answer. ExtraTorrents Proxy and Mirror sites are the utter imitations of the original ExtraTorrent website.

These are the sites that are upheld by the ExtraTorrent staff. Some big webmasters or uploaders including various underground internet communities came as one to endow with alternative domains. So that the fans can access content on the same website, that is ExtraTorrent.

There are ample of ExtraTorrent mirror sites on the internet. Not all are working though. Here are some individually checked copies at the time of writing.

Here is a vital point that you need to know. At present, most torrent websites are banned by ISPs. These sites are under the radar of governmental agencies due to piracy concerns. Still, proxy and mirror sites have turned out as the only option for free-content lovers across the globe.

7 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives for 2024

For many torrent users, Extratorrent was the only best site undoubtedly. But you can also find quite a few other torrent websites which are not much popular. Here we have composed the 7 best alternatives to the ExtraTorrent site. You can use them for the same task.


Website: http://yts.mx

YIFY (YTS) is the best ExtraTorrent substitute for video content. Here users can find over a million films, TV shows, reality TV, sport, documentary, and more. The study says, over 70 million per month visitors visit this site! It provides with suitable search and allows selecting movies by quality and genre. It consists of a 10-point rating scale. It offers movies along with other entertaining and educational content.

According to the fact, it takes up to 80% of user interest. It is the best movie torrent site to date in terms of traffic and user familiarity. But always use a VPN to stay anonymous. Because it provides access to content that can be protected copyright.

Pirate Bay

Website: https://thepiratebay.org/

the pirate bay

So Pirate Bay is one of the oldest and leading torrent websites on the internet. The best part is that it is an ideal user-friendly interface. Don’t you feel irritated when torrent websites are jumbled with items coming from different download categories? If it is so, then The Pirate Bay is just the thing for you.

The site keeps on updating. So, it is easy to find the torrent you want as soon as it is obtainable. You only need to type the desired title or name that you want to download and hit the Enter. You will get many data related to Audio, Video, Applications, and Games. You can even filter the results by selecting the desired category. It is accessible in 35 different languages, and it is also accessible via proxy.

Well, technically it is not safe to visit the site. As it does seeding, it does not host the content it features. And it is illegal to download copyrighted content in India and many more countries. Various people have ended up in prison too. So you can’t accuse anyone if some legal actions are taken against you. If the site is not blocked in your area, then you are free to download the stuff.

Below given are some of the mirror sites that restrain the same content found on The Pirate Bay’s main site. These sites only have different IP addresses and domain names. Here we go with some of the proxies if the main URL is blocked or down for some reason.


Website: https://isohunts.to/

For those, who are not well-known with this site, isoHunt. It is founded by Canadian citizen Gary Fung in 2003. This is an online torrent files index and repository. It works exactly like ExtraTorrent.

IsoHunt keeps on updating content regularly. Among many options, you can download from a torrent file, hash, or magnetic links. Thus, you will not face a problem downloading files in the torrent downloader. The site keeps on informing the users about security updates. The peer-to-peer monarchy will let you know about the latest happening.

Besides, you can join and request its community.  You will get access to use different content by joining and requesting its community. The site, isoHunt, is also known for creating mirror sites for its contenders. These include ExtraTorrent and KickassTorrents.


Website: https://www.1337x.tw/

Now, 1337x is the third most popular torrent website. The original version of the 1337x dates back to 2007. After the shutdown of the Kickass torrent site in 2016, this version became trendier. It is an index of torrent files and magnet links. It is used for seeding through the BitTorrent protocol.

You can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows along with torrent animes, app installers, games, and music. 4.0 MB is the average download speed of its torrents. Developers keep on updating the features regularly. In case of any issues encountered, they will be addressed quickly.


Website: https://www.limetorrents.info/

It is a torrent website to use for general-purpose. It is now developing and becoming a colossal website despite stagnation in a File sharing system. LimeTorrents has got a sleek design along with big buttons and a search bar. It provides you with the best content. It has a clean and user-friendly interface though it does not have a well-designed website. It offers several movies, games, and shows anime like The Pirate Bay. The great part about this is, users can freely browse through categories.


Website: https://rarbgmirror.org/torrents.php?category%5B%5D=40

Another popular torrent website is RARBG. You will find their torrents like the latest web series, tv shows, and movies. It has got a clean layout which makes it a well-organized website, unlike others. You can easily find content in different resolutions. Like from SD to 1080p uncompressed Blu-Ray RIps. Also, many torrents of adult content, music, software games are accessible too. It has got a community and a great follower along with experienced operators.


Website: https://zooqle.nocensor.cyou/

Zooqle is flourishing as a popular website alternative to torrent sites. You will find here 3.5 million flows. 1000 torrents are every day added to this website! With the homepage, people may see many-seeded torrents. You can get access to thousands of TV shows and movies by browsing all the newly added torrents. It is available in English and Russian languages. Also, we are expecting more languages to be added as time goes on. Another interesting feature is that Zooqle also hosts torrents for music and eBooks.

How do ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites Work To Unblock Extratorrent?

Extratorrent proxy sites or alternatives are blocked in the US, UK, Turkey, Pakistan, Italy, Spain, Russia, France, and India. This study will let you know that how to use an Extratorrent proxy in your region. These sites act as an interface between your connection and the destined website.

As discussed before, if you type the URL, the proxy server routes the internet traffic from your browser. It will browse before the mirror site reaches. Then the system consents to you to unblock ExtraTorrent. You can now access the site even if it is restricted in your region.

Using VPNs to Unblock Extratorrents

There are ways to unlock ExtraTorrent using VPNs. You can try out these methods depending on your needs.

Unblock the ExtraTorrent proxy via VPN

As mentioned above, the safest way to block ExtraTorrent proxy servers is by using VPN. VPN service providers can use many software and applications.

In fact, before trying out a VPN app, one should settle on whether it is worth helping or for any other reason. In such cases, to negotiate your interests, some third-party application providers may use these applications. Among all OperaVPN is one of the best VPNs.

Use Web Proxy to surf Extratorrent Proxy

A web proxy or alternative functions as a web interface to access the web. It will let you keep your identity top secret. In case if you are visiting a website without a web proxy, then the personal data can be leaked out. Like IP address, location, and time you have spent on the webpage can all be followed!

Access ExtraTorrent via TOR Browser

The third best option is TOR Browser which you can use. By using this browser you can hide your original identity while using the internet. It is different from others as it will help you to hide your original IP with 3 or 4 TOR IP addresses. You can download this from the Google Play Store or their official website.

Protect yourself from malware

While accessing or downloading copyrighted content, you may face a real risk of downloading malware unintentionally. The best VPNs come with built-in malware blockers which will recognize and block suspicious websites. It will then files to protect you from any inadvertent download.

Protect your privacy

The issue with seeding is that other users can see your personal data IP address. Hackers may use this in sequence to track your location. You may get threatened by cyber attacks like DoS or DDoS.

VPN will keep your IP address safe from any cyber threat. While seeding other users will be able to see the VPN IP address and which does not belong to you. This helps you to stay private and safe.


Why is the ExtraTorrent alternative needed?

ExtraTorrent has been down since 2017. And there are no such plans to restart it. The massive torrent base has lost its significance. Thus, one needs to use download free files from another torrent site to get the most relevant torrents. There are many alternatives nowadays that can download even more content than ExtraTorrent.

Which site that is equivalent to ExtraTorrent is the best?

I would recommend using yts.mx. It is the most visited website. It is the most convenient torrent website for downloading free video content. If you are searching for other topics, then go for thepiratebay.org. This is the sole substitute for ExtraTorrent for downloading files on any topic! For TV shows Zooqle is the best one!

What other alternatives to ExtraTorrent are there?

Surfing and downloading copyrighted content is illegal. So, torrent trackers can be blocked anytime. Therefore, I would recommend searching sites on torrent search engines and not on separate sites. It will search for stuff for several torrent sites. You will see the results in the group.

How to choose the right VPN for torrents?

There are around 200 VPV providers worldwide. So, try to go through the VPN features or reviews before installing. Make sure that the software has these points:

  • P2P file sharing enabled
  • No-logs being kept
  • Fast speeds
  • Based outside the 14-eyes alliance

Is torrenting illegal?

Make it very clear that torrenting itself is not illegal. But downloading copyrighted content like movies, music, software –is illegal. And this is truly a centralized crime in the US and also in India.

We do not promote piracy! These proxy sites contain copyrighted content. We do not encourage people to download illegal copyrighted content without appropriate permission. This is illegal and unethical. This article is entirely for educational purposes. It aspires to enlighten the audience about piracy. We will not be responsible for any restitution originated due to the usage of these sites.