Top 18 Tuition-Free Colleges and Universities in USA


Are you looking for tuition-free colleges and universities in United State of America? There are many fully funded universities and colleges available in USA that are not charging tuition fee from student.

College tuition is constantly rising. According to the recent survey by OneClass, more than half of college students admit that they can no longer afford their tuition tab. So it’s not a big surprise that many people give up their dreams of getting a degree.

Top 18 Tuition-Free Colleges and Universities in USA

Do you want to keep studying but believe that college isn’t worth going into debt for? There is a solution for you. You can choose a tuition-free college that is committed to providing quality education to students regardless of their financial situation.

Here is the list of tuition-free colleges you can apply for in 2021.

1Alice Lloyd College, Pippa Passes, Kentucky

Alice Lloyd College was founded almost 100 years ago by Cambridge journalist Alice Spencer Geddes Lloyd and New York City educator June Buchanan. It’s a great college for students who want to get a liberal arts degree.

Alice Lloyd College covers the cost of tuition for up to 10 semesters for students who come from counties located in Central Appalachia, the mountain area that spans the five states of Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Ohio, and West Virginia.

2College of the Ozarks, Missouri

College of the Ozarks is a Christian liberal arts college that allows students to graduate debt-free. Every student can cover the annual cost of education by participating in a work program, obtaining federal and state grants, and gaining a college scholarship. The work program includes 15 work hours per week and two forty-hour work weeks per school year. 

If you don’t have money to pay tuition but are ready to work on campus, this college is a great option for you.

3Macaulay Honors College, New York City, New York

Macaulay Honors College provides its students with an exclusive scholarship package that includes not only tuition but also a laptop, Cultural Passport, and unique access to the Opportunities Fund. If you meet CUNY New York State residency requirements for in-state tuition, you can use this opportunity to graduate without going into debt.

4Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Curtis Institute of Music is one of the not many institutes that maintains an all-scholarship policy and supports all students regardless of their financial situation. In 2020, the annual value of Curtis scholarship was $47,143 for undergraduate students and $58,535 for graduate students. If you have chosen music as your college major, think of applying to this educational institution.

5Webb Institute, Glen Cove, New York 

Webb Institute provides all students full-tuition scholarships. To be eligible, you need to be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. The annual value of tuition was $52,420 for the 2020-2021 academic years. All students who struggle to cover additional costs related to studying can submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid to get extra financial aid. 

6Barclay College, Haviland, Kansas 

Barclay College is a private Quaker college. Students can attend it for free if they live on campus or in housing that is privately owned but certified by the university. At this college, you can get high-quality education in any Christian-related fields, including theology and other religious studies. 

7City College of San Francisco, California

In a partnership with Free City, City College provides free tuition and grants for students from low-income families. You may qualify for studying for free if you are both a California resident for one year and one day and a San Francisco resident. Also, you may be eligible if you have a non-resident exemption (AB 540, AB 13, AB 2000, SB 68) and reside in San Francisco. 

8University of the People

University of the People (UoPeople) is the first non-profit, tuition-free online university that passed the review and earned American accreditation. Whether you want to learn a programming language or study business, this university is a great option to consider.

At UoPeople, you will not have to pay any fees for taking courses or getting access to course materials. Your education costs will include a $60 application fee and an Assessment Fee per course completed ($120 for the undergraduate programs and $240 for the graduate programs) – and no extra charges.

9Stanford University, California

Most people associate Stanford education with the high costs. But in reality, Stanford offers an aid program that makes education affordable for everyone.

As for today, the average amount of Scholarship and Grant for one aid recipient in the freshman class is $58,494. It includes scholarships from Stanford as well as federal, state, and private grant funds. Eligibility for a scholarship depends not only on the applicant’s family income level but also on the family size, the number of family members in college, and other factors.

10Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Cornell University is another Ivy League university that offers financial aid packages. The average Cornell grant award for a student in freshman class as of 2021 was $40,686. If you need to cover extra costs, you can get loans and opt for work-study – you can earn money during the academic year.

11Berea College, Berea, Kentucky

Berea College is a private liberal arts work college, which was founded in 1855.  All admitted students receive No-Tuition Promise, which covers 100% of tuition costs and amounts to over $176,000 across four years. If you choose this college, along with an elite degree, you will get a chance to get a funded internship and study abroad. 

12The United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Education at this academy is valued at more than $416,000, yet the academy invites cadets to get a degree for free. The only requirement is that the student must be committed to serving in the Air and Space Forces after graduation. If you are interested in military education, consider applying to this academy.

13Hartwick College, Oneonta, New York

Hartwick College is a private college that offers in-state tuition for all students. Once you are accepted as a student, you will be awarded Merit Aid amounted to $30,000. Hartwick College uses a new approach to education to provide a personalized experience and enhance the learning process.

14Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

Duke University is one of the best universities in the United States – it doesn’t need to spend money on advertising to attract students. This university is at the top of the Physician Assistant School Ranking and 2021 Best Christian Colleges in America ranking. Also, it takes the ninth position on America’s Top Colleges 2019 Forbes list.

More than 64% of Duke students graduate debt-free. If the total annual income of your family is lower than $60,000, your family will not have to contribute to your tuition.

15Soka University, Aliso Viejo, California 

Soka University of America is one of the youngest universities on this list. It was established in 2001 by Daisaku Ikeda. Soka University offers a wide range of scholarships and grants, including Soka’s Merit Scholarship for Students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievements and Soka Opportunity Grant for students from low-income families. 

16University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

The University of Michigan is one of the best educational institutions in the United States, especially for getting an economics degree. This university offers free tuitions for families with income lower than $65,000 and assets below $50,000.  It provides in-state tuition only for those students who are pursuing their first bachelor’s degree.

17Deep Springs College, California

Deep Springs College is probably the smallest college in the United States, with a total enrollment of fewer than 30 students. All students of Deep Springs College receive a full scholarship valued at over $50,000. This sum of money is enough to cover the main costs, including tuition, room, and board. The only things students need to pay for are books, travel, medical insurance, and incidental expenses.

18United States Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, New York

Education at Merchant Marine Academy is associated with low costs. The Federal Government is responsible for covering the vast majority of the expenses, including tuition, room and board, uniforms, textbooks, basic medical and dental care.  

As a midshipman, you will need to pay for things like Midshipman Fees, an Academy-approved computer, plebe and educational kits, and transportation costs for liberty and leave periods. If you can’t afford it, you can apply for financial aid regardless of your family’s income.