The Five Most Exciting College Majors To Study

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Choosing a major for college is often a very tricky decision for students. They find themselves struggling between interesting majors and those that will help them secure a bright future. Not the two are mutually exclusive, but you get what we mean, don’t you?

While this decision may seem very hard, it isn’t. This is because there are a wide variety of majors that are exciting to study and promise secure and lucrative jobs.

5 Best College Majors for Student

If you have been thinking about what major you should go with, do not worry. Here are a few college majors that you might enjoy studying. Not only do these majors sound impressive, but they also offer good job prospects. Let’s jump right into them.

1Media And Communication

If you find yourself fascinated by technology, media, and their latest trends, then this major is perfect for you. Studying media and communication studies will allow you to learn how brands can effectively use tech and design tools to entice more customers. It will enable you to gain exposure to what goes on in the media industry and discover how sociocultural and political issues influence brand personas.

With a major in media and communication studies, you can secure a job as social media or web content manager. A job like this can help you earn about $45,000 to $65,000 per annum.


To understand society and culture the way we see them today, we must go back and study them through time and age. Studying history in college will take you on a journey to the past and enlighten you about our society’s aspects that you did not know of before. This major will enable you to critically examine past events and understand how they shaped the world as we know it today.

Whether you enroll in a physical college or get an online degree in history, you will have several career options lined up for you. As a history major graduate, you can write about it, teach it, or even work as an analyst or a paralegal. And if you’re up for it, you can even become a lawyer by enrolling in a law school after you complete your majors in history.


Technological advancements have turned robots from a dream into a reality. Robotics is a fun mixture of engineering and technology that allows you to understand, deconstruct and design robots of all sizes for various functions. It is one of those majors that is still evolving with technology today and offers something new to learn every day.

With a robotics major, you can work in various industries as a robotics engineer. Given the nature and complexity of the field, the jobs are lucrative, with pay scales reaching $100,000 in a year. With more experience and expertise in the area, you can earn a lot more.

4Zoology and Wildlife

While some people like animals enough to keep them as pets, others are much more passionate about them. If you share this passion, then a wildlife major may be just what you need. With a wildlife major, you learn more about different types of animals, their wellbeing, and their interactions with people. The major will allow you to study general zoology and the administration and conservation of nature and wildlife. It is a major that is not only interesting and lucrative but also morally gratifying.

Once you have graduated with a wildlife major, you can secure a job as a wildlife biologist in various institutes. You can sign up for a natural resource agency or work with conservation organizations. You can also opt to work as a wildlife park ranger, park naturalist, or even an animal consultant. And with such a job, you are likely to earn anywhere from $45,000 to $70,000 per year.


For some, music may just be entertainment, but it is the bread and butter for others. And it can be yours too if you opt for a music major in college. If you have a flair with any musical instrument and think you want to make it your career, you can opt for this major and turn your dreams into reality. You will enhance your skill in the instrument you play and possibly learn how to play more. Above all, you get a chance to perform in front of an audience.

Once you get your degree in music, you can apply for many positions in the music industry. You can become an artist and sing your lungs out, or become an educator and teach others what you have learned. Depending upon the career path you choose, you can earn from $50,000 to $70,000.


Mentioned in this article are only some of the many exciting majors you can opt for in college. As a student, you can pay people to write essays in USA for your project. If you think none of these suits you well, you can do a little more research and find many more. Before you choose, remember that the best major is not the one that is recommended by many, but one that drives your passion.