Marathi Apps That You Should Download Right Now

Marathi keyboard

It started out with people asking me about my significantly better typing skill which made me think of this new Marathi keyboard app I have been using. But writing about just one app wouldn’t be that helpful so I created this list of Must-Have Marathi Apps.

Play Store Rating – 4.6

The very reason I started writing this article so no wonder it goes on the top of my list. A truly good Marathi keyboard app finally!!! Too many exclamation marks you might think. This keyboard is one of the most customizable Keyboard apps you will find online.

You can customize small settings like how aggressive you want your spell-check to be or use a slider to determine the level of vibration you want the keyboard to make during notification. You can also customize the keyboard theme and use any of your favourite pictures from your gallery and use that as your new theme.

Other small but good customizable features of the app include its keyboarder feature that you can choose to have for your ease. A Marathi keyboard with user intent so good that you won’t have trouble using its text to voice feature. You can also use Bengali Keyboard to directly type your texts in Bengali or use the app’s transliteration feature to type text in English and let the keyboard turn it into Bengali.

But the best part about it for me is how it personalizes your chats. There are tons of sticker packs for you to download and share with your friends. You can edit any text you want on those stickers in both Marathi and English. And the icing on the cake is that it with new festivities sticker packs keep getting updated so you are always caught up with the trends.

You can make your chats even more personalised using the app’s animated avatar creation feature. Just click a picture or choose a picture from your gallery to make an animated avatar. This avatar can then be incorporated into the tons of sticker templates that come with the app. Similar to stickers this Marathi Keyboard also has tons of customizable GIF packs.

In addition to GIFs and Sticker, Marathi Keyboard also has a feature of sending big emojis, which are just perfect for expressing your emotions. Just long-press on any emoji that really captures how you feel and send big emojis to all your friends and family. For all those Whatsapp group admins out there this Marathi Keyboard app has a library of easily accessible content like Shayaris, Jokes, Quotes and so on too.

Overall if you are someone who would like to type in Marathi this is a must-try app.

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2Marathi Kids App

Play Store Rating – 4.0

I have not had personal experience with this app but my cousin used it for my niece. It is quite a decent app if you wish to get your kids started with Marathi. Anyways, infants, these days spend so much time on mobile (just realised I sound like my mum), they might as well get something out of it.

The app has various sections that cover different fundamentals of Marathi like Marathi Varnamala, names of Marathi months, names of weekdays in Marathi, Marathi Barakhadi, Marathi Numbers, Shapes and Color in Marathi, Birds, Animals, Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Vehicle Directions and many more things. Inside these sections are fun picture and memory games that allow kids to learn Marathi in a fun way. I liked the overall app but the UI could use a bit of work.

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3Marathi Sticker App

Play Store Rating – 4.5

You would need this app if you do not have the Marathi Keyboard app above. I am not mentioning any single name since there are many good Marathi sticker apps you can download, will tell you about them after discussing what good are these apps.

Emojis do not always suffice our needs and these Marathi Stickers apps have the trendiest Marathi Stickers and Memes. You can use these apps as sticker’s apps for Whatsapp. Some good Marathi Stickers apps are by these developers: Codinger IT, NP2, and Fans Media. But there are many more waiting for you at the play store.

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4Marathi Kitchen Expert 2020

Play Store Rating – 4.4

This app by developer Prakshep Software brings to you a plethora of Marathi Recipes right to you fingertips.

These delicacies are available in the Marathi Language itself. The UI is straightforward, and it has a good number of recipes to choose from. So if you are looking to surprise your mother with something traditional or just missing traditional cooking yourself then this might be a good app to try your hands on.

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5Marathi MP3 Songs App

Play Store Rating – 3.9

Want to get into some local nostalgia? The best way to that is with traditional Marathi songs. While there are apps like Spotify, Saavn, and other major music apps that also have a great collection of Marathi songs but this has a Marathi feel too.