Common Marriage Challenges for Newly Weds

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Life has several pages and stages, each with its challenges that require a lot of strategies to conquer. Sometimes, it is actually strangely fair to quit, but before quitting, a lot of attempts should have been made to make things work proper as desired.

There is no stage in life that does not have its challenges, and  marriage is one of the very critical lives stages full of challenges for newly-weds that need attention of marriage counselors.

Every married couple experiences challenges at the first to the second year of the marriage. Some times, these challenges could be mild while it is tough most times, so tough that some see reasons to quit.

It is imperative to inform both newly-weds as well as lovebirds that marriage is full of challenges which involve, but are not limited to the following:

Financial Challenges

This happens to newly-weds, especially those who had spent too much beyond their financial capability. Financial setback is the true test of endurance and loyalty in marriages. This is a moment for the couple to come together and think about how to grow together financially, supporting each other. If you live around Denver, there are some professionals seasoned for marriage counselings in Denver that can offer you the perfect advice on marital financial issues.


Marriage counseling in Denver and other parts of the world who are well-seasoned in the profession have received complaints from couples about in-laws. Normally, the couples might not have any problems, but each partner might find it challenging to cope with the family of the other and it will be a huge challenge to cast family away because of marriage. It is now between the husband and wife to discuss ways to conquer the challenge.

Time Management and Schedules

Work, friendship with people you knew before marriage, and taking good care of your partner accrue up to form a mountain of challenges.  Most counselling firms in Denver, help with guidelines on time management in marriage that enable couples to lead the happy life that their marriages deserve.

Domestic Chores

This might appear insignificant, but it is very important, as it takes time and effort. Newly-weds should work together at home to make things easy, achieve a healthy relationship and avoid petty issues. Marriage Counseling in Denver have revolved around this theme a lot and they have been perfectly resolved by experts.

Weight Gain and Personal Hygiene

Most married couples do something unimaginable after marriage. They abandon personal hygiene and forget about fitness and wellness all because they feel comfortable and secure with each other, until challenges arise when one of the partners starts admiring someone looking more attractive. In Denver, Marriage Counselors have corrected many couples on this.


This is a process that leads partners to marriage. However, it is disheartening that couples see the light of their intimacy die down because of busy schedules. Marriage experts  in Denver have emphasized on the need to rekindle intimacy again. Partners can set time aside to have fun. May be go to cinema, or beach.

Newlyweds should know that this is not the first stage of their lives that would give them the feel of joy. After all, everyone is happy when they get admitted to colleges, until they start to experience the challenges there in and making strategies to overcome such challenges. This applies to marriages too, couples should strategist on ways to conquer challenges.