5 Best Technology Apps for Android in 2024

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I am not promoting any brand, but I recently bought a Mobiistar X1 Notch Android phone. As soon as I got the handset, I started downloading some essential as well as other top-rated apps on it.

No need to say that there are some apps from the downloaded list that I didn’t have accesses more than once. They simply occupy the space of my phone and eating memory. This thing leads me to research and find the best apps that are useful as well as some meaningful purposes to be downloaded on the device. I created such a list of the best technology applications that I encountered as most useful for the Android users. Let’s have a look at them.


RSS is not new, and you may know its use quite well. An RSS feed helps you to get the updates of new contents of a particular website in a standardized manner. But, it is a time-consuming task to search for an RSS feed of your favorite site if it is not easily accessible. That’s where Feedly helps. Feedly is a great RSS  generator which will show you a list of categories like health, sports, fashion, tech, etc. and according to your choice, it will automatically add the most relevant and useful sources in a particular topic’s folder.

You will only need to download the app on your Android, create an account with email ID, and then you will have access to limitless sources. Feedly is free to use, but if you want to share the articles or save them to the third-party applications, then you need to choose a subscriber plan.

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Drippler is a useful app for technology enthusiasts. Once you download and open it in your device, it will show you the details of your phone including the OS version, network, phone model, make, etc. It will display the focused tech content and news on your mobile screen. You will be able to access the regular news, tricks, tips, apps, hacks, suggestions, and other details without roaming on the web.

Along with the updates on other products and devices, Drippler is mainly focused on the news and updated on the products you are using. It is free to use, but if you want to remove the ads from the application, then you can upgrade to the premium plan at a cheap rate per month.

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Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager is a neat little application which helps to organize and view your documents, files, music, and other data on an Android phone. It’s clear, uncluttered, and easy to navigate front menu will please the users who are using it even for the first time. Its folder view of the phone will include the third-party apps and other contents of the root system folder. When you connect the device to the WiFi network, the Astro File Manager will help you to track and control all the shared files in the network system according to your comfort.

You can kill tasks, send the attachment files, create backups, and much other stuff on this app. It is one of the first applications that I have downloaded on my new Android device. As Astro File Manager is a free app, you have to deal with the banner ads.

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The excellent TED talks arrived on Android and are welcomed as per the expectations. The TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conferences become popular among the worldwide audience mainly because of the riveting talks by the speakers. The list of the TED speakers includes technology geniuses, education radicals, business gurus, legendary artists, medical masters, and mavericks from many other fields.

This free Android app will provide you more than 1500 ‘talks’ with short speeches and related demonstrations which worthy spread the ideas. Most of the contents are 20-minute long which will keep you engaged, entertained, and informed to the past, present, & future of technology and other fields. It adopts all the Android platforms and so is widely used by the kids as well as adults.

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“Quora is the new Google.”

That’s what I think after downloading the Quora Android app on my phone. It is the platform that empowers the users to grow and share their knowledge to the world. You can find an answer to almost any question related to tech, health, sports, fashion, travel, and any other category in the Quora community. You can search for the relevant topic, can ask a question, and can post your own answer to a query on the app.

Quora is free to download the app for Android. Today, Quora is one of the best Q & A platforms for not only tech geeks, but also for the enthusiasts of any other field. The attractive interface, user-friendly navigation, local language feature, and native Android search make this app as a go-to download for the people across the globe.

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The Bottom Line

The technology is an ever-changing field in which there is always something new happening. So, it is a challenging thing to stay up to date with everything that comes in the market. That’s why it is recommended to use such useful applications to receive the updated from your favorite websites on your Android screen.

Which app will you download from the list above? Do you have any recommendation for the tech geeks like you? Feel free to share your inputs.

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