3 Tools That Can Help You Lose Weight

lose weight

At any given time, almost half of all Americans are trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, only about 10% succeed in losing the weight and keeping it off. If you are struggling with your weight loss journey, these three tools can help you succeed.

1. Medications

There is no magic pill that can melt all your excess pounds away with no effort on your part, but there are medications, such as a low dose naltrexone buy, that can assist with weight loss by reducing hunger, controlling cravings and making you feel more satisfied after meals. Combining these medications with other proven weight-loss strategies, such as moderate exercise and portion control can accelerate weight loss in some people.

2. Scale

Research shows that people who weigh themselves daily and keep track of their results are more likely to lose weight and sustain that weight loss than those who do not. It is important not to become obsessed with the scale because fluctuations in water weight and other changes that may not be directly related to your eating pattern can skew the numbers, but you do need to be able to track your progress.

Combining regular weigh-ins with other progress trackers, such as how your clothing fits and your measurements can help you judge the effectiveness of your current weight loss plan. However, if you are a person who becomes extremely discouraged when the numbers on the scale go up, it may be better to weigh less frequently, so you get an idea of the overall trend without stressing about day to day fluctuations.

3. Meal Prep Containers

One of the biggest trip-ups for any dieter is getting the hungries when they do not have any healthy food choices on hand. This often leads to grabbing quick, but unhealthy choices, such as salty or sugary snacks or fast food. You can avoid this obstacle by preparing healthy, portion-controlled, meals and snacks ahead-of-time and storing them in meal prep containers.

The advantage of meal-prep containers over a generic food storage option is that they usually have single meal sized compartments that allow you to measure out one meal’s worth of food, while you are hopefully full and under control, and then store it so you can just grab and go when it is time to eat.

Losing weight and keeping it off is a difficult task for many people. These three tools can help make that task more achievable.