10 Best Fat Burning Foods for Weight Loss – Burn Fat Fast

Fat Burning Foods

To achieve and maintain a healthy weight, try to incorporate into your diet the best fat burning foods set out in this article.

The weight loss can sometimes be a slow and frustrating process when we do not have the best tools at our disposal. Fortunately, we use an effective means that is within reach our food choices. In addition, we can ensure that low-calorie foods are included on our plate. This will necessarily bring us closer to our goal of losing weight and will be beneficial to our health. But still, there are also fat-burning foods, which promise to result in faster results.

These fat burning foods include low calorie, increase metabolism and are high in fiber or calm hunger. Among the many fat burning foods, many of them also share a common feature they are filled with vitamin C. In addition to fighting the common cold, vitamin C helps to produce collagen, helps in skin health, Can protect the heart and helps to destroy the free radicals associated with certain cancers.

10 Effective Fat Burning Foods:

The eggplant:

Among the vegetables that boost weight loss, eggplant is a champion to absorb fat! If you want to test its absorption power, cut a few slices, make them back in the olive oil and watch! You will see that it tends to play the role of sponge and drink the oil! Imagine what eggplant gives in your stomach!

Very rich in fiber and pectin, eggplant traps the fats we assimilate, thus promoting the elimination and destruction of toxins, and improving intestinal transit. So do not hesitate to make regular consumptions of ratatouille, or to concoct eggplants stuffed with tuna!

The apple:

The apple is an excellent fat burning fruit! This is the star fruit to lose weight. The apple contains pectin, which, like eggplant, traps fat in the stomach.

Excellent appetite suppressant, it helps to fight against nasty snacks. And if you want to be on top of efficiency, go for the low sugar variety of apples. You can consume the skin, rich in fiber and vitamins. For your cases and shots, think of bringing apples to the office!

Green vegetables:

If you do not like green vegetables, you will have to make a little effort, because these are extremely effective to drain your body! Among the stars that prevent fat storage are cabbage, celery, bell pepper, broccoli, and zucchini!

Rich in vitamins, diuretics, they possess antioxidant virtues that preserve the youthful and healthy health of your skin! A true mine of benefits to purify and detoxify the body! In summer, cook zucchini gratins, which require the body more energy than it brings, resulting in extra fats burned.

Prefer steamed cooking and spice up your vegetables with aromatic herbs and spices!

Oat bran:

There are foods you do not think about! This is the case with oat bran, rich in soluble and insoluble fiber, which will trap and naturally capture some of the ingested fats. Because of this, it ensures a good intestinal comfort and especially has a satisfying property!

It helps to regulate your appetite and avoid eating too large portions while eliminating fat. Both a moderator and a drainer, oat bran is the ingredient to keep at hand when cooking! You can either consume one tablespoon per meal or sprinkle your dishes or yogurt.


Pineapple in the main course! Pineapple for dessert! This fruit is excellent to lose your extra pounds. Be careful to consume its stem because it is in this part that hides an enzyme eating fat! An enzyme that is so effective breaks the cellulite tissue and promotes the elimination of fat. In short, ladies, if you have fat cells, consider eating fresh pineapple! It’s good for your figure.


Drinking a lemon juice in the morning on an empty stomach, before breakfast helps the body to start and purify itself! Indeed, lemon helps to better digest food, and activate the secretion of bile. Citric acid also helps the stomach to eliminate and destroy fat and protein. You are doing well to your body in the morning and helping it get started. Lemon juice, a slimming reflex to adopt for optimal detox virtues!

Protein for muscle building:

Consuming proteins helps to preserve its muscle mass and to lose fat mass! Lean meat, fish, dairy products, eggs promote the elimination of fats and allow to maintain your muscle capital! For slimming and burning bad fats these foods is the essential part of your diet. So, on the plate, they do not overlook them during a diet, they are essential to fight stress, fatigue and keep the shape.


Many cosmetics have caffeine in their composition; it is for its active fat burning property! Slimming creams and gels use caffeine to promote the elimination of the pad. Your little black morning will only do you good, by naturally activating the fat burning! Be careful not to exceed three cups per day or suffer from tachycardia. If you do not like coffee, you can opt for green tea, excellent drainer.

Complete cereals and legumes:

Rich in carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and minerals, cereals must be on the menu of every meal! They provide a satiety effect that avoids the blows of the bar of 16 hours and thus allow holding from one meal to another without succumbing to the temptation of the bar chocolate. Take the complete ones for a better intestinal comfort. Also, consider combining them with legumes to replenish vitality peas, lentils, beans, and chickpeas will keep you from cravings.


With its spicy little touch, cinnamon can substitute sugar and acts on the sugar in the blood avoiding that it does turn into fat. In short, cinnamons are an excellent method to burn fat and not deprive you of dessert! So test the apples in the oven with cinnamon, a treat.