15 Tips for Ensuring Your Mobile App Stays Fresh and Relevant

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The development of a mobile app is one thing because it needs to stay relevant to the market, and this can be a lot more difficult than it looks. This article features some tips from experts in the industry to help you keep your app fresh and at the top of the competitors.

As technology is advancing day by day, mobile apps have become a necessity in the life of an average person. Due to this reason, many businesses opted for Mobile Application Development and launched their mobile apps in recent years.

But everything comes at a price, and in terms of technology, the most significant disadvantage is that you have to update it to meet new standards constantly; otherwise, your product will fall behind the competition.

Keep Your Mobile App Stays Fresh and Relevant

Businesses frequently add new features to their mobile app to provide users with the best experience. Below are some tips that you can apply to ensure that your mobile app stays fresh and relevant.

1Keep the Future use of the App in Mind

Although mobile apps are developed to meet the present needs of users, those who also keep an eye on the future use of the app enjoy its benefits. If you get Android App Development Services from a reputed development company and share your vision with them, you can avoid many problems in the future. In short, to meet the user requirements, you have to keep yourself one step ahead of others and always keep something interested in your queue to be introduced in the future.

2Go for Cross-Platform Applications

Developing an app for only one platform has become a thing of the past as all the available platforms are equally popular in the market, and those who develop an app for one platform lose many users. So, make your application compatible with devices and offer the best experience on all platforms. Furthermore, you can simultaneously use React Native framework to develop Android, Windows, and iOS platforms.

3Exclude Desktop Functionalities and Develop OS-Native

Please don’t get into a situation where your mobile application lack features because you wanted to keep it as simple as possible. Trends change daily, and users want apps to be intuitive and fast and have all the necessary functionalities. In most cases, users who wish to use the mobile version of a desktop application don’t want to access all the features.

They only want to enjoy the experience on their small screen device, and this tip revolves around making that experience once in a lifetime. Share your app idea with an iOS Development Agency and develop native versions of your application for all the available platforms.

4Establish a UAT Group

In this era of technology where the internet connects the whole world, you can create a group for UAT or user acceptance testing of your app before releasing it to the consumer market. Let’s create an in-house testing group and an external testing group to share the beta version of your mobile application with them.

This way, you will get an idea about how your application will perform in the market, and you can change your strategy based on the results of these tests. If you work according to these reports, you will launch the application after removing all the bugs.

5Learn from Behavioral Analytics

There are hundreds of apps available in each niche, so big businesses offer better features, so users select their app over other available apps. Use behavioral analytics to learn about what your users are expected from the app and work accordingly to deliver the solution. You are halfway through your journey if you reduce the number of clicks that users need to access the desired feature.

6Monitor and Test all the Versions of the App

To maintain the quality of your mobile application, experts suggest that you keep an eye on developing the new version of the app. Test the latest version before release to remove bugs and use the UAT group for constant monitoring.

7Provide Accessibility Features in your App

No matter what the average user of your mobile application is, you should include the accessibility feature in the app. Test resizes, test color changing, voice-over assist, and closed captioning are some of the best accessibility features you can consider to introduce in your app to keep it fresh all the time.

8Read Reviews to Measure user experience

It is a fact that users only write reviews about apps that they want to use, so reading reviews will help you get an idea about users’ experiences. You can learn about the latest mobile app development trends and include the latest features in the upcoming updates to make users think you care about them. Better user experience is the key to the growth of your app.

9Learn about the latest Features from Top apps

The idea behind the app should be yours, and it should also include some intuitive features, but if you learn from top apps in your niche. You can get an idea about new features that you can implement in the upcoming update to make your app successful. Create a group of employees in your organization and give them the task to search for new ideas based on ideas of other apps.

10Monitor app usage with A/B testing

You’re mistaken if you think that your work is done if you have finally released your mobile application because you need to keep an eye on the behavior of users to learn whether they like your app or not. You can monitor what users are doing on your app with A/B testing to check whether users are getting what they were looking for.

11Believe in the platform provider

Businesses may think that they have a better idea about what users need. Still, platform providers have been in the application business for an extended period, so they know what they are dealing with. You can contact them to learn about new changes in the industry and what is going to change in the future to develop the application accordingly.

In all the industries nowadays, mobile applications have become a necessity as users keep their smartphones with them all the time. Look for a reliable platform even if it costs you some extra money as they can adapt to the latest trends.

12Use an API-centric architecture

To achieve an API-centric architecture during the development phase of your app, you should start with the separation of the logic of your application and its backend functionalities. By using APIs during development, developers can focus on user experience.

APIs usage also reduces the time to fetch data and processes from the backend to increase the speed of the development process. You can launch new applications using both internal and external groups with APIs.

13Implement agile app development processes

An organization looking to develop an application to take their business to new heights should adopt the latest application development methods and processes instead of conventional ones. For better engagement with users, you should make a strategy to respond to their queries as soon as possible.

Make technical changes in your app based on queries from users to ensure that users enjoy the best experience while using your app. An agile development process can do the trick in this regard, and it doesn’t take much effort to achieve this goal.

14Hire the best DevSecOps team

To keep the development libraries up-to-date all the time, you should hire a DevSecOps team and check their portfolio to ensure that you have got the best team on your side. Libraries are the backbone of the security of an application, and your application will be under constant risk of attacks if developers don’t retrieve the latest version of the application.

The most significant benefit of the experienced DevSecOps team is that they always investigate libraries and update patches before applying them. Many technologies are available in the market today, including app shielding, which can save your library from being attacked.

15Use focus groups of New and Experienced Users

Suppose your organization receives usage data of all the users regularly and manages to analyze all the data by itself. Then, you don’t have to worry about anything, but there are problems if that is not the case. User focus groups are the best to understand why the app is not providing the user experience as promised.

Many companies have experimented with user focus groups, and the results of these focus groups are fruitful. These companies have improved their features on all the available platforms due to the data and suggestions of these focus groups.


If you develop an intuitive mobile application, don’t worry, as your app will get a promotion with the word of satisfied customers. But one-time promotion isn’t enough, so you can use the above tips to keep your mobile app fresh and relevant in the market. Hire a reputable app development company and discuss your idea for the best app development experience.

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