Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2024

mobile apps development

The mobile app development industry is growing at full tilt. To succeed in the modern age, you need to be aware of the new-fangled mobile app development trends.

For a few years, mobile apps are the most growing way to increase knowledge and market. Mobility is one of the best solutions to a growing world. That solution gives a continuous advancement in the latest technology that would be always powerful results through android and ios devices.

The market has uncountable apps that all are available on the play store and app store platforms. Mobile applications have been continuously growing and generating revenue, also, it is increasing constantly.

The app developer must consider a large area with the valuable specification screen size of the app, specifications, configuration, integration, UX/UI design, and platforms that give complete satisfaction for your open business.

It follows a complete development process till then delivered to their clients.  Currently, it’s a wonder that entrepreneurs are going with the industry which can benefit effectively as a user.  Applications allow users to be preinstalled on mobile phone delivery through web and app apps including server-side/client-side processing to implement a user experience.

We have multiple categories for the applications that are developed by mobile app developers. Whenever we plan to build an app for our specific business, first we need to consider the category of the business-specific app and must know about trending things such as android, ios, integration, features, real-time tracking, advanced search, order, check history, etc.

Mobile applications can be developed for each and every industry and category in the world. Categories such as grocery, laundry, real-estate, Travel, entertainment, education, corporate, eCommerce, video/audio streaming app, gaming, online payment transaction, eBook, home service, designer app, real-time chatting, real-time tracking, order and booking, learning app, online dating app, food app, car rental, matrimonial,  and more can be added.

Best mobile app development technologies

Mobile apps can be helped to provide an on-demand solution for business management. Mobile app development refers to many different programming languages and technologies. With the trending technology, applications are adopting new technologies, followings are:

  • Python

Python has been used to build various kinds of mobile applications that help to stand dynamic and open-source platforms. It’s a compatible language with built-in debuggers to provide a brand-new perfect development source.

  • Flutter

Flutter is an open-source application development Software Development Kit (SDK) that helps to develop cross-platform applications.

  • React Native

React native is the trending framework that used to build cross-platform applications for different platforms such as Android, iOS, Web, and Windows. App Developers mostly use JavaScript while developing mobile applications such as UberEats, Myntra, Facebook, and Airbnb, These are some mobile applications that have been developed by using the react native framework.

  • Swift

Swift provides a programming language which is created by Apple Inc., for tvOS, macOS, iPadOS, watchOS, Linux, with other platforms. LinkedIn, Hipmunk, and Lyft have developed applications using swift Language. This language is dedicated to working with Cocoa n Touch frameworks and C & Objective written particularly to develop an iOS application.

Mobile App Development Trends

Mobile apps are the most growing facility in the market who can take care of the every kind of businesses that are always working for growing. Applications are one of the best and easy solutions for taking over business and providing services anywhere. It also helps to generate traffic and on the business site and mobile application. Let’s see the top evolving mobile app development trends that will dominate the near future.


Chatbot is becoming a speeder where companies can interact with each other and provide support to their customers. That innovation helps to give answers to customers’ queries from any platform such as online shopping, travel, food delivery, transportation, grocery, and more.

2Internet of Things (IoT)

The growth of the mobile industry is leading to the development of the IoT area that tech allows offering automation under a number of devices such as smartwatches, smartphones, TV, etc.

3Artificial Intelligence

With AI technology using mobile applications that call for the highest occurrences of business growth, also, would help you stand out from others. AI provides benefits in the mobile environment such as Microsoft,  Facebook, IBM Google have started investing in it.

4AR & VR

Application development tech giants such as Apple and Google, and the app development industry has achieved great growth continuously.

5Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology helps to boost transparency and access to eliminates unlawful, and intermediates used to keep strong security protocols.

6Beacon technology

Beacon technology benefits to target achievement with client expectations. It helps to notify regarding nearby offers, hotels, etc. Businesses such as stores, restaurant integration should be extremely beneficial, also, the use of Beacon or similar devices to marketing signifies prophesied for development rapidly.

7On-Demand Applications

Mobile applications are most popular to boost selling & service to increase customer’s experience. They follow various purposes, such as beauty, healthcare, Grocery/Food, and on-demand. On-demand applications help to increase user experience, also, it improves the business delivery speed at the customer’s doorstep.

8App Wallet

Trending applications are choosing mobile app wallets to enhance the business experience. As business grows day-by-day where customers need to make online things speedily. Customers get a facility to manage their wallet, they can add or receive into the app wallet.

9eCommerce Apps

The eCommerce industry is one of the biggest markets ever which has never been seen in other industries. eCommerce app manages the business with a specific target. A lot of applications are growing with great speed such as Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Starbucks, Trivago, etc.

10Payment Gateway

Gateway is the best way to online transaction payment from anywhere. When a business has a lot of customers, then the business must have an easy process to get payment from various customers. It helps to receive a direct payment for the business and easy to pay.

11Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)

This technology provides a smart strategy solution to boost its visibility under mobile searching. AMP helps to improve SEO and performance of speed, which are the main factors that impact the business website.

12Cloud Applications

Cloud-based Applications are always playing an important role to store data on a specific amount without utilizing phone memory where users can access applications easily.

13Wearable Applications

Wearable gadgets such as smartwatches. The trending market is demanding for wearable mobile applications made an unexpected leap. These wearable apps help to provide hardware access such as sensors and GPU.

14Instant Applications

Instant apps are real-time chatting apps that are still growing. That allows users to send text notifications with more features. Users must download the app and can use it for web & apps easily.

15Google Assistant

Now entrepreneurs finding the best solution with the integration of Google Assistant in 2021. It benefits by using the integration of google assistant where you can offer multiple ways to users.

Google Assistant has uncountable users now where they are increasing ordering and delivering process with the app integration a popular virtual assistant becomes a significant target between different development teams.

16Healthcare Application

Such type of applications has a top place nowadays which is going on the advanced level. These applications have a bright and growing future.

Applications can offer multiple services for anywhere to everywhere which have extreme features and functionalities. That has a unique design with diverse choices and integrations of real-time.