7 Best Stylish Wayfarer Sunglasses – Be Bold & Magnetic


Men’s sunglasses are an avenue of fashion that grows more diverse with every passing season. The styles range from traditional designs to the avant guard, to cater to the tastes of men across generations. Eyewear is endlessly experimental, but there are some designs that have carved out their niche into the foundation of fashionable men’s eyewear as the top closet essentials to invest in. The Wayfarer sunglasses are one of the best examples of the ideal accessory for men, because of their simplicity and versatility.

Men’s fashion and accessories are consistently ranked for their functionality more than aesthetics. The Wayfarer sunglasses fit perfectly into the perfectly functional pair of sunglasses due to their ability to protect you from the sun throughout the year, their comfortable design, and the free spirit they embody. The men’s wayfarer sunglasses are often considered a ‘blind buy’ item because they are sure to compliment every face shape.

7 Best Stylish Wayfarer Sunglasses

There are many options for great wayfarer sunglasses you can invest in and if you want to narrow down your search, here are some options below.

1Timeless and Tinted

The spirit of a true pair of wayfarer sunglasses always finds its way directly to the wearer’s mood as well. They are an immediate pick-me-up through the harsh seasons, and this pair of tinted wayfarer sunglasses are bound to catch your eye. The design of wayfarer glasses is timeless, but when tinted lenses are added to the mix, it becomes even chicer. These mens wayfarer sunglasses can be paired with casuals and streetwear alike, making them the ideal accessory for the fashion-forward.

2Transparent to Top

Transparent glasses have grown in popularity ever since the resurgence of the urban, alternative summer palettes. These glasses are an example of one of the most popular combinations of the trend: pure transparent wayfarer glasses frames with tone-shift lenses. Paired best with trendy streetwear and layered silhouettes, these wayfarer sunglasses can elevate a look instantly. These glasses are popular due to their eccentric and magnetic aura, as they are sure to make heads turn wherever you go.

3Beautiful in Brown

Wayfarer sunglasses are not always restricted to casuals and the young. This design proves the versatility of a stylish pair of wayfarer glasses, ones that can help you make a statement. These glasses are a symbol of luxurious and opulent design of the finest eyewear, but with the approachable aura of wayfarers. This piece of eyewear is paired best with formals, business-wear and even traditional for that added touch of effortless class and charm.

4The Bold Browline

Wayfarers are considered some of the most versatile pieces of eyewear because of their ability to morph into other popular styles effortlessly while retaining their own charm. This pair of wayfarer sunglasses is one that carries the double browline detail, one that is often restricted to pilot glasses, navigators, and aviators. Since the wayfarers also embody their own spirit of adventure, the browline naturally fits into its aesthetic and creates a memorable piece of eyewear worth collecting for your wardrobe.

5The Steely Gunmetals

Wayfarers technically are an extension of square frames sunglasses, and this rendition in steely cool grey is one that gives it a drastic makeover like no other. These wayfarer sunglasses are an ode to the risk-taker and the dynamic, as it combines the best qualities of men’s eyewear and puts them into one pair of sunglasses. Additionally, the grey is complemented by gradient lenses which are in muted tones of green. This gives the glasses a calm aura, but with a vivacious spirit.

6The Unisex Vagabond

Since square-framed glasses are one of the most universally flattering designs in sunglasses, these glasses have added more benefits to the same. The most interesting feature of these wayfarer glasses frames is that they can be worn by any gender, and that they are not specifically made with people in mind. These glasses are unisex and can be worn by anyone. The lenses are covered by the frame on all sides, but the temples taper out into different lightweight frames that add to the charm of these dainty and cool wayfarer sunglasses.

7Black and Blue

Some frames are effortlessly cool, while some frames have something to prove. These wayfarer sunglasses are two-toned, front-to-back glasses that vie for the attention of the onlooker. The sunglasses are playful and peppy, with the bright clue contrasted with a black over the front of the glasses. These wayfarers sunglasses are sure to elevate your street style ensembles with little effort, while giving you a memorable look to remember.

Wayfarer sunglasses are the best companions to help you realize your vagabond side, and the part of you that wants to live life to the fullest. Donning a stylish pair of wayfarer sunglasses is sure to lift your spirits and the spirits of those around you due to your magnetic aura. Brands like Titan Eyeplus host a curated selection of bold men’s wayfarer sunglasses that are meant to turn heads and make you stand out. Therefore, you can browse through their collection and find your perfect match for the adventurer within you.