8 Best SaaS Tools For Small Business Financing Companies


Small businesses can often be cash-strapped. With limited financial resources every penny that needs to be spent hurts. If you are in the business of lending money to SMEs, it must hurt even more to see money come in and be passed on to someone else.But your business needs to run efficiently.

If you can’t hire the people to do the work, how best can you manage within the small budget that you have set aside for your business? Today there is a wide range of effective and efficient SaaS tools that come to the aid of small businesses.

As a small business financing company, here are a few SaaS tools that you will find useful for your business.

Outright for accounting

outright bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is not an easy job, and yet it must be done. Keeping track of every rupee, every SME loan, tallying the books, making sure the right rate is charged, and also filing your tax returns every year is a mammoth task that leaves many businesses sweating.

Allow Outright to take over from you so you can focus on your business.

Netsuite for resource planning

netsuite core business

Netsuite has a vast bank of resources for a wide range of industries. With low costs of installation and flexible IT, businesses can deploy as many systems as they require. Some of the benefits include:

  • Built-in flexibility to scale up and down as needed
  • Free business intelligence and analytics
  • A customer-ready, commerce-ready ERP
  • A cloud-based, mobile-enabled social system for a modern company

Dropbox for file storage

dropbox file storage

This file storage and retrieval system is just a simpler and more efficient way to work together. You are freed from the hassle of mailing large files or having to make sure the latest document is with you when you travel out of office for a meeting. Simple drag and drop your files to your Dropbox and you are set to go.

With Dropbox you can:

  • Take your docs anywhere
  • Send videos quickly
  • Easily manage your photos
  • Work on slides together
  • Never lose a file again

Chrometa for tracking time


Your personal timekeeper, this automatically tracks your time as you work on your PC, Mac, iPhone and Android. Every email you write, every minute that you spend on work gets recorded and ‘automatically’ put on your timesheet.

Chrometa’s time tracker makes a note of everything – the application, the name of the file, the URL, the subject line of your emails, etc. It only keeps track of an active window, so does not matter if you have multiple windows open.The best part, this can also capture time spent on calls and text messages.

Schedulicity for scheduling appointments


This mobile platform helps small businesses schedule and stay on top of client meetings to work more efficiently and effectively.This app is only for subscribers and you need to provide your username and password to log in.

With Schedulicity, you can:

  • Add new appointments by simply holding down on the calendar
  • Manage contacts and add new ones
  • Process credit card and record payments from your phone

Evernote for organized information


Evernote helps you keep all your ideas and notes on a given SME loan project in one place. So you don’t have to remember everything or go looking for that elusive Post-it.

Evernote allows you to:

  • Remember everything so you can forget everything
  • Work smarter with easy-to-find notes, links, recordings, and even handwritten notes
  • Bring the whole team together on one Evernote platform

Freshbooks for paying invoices


Keeping track of your accounts is easy with Freshbooks. You can handle all your accounting from anywhere.

Freshbooks allows you to:

  • Create and send professional invoices
  • Take pictures of receipts
  • Manage expenses on the go
  • Stay on top of important updates
  • Chat with clients
  • Synchronise data across devices

Wisestamp for e-mail signature


Your business needs to create the right impression, and that includes the appropriate email signature. With Wisestamp you can select from a variety of templates, apps, and designs to complement your business

With your new email signature you can expect:

  • More email replies
  • An increased in social media reach
  • More Leads
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