Parcel Delivery Tech – How It’s Changed the logistics Industry


The parcel delivery sector has been revolutionised by improvements within technology in recent years. Advancements made within logistics tech have helped to reduce costs, improve efficiency and enable businesses to better optimise their supply chain.

Here, we’ll look at just some of the ways parcel delivery tech has changed the logistics sector.

Improved GPS

GPS has seen continuous improvements, now providing couriers with a huge range of functions such as real-time traffic alerts and route optimisation. This enables them to get to each delivery stop faster and more efficiently. Being able to avoid traffic and work out the fastest routes helps to reduce fuel consumption and ensure delivery demands are met.

Of course, GPS has also helped to reduce the risk of couriers getting lost. When time is critical, there’s no room for error and advanced GPS systems can ensure you don’t end up miles from where you need to be!

Tracking parcels

Another piece of tech which has really helped to improve parcel delivery is tracking. A barcode is placed on the parcel and it’s scanned along every point of the supply chain. This allows customers to see where their parcels are, and it gives them an idea of when their goods will arrive.

Not all courier companies offer tracking services, therefore it’s a good idea to compare the ones that do through a company such as You’ll also find some tracking services are more advanced than others.


Automation software has been widely integrated into the logistics supply chain. It has become especially useful in the picking and packing sector, helping to get a large bulk of orders out in record time. It has also helped to reduce human errors, saving companies a lot of time and money.

You’ll also find that automation is included within many parcel tracking services, automatically updating the parcels location. It’s been one of the most useful pieces of tech introduced into the industry.

Smartphone applications

These days, you can get smartphone applications for everything, including parcel delivery. Most major couriers and logistics suppliers have their own apps which customers can download and use. These allow you to check on the status of your delivery and even potentially see where the van is at any given time. You can also often add delivery instructions, or re-direction instructions if you won’t be at home when the parcel is due to be delivered.

Overall, technology has really helped to enhance the logistics sector. The above is just some of the main pieces of tech that have helped to revolutionise parcel delivery. As technology continues to evolve, we’ll likely see many more impressive solutions introduced into the logistics sector.