In-Home Luxury: Design Your Bedroom Like a High-End Hotel Room


Have you ever gotten home from a trip to reluctantly unpack and wish you were still staying in that gorgeous hotel you recently left? Although many people find that they sleep better in their own beds, they wish they could take the room decor and overall feel of their previous room with them.

Understanding this feeling, we have put together a guide to help you decorate your bedroom in high-end hotel fashion. Keep reading for more information!

Blackout Curtains

One of the best parts of staying at any hotel is the ability to pull the curtains tight and sleep as late as you want (or at least until check-out!) Blackout curtains are a staple at hotels because they allow guest to sleep in complete darkness, no matter the hour.

With this said, it is a great idea to invest in some light-blocking curtains. These do not actually have to be black in color–they just need to be opaque enough to stop the sun’s beams from hitting your face.

In fact, if you’ve ever noticed, the curtains at most hotels are light in color to keep the room feeling spacious, but the light-blocking ability is par none. Aside from the quality of the window treatment, how it is hung is equally important. Consider a wraparound rod to ensure all light is blocked.

Finding the Right Mattress

High-end hotels always seem to have the most comfortable mattresses until you realize that hundreds of other people have slept on them. After that realization hits, the comfort factor goes away and you begin missing your own bed–even if the mattress is old and might be the source of your back pain.

In order to replicate the feel of a luxury mattress, you may feel as though you have to spend serious money and several weeks or months in mattress stores searching for the right bed.

This is not at all the case!

Ordering a mattress online can seem like a dodgy investment because you can’t try the product before you buy. However, the best online mattress stores offer lenient return policies, free return shipping, financing options, and will work diligently to ensure that you get your best night’s sleep!

On to the Bedding & Linens!

Every hotel has white or cream sheets, pillowcases, and duvets. This is so that they can be washed in bleach without potentially ruining any color.

The white color definitely gives the look of a high-end hotel, but for some people, it is not feasible. You may have a beloved pet that sleeps with you, children, or just prefer something that won’t show minor stains between washes.

With this said, you may consider other colors than white–but what matters is how it materials feel.

For sheets, consider purchasing those made from bamboo or high thread count Egyptian cotton. These options can be pricey, but take time to shop for deals both online and in-store at your favorite retailers. Keep in mind that bamboo sheets will typically keep you cooler while you sleep.

Be sure to check how deep the fitted sheet’s pockets are to ensure proper fit and avoid the sheet corners from coming off while you sleep. Also, to keep the streamlined look of the room, opt for solid colors as patterns tend to look busy.

Your comforter or duvet should be something that you want to wrap up in and can keep you warm. It does not need to be the thickest or heaviest option you can find, as you can always add a secondary blanket if you are cold.

Most hotels use a lighter down or down alternative comforter with a white duvet to cover it. The duvet, although white, may have patterns for aesthetic appeal. These patterns are usually either simple lines or stripes, offering small details but not detracting from the overall look of the room.

Keeping it Cool

It has been proven that the optimal room temperature to promote sleep is around 60-67 degrees and is very easy to achieve in a hotel. Keeping your room that cool may prove difficult if you have central air or no AC at all, but there are other solutions.

A ceiling fan on high will make a room feel about four degrees cooler than it actually is. Additionally, you may consider stand-alone fans, cooling blankets or mattress toppers, or maybe even a bed fan.

Clean and Tidy

Part of the reason you may enjoy a stay at a high-end hotel is the fact that the room is clean and tidy when you arrive. Aside from the fact that a housekeeper is responsible for erasing any evidence of previous guests, there is also very little in the way of gadgets or other clutter.

If you are to achieve the high-end hotel look, you will need to ensure that any items displayed are dusted and that they do not look untidy. This can be done by carefully curating what belongs in your bedroom, what belongs in your closet or dresser, and what should be saved for other areas of the house.

Your current routine may not allow you to wake up leisurely and make your bed. The need for sleep is one that we all understand, but consider straightening your comforter and pillows before rushing off to work. You will thank yourself when you arrive home from a long day to a bed that has been spruced up.

Keeping your room organized will also help you sleep better, as clutter is shown to be distracting.

Simplicity is Key

Whether you travel often or just want to imitate your favorite hotel, the ultimate goal is always getting the best night’s sleep. Aesthetics are great, but more importantly, they should be functional and not distracting.

Choosing to follow these tips and opting for a simple, yet luxurious bedroom design will improve your sleep and make you feel as though you are royalty in your own home.