10 Tried and Tested Tips on How To Get A Better Sleep

sleep well

In this modern time of hustling harder every single day getting better sleep is a challenge. Maybe our food habit, lifestyle or stress is responsible for sleepless nights. Whenever you are may be trying to sleep you will find yourself tormenting about unpaid bills or exams. It makes you weak but does not solve your problem. We all know that getting tensed on all these do not make any sense. Still, we cannot have enough rest because of all these. So here are some scientific tips that you can try out to sleep better from the very tonight.

Give your eyes a break from blue screen

Blue rays are so bad for the eyes and sleeping habit. Some people wake themselves at morning with this blue ray. They claim it vanishes away to sleep. So how can you imagine that you will be able to sleep at night with this blue ray monsters! Put your phone, computer, and television away at least two hours before going to sleep. It is hard in the first stage, but you will feel the difference after some time.

Make a bedtime routine

Yes, making a nighttime or bedtime routine looks outrageous to us ordinary people. But it works. Making a bedtime routine makes our body ready psychologically and physically for the sleep. Our brain gets a signal that it is time to take a break from everything and rest. Start with small things like brushing the teeth, combing your hair, washing the face and making the bed. Then hop into the bed practicing these goodly sleep habits.

Make the bed comfortable

It is obvious that a comfortable bed is the best way to sleep faster. If your bed is all crusty and old, then consider it as a big problem. Comfort is may be the biggest reason you are unable to sleep. If you are a side sleeper, there are many options in the market. You can get the best mattress for side sleepers at a meager price.

Sleep on your side

Many studies have shown that the side sleeping position is best. You can fall asleep faster being on the side. Your body is in the best alignment in this time. The spinal cord can keep a straight position with another part of the body. It makes the body relaxed, and you can get better sleep. There is best mattress for side sleepers you can get at an affordable price.

Sleep cycle

To get the best sleep, you should think about the sleep cycle method. It is a scientific method you can try for better sleep. The process is to sleep for 90 minutes and then getting up for some time and again going to sleep. Setting the alarm for this will be needed if you are required. After some time your brain will adjust to the system, and you will not need an alarm. Sleep cycle calculator is available to make the sum of your needed sleep. You may think this is a weird way, but it works.

Cool down your room

The cold temperature is the best for falling asleep faster. Your body feels a cozy atmosphere that helps it to calm down. The cold temperature withers away the stress you went through in the whole day.

Use fragrance of lavender

Lavender is well-known for making the atmosphere soothing. The atmosphere can make the place a beautiful scented place. You may use lavender essential oil in an oil diffuser.  Your bedroom will become a scented paradise. The scent of lavender makes us fall asleep faster.

Read a book

Yes, we all know the embarrassing moment in our life. We need to study but sleep does not leave our eyes. The reason was not us the culprit was the book. Books are very well-known to bore our brain, and thus we feel sleepy. Try to read a book every day, this will spiritually improve you and make you sleep faster.  Makes a good sleeping habit.

Avoid any caffeine and alcohol

It is hard, but the brutal truth is alcohol and caffeine are villains for our sleep. Caffeine alters the level of melatonin in our brain. This shortens the time of our sleep. Alcohol is also the same. Even people who drink lightly takes a longer time to fall asleep.

Use mindfulness

I think all of us have a quiet place in their mind. The place is free from any chaos. Utilize that place while trying to sleep. Think about it until you sleep. This will get some positivity in you and calm down your mind from all the bad things you go through the whole day. Research has shown that your sleep will improve if you focus on beautiful images.


These were all the ten tried and tested good sleep habits that can you get the best sleep possible. If nothing works for you, do not delay to see a doctor. Things that work for all the people is not necessarily going to work for you. So don’t be disappointed and try to check out as many ways possible to relax.