How To Start A Blog In 2024 – Step by Step Guide for Beginners


Do you want to start a blog? Let’s follow a step by step guide that may help build a successful blog and make money.

There are a number of reasons to start a blog in 2024. Maybe you have a lot of smart opinions on a particular topic. Maybe you can provide expert advice about a field like technology. Or maybe you simply want a great way to earn income online.

Whatever the case, you will need to follow some simple steps to get your blog started. Here is how you can start a blog in 2024.

Choose a Best CMS (Content Management System)

Building a website for a blog might seem like a daunting task, but it shouldn’t be. On the contrary, software in 2024 makes it easier than ever to create an attractive website in no time at all. Such software suites are called content management systems (CMS) and are available for free.

There are a number of really good CMS options, like Wix and SquareSpace, but the most popular has long been WordPress. WordPress is free, open source software, that both amateurs and experts can use. Because it is open source, developers have created thousands of themes and plugins that you can use on your page for free.

No. Popular CMS Market Share
1 WordPress 63.5% Visit Site
2 Shopify 4.2% Visit Site
3 Joomla 4.1% Visit Site
4 Drupal 2.7% Visit Site
5 Squarespace 2.5% Visit Site
6 Wix 2.4% Visit Site
7 Bitrix 1.7% Visit Site
8 Blogger 1.7% Visit Site
9 Magento 1.3% Visit Site
10 OpenCart 1.0% Visit Site

Choose a Right Hosting Provider

You will also need web hosting for your website. Hosting gives you space on a server to launch your site. You can get specialized WordPress hosting with Verpex™. This hosting will load WordPress for you and give you a strong start.

No. Hosting Providers Price
1 Verpex $3.99/month Visit Site
2 Bluehost $3.95/month Visit Site
3 SiteGround $3.95/month Visit Site
4 1&1 IONOS $4.00/month Visit Site
5 GoDaddy $3.00/month Visit Site
6 DreamHost $2.59/month Visit Site
7 WPEngine $25.00/month Visit Site
8 Hostgator $2.75/month Visit Site
9 Network solutions $9.96/month Visit Site
10 GreenGeeks $2.95/month Visit Site

Choose a niche

If you tell people you’re starting a blog, their response might well be to ask why. There is so much information online about everything you could possibly think of. Anyone can have a voice in 2024. What do you have to add?

This is a valid question and one you should give thought to. However, it shouldn’t prevent you from going ahead with your blog. Rather, you need to find the space for your voice. To do so, you need to look at particular niches.

If you try to write a blog that is too broad, you will get lost among the millions of other voices in the same field. But if you go niche, you will be able to target a large audience that is not already saturated with information.

So, rather than writing about technology, write about a specific type of technology on which you can speak with expertise.

blog niches

Write, write, write

Many blogs falter right at the start. The writer has had their say about a couple of topics, and suddenly feels like writing is the most difficult thing in the world. Their blog is still sparse and unlikely to attract a lot of visitors, and pushing ahead can feel like wading through a bog.

This is when you just need to sit and write. Don’t worry about writing the highest quality content. Just get some blog posts out to really get you started. You can then go back and edit these posts (and maybe even discard a couple). But you need to build momentum if you are going to become a regular blogger.

Most importantly, try and keep it fun. If you start resenting writing your blog, your readers will feel it. That’s not to say it shouldn’t be hard work, but rather that you should always be aware of the rewards.