How to Become a Game Streamer: Core Tips to Follow

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Watching Ninja stream Fortnite every day and viewing his view count increase profusely can be a surefire way to make any gamer motivated and pumped to embark on the same path. Imagine. Playing video games – the one thing you actually love doing and treat as a hobby but this time you are playing it for millions of viewers online and monetarily benefiting from it. The idea doesn’t seem unreal and feels like a quicker solution in terms of lucrativeness. However, when you start working on covering the requisites of becoming a pro streamer, you finally know what it takes to become one.

Both YouTube and Twitch are video streaming behemoths. Twitch acquired 140 million monthly viewers in 2018 alone. Some of the biggest and successful streamers yet on Twitch have their own sets of dedicated fanbases and even the content they share varies. When it comes to opting for gaming as a source of living, you aren’t the one who sets the rules.

You have a lot to follow, streamline and execute. Mind you, owning a good and powerful PC can be essential but not the only obligation. If you have had enough of our mindless jargon, here is what you should know for your journey to becoming a pro game streamer.

Selecting a powerful system

What justifies a good computer? Since streaming requires real-time connectivity to the chosen platform, a poor system with outdated specs won’t suffice. Either a gaming laptop or a PC system can be considered as a choice. A minimum of 8GB RAM, Intel Core i5 processor and Windows 7 is enough to seamlessly stream on Twitch, YouTube or an equivalent streaming site. While the wireless connection has its benefits and quality connectivity yet poor Wi-Fi signals are a possibility which while streaming should be avoided. If that’s the case, ensure you have an Ethernet cable you can connect your router and PC with.

Now that you know what system specs to target, there’s an additional requirement – a graphics card. The current generation of PC games has graphics that lose appeal if the graphic card doesn’t result in a glistening resolution. Another possible reason for poor resolution can be the extent of support your graphic card can offer. The final obstacle could be your internet connection as the higher the internet speed is, the better the performance of the graphics card gets.

Streaming tools and platforms

Without streaming software, the flair of a professional streamer is not showcased fittingly. Suppose, you have chosen Twitch to stream your content but it doesn’t have a streaming software dedicated to it. While Twitch Studio, the company’s very own streaming software is in works and currently in a beta state, as a gamer, you have numerous more reliable options to explore. You can look into the list of both free and paid streaming software programs before making a befitting selection.

Setting up the software you choose is simple, as well. Most of the tools follow similar steps and mechanics. Once selected, you must select your core source of streaming. It could be either your laptop screen, monitor or even the webcam recording. After the game begins to record, you can integrate it into the streaming platform which could be either Twitch or YouTube.

You can use Twitch follow button for your followers to share your game streaming content easily. It’s mobile optimize and easy to install by embedding the code of this share button on your website. This tool also allows followers to share your game-streaming content on their social media feeds. As a result, you could gain more followers on your game streaming channel.

In addition, to boost your gaming channel’s follower base, you can add other social share buttons, including YouTube and Facebook follow buttons. You can customize the colors and designs using a share button platform to appeal to gaming fans and enthusiasts.

Planning it out

Once the decision to become a professional game streamer is made, you no longer have the leverage to go in blind. You are basically going to brand yourself as a streamer worthy of a fan-following. The gaming content must be accurately streamlined and planned. The initial phase will involve your decision to opt for this pathway. Is it solely for entertainment purposes or do you see it as a lucrative opportunity? Who are the successful video game streamers that you are currently following? How are they executing their content? Have you found a streaming platform to focus on? Is a social media presence needed for better engagement and views? Finally, what will set you apart from the rest?

It’s crucial to plan every step out before embarking on the execution phase. Along with planning, one essential aspect is consistency and your drive to grow as a game streamer. Every plan you jot down means you should be eager to consistently follow them.

Selection of niche

Don’t have your efforts and interests scattered everywhere. There’s no harm in following multiple game genres at once but there should be a niche you should be remembered by. If there’s an Esports enthusiast, he would be found playing games belonging to the esports category.

If view count is your main concern and your interests come secondary, games such as Fortnite and MOBAs especially have a wider audience on Twitch. But follower count doesn’t increase overnight. You have to show patience and could easily cover your follower milestone without faltering from your goals. The more you end up worrying about your growth as a streamer, the more chances of wavering from your path. It’s all about where your interest lies, the execution of it and of course, the level of consistency you have equipped in your attitude.

To help you find your niche, consider observing game streamers on your chosen platform. For instance, they may be doing the same thing in a similar category, which you can scale for yourself. Once you’ve found your niche, strive to become the authority by creating better game-streaming content.  

Although, note that niches have lifespans, too. Your content may be in demand one day, and the next, you’re not. So, don’t be afraid to explore and try different niches. You can be a multi-faceted game streamer brave enough to dominate other niches.  

While you have lower numbers initially, consistency and sharing your content through share buttons, like Twitch follow button, can help boost your metrics.

Good luck on your journey!

Ultimately, your goal should not be to find the bare minimum of the results yielded from your efforts of changing your passion for gaming into a career path. If it’s a hobby and you have high hopes from it, the most you could do is, force yourself to intricately analyze, spend time and find the true meaning of being a professional streamer.

It’s true that not every hobbyist gamer can become a pro. Only the best, consistent and passionate stand amongst the best. But don’t be too hard on yourself. Stress is a killer and a simple passion for gaming shouldn’t be your primary source of stress all because you couldn’t make a few bucks from it. Enjoy your time, learn while you are at it and make streaming both enjoyable and worthwhile for the viewers you want to ardently follow you.