Here’s How 5G Technology Can Impact the World

5G Technology

Recalling all those days when 5G was mentioned in sci-fi stories is finally becoming a reality. As a matter of fact, mobile 5G has already started making appearances in cities around the U.S; which means we can expect much more comprehensive rollouts in the upcoming years. Although, in the present scenario, it seems like there are more questions about 5G than there are answers. Many of you must be wondering what 5G is all about. Here’s a brief guide for you! Take a look!

What is 5G?

Being nascent, I will call it fifth-generation mobile network-wide spreading like fire and is expected to make wireless connectivity faster, higher-performing, and more powerful than ever before. With the help of 5G, you can control objects, devices, and even machines. Technically speaking, all these aspects are completely fascinating. But at the same it is very important for you to know that now everything is largely reserved on Wi-Fi, especially with heavy streaming, transferring large files.

More importantly, it will be a desktop-like experience from any device to carry eliminating the desire for large storages. It may also interest you to know that uploading things to the cloud will take seconds- including large videos. Everything will become seamless and efficient. So, are you excited?

So, where will 5G take us? Imagine a world where we don’t have just connected people around us but things. For example- Cars to the roads they are on; doctors to the personal medical devices of their patients; augmented reality available to help people shop and learn and explore wherever they are. Today with the proliferation of smart cities and driverless car concepts, everything from stoplights to public transportation infrastructure can be operated without lagging further time.

Moreover, you don’t need any physical connectivity here. In addition to IoT, AR and VR are gaining momentum- all thanks to Pokemon Go. Basically, 5G, AR, VR, IoT, these disruptive technologies are seen growing with leaps and bounds above what has previously been possible.

Meet the Early Adopters

It is rightly said that the sooner you have a 5G-capable device in your pocket, the sooner you will be able to do more and more from your phone. So what are you waiting for? Go for it! But to make the most out of these, you must have advanced smartphones as this is the only way, you can be considered among the most “5G ready” users right off the bat. Further speaking, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing will be on the vanguard of rolling out new projects involving 5G in their operations.

How long to download a 2-hour movie?

5G network 4G network 3G network
3.6 seconds 6 minutes 26 hours

How 5G Works?

As I said before, 5G technology is the next generation of mobile broadband replacing 4G LTE connection. From spectrum bands to small cells, here’s everything you need to know about the inner workings of 5G.

Spectrum- Unlike 4G, this tech comprises of three different spectrum bands. Even though this might not seem so important, but it definitely will have a dramatic effect when you are using on a daily basis. Now when thinking of 5G; High-band spectrum is what most people think of. Often referred to as mmWave, this spectrum can offer peak speeds up to 10Gbps and has very low latency. The major drawback of high-band is that it has low coverage area and building penetration is poor.

Small cells or should I call them low power base stations that cover small geographic areas. With small cells, carriers using mmWave for 5G can improve overall coverage area. Combined with Beamforming, small cells can deliver very extremely fast coverage with low latency.

Its Uses Include

Improve broadband

Making this major shift will undoubtedly change the way we interact with technology, especially on a daily basis. Apart from this, it has a serious purpose like 5G adds huge amounts of spectrum in bands, especially the ones which have not been used till date for commercial broadband traffic.

Autonomous vehicles

As I mentioned before, driverless cars or vehicle communicating with other vehicles, providing relevant information to drivers and automakers won’t be a fantasy. For example, if you find your car broken down, you may learn about it immediately and preemptively brake as well or how to prevent a collision in no time. Vehicle-to-vehicle communication could ultimately save thousands of lives; trust me!

Public safety and infrastructure

Smart cities aren’t  just a concept, with such disruptive technologies companies will be able to track usage remotely, sensors can notify public works departments when drains flood or street lights go out, and municipalities will be able to quickly and inexpensively install surveillance cameras.

Health care

Of course, the impact of 5G will be severe in every sector, but the healthcare sector will be a world of new possibilities like never before. Massive sensor networks to monitor patients, physicians can prescribe smart pills to track compliance, and insurers can even monitor subscribers to determine appropriate treatments and processes.