4 Ways That Your DUI Lawyer Will Seek to Help You


If you’re feeling unsure about what’s going to happen after your arrest for driving under the influence, don’t feel alone. People who have never faced this type of situation before often turn to Toronto DUI lawyers for counsel and support. As you talk with your lawyer, rest assured that the legal counsel will attempt to do several things for you. Here are four examples of what the lawyer will do on your behalf.

Evaluating the Circumstances Surrounding the Arrest

Early on, the lawyer will want to go over every detail of the events leading up to the arrest. It’s not just about what you said and did; there’s also a focus on what the arresting office had to say and what was done. The lawyer has a good reason for going over the chain of events so closely.

Law enforcement officials are bound to follow specific procedures before, during, and after an arrest. If the arresting officer breaches those procedures or fails to follow one of them properly, that could be grounds for having the charges dismissed. The only way the lawyer will know if that’s possible is to review everything that took place. You want to make sure your DUI lawyer is capable of keeping on top of things.

Providing Legal Counsel During Questioning

Another way that your lawyer will support you is by being present while law enforcement officials are attempting to ask questions. This is crucial, since the lawyer will know when those officials are getting close to crossing a legal line. When that happens, the lawyer can advise you on how to respond or even if responding is a good idea. Through this type of support, the lawyer helps you to not say or do anything that could jeopardize the case.

Preparing Your Defense

Armed with all the information related to the arrest and the subsequent actions taken, your lawyer can begin to prepare the defense. You will be an integral part of that preparation. Expect the lawyer to communicate closely with you as well as anyone else who observed what took place. You will know how the lawyer plans to structure the defense and know what role you will serve in the proceedings.

Helping You Understand the Potential Outcomes

There are several different ways that the day in court could go. One of the ways that your legal counsel will prepare you for that day is going over each potential outcome. Those will likely range from having the charges dismissed by the court to being convicted.

The point in preparing you this way is not to alarm or upset you. It’s all about being realistic about the situation and what could come to pass. This is important, since what the lawyer has to say helps you prepare for however the court rules. Since the court could require quite a bit in terms of time, money, and other changes in your life, knowing what could happen in advance will make it all the easier to deal with whatever does happen.

These are only a few examples of what your lawyer will do. Other types of support may be involved based on the particulars of your case. Whatever the present situation, do not assume that you can defend yourself. Seek out a DUI lawyer and prepare for your day in court. In the long run, having legal counsel on your side will make it easier to work toward the best possible result.