Office Fit Out Checklist – The Ultimate Guidelines


So, you’ve landed your very own office and you have talented employees lined up – but now what?

Transforming an empty space into the office of your dreams can seem like a difficult feat at first, but once you know what you need, it’s actually a great chance to get creative.

Office Fit Out Checklist

Think about the ambience you want the space to give off when choosing colours and decor, and don’t forget the essentials. We’ve compiled a office fit out checklist for a great work environment.

1Printer and good quality toner

You’ll need a decent printer for business documents. Choose one that has multiple features to get the most from your money, including a scanner. Stock up on printer toner made for your machine to avoid delays. You never know when you’ll have to print a document for an important meeting, after all.

2Ergonomic chairs and desks for each employee

While it may be tempting to buy cheap chairs to save money, you’ll end up having to replace them in the long run. Plus, they’ll leave your employees feeling uncomfortable and distracted. Instead, invest in ergonomic chairs, which are specially designed to relieve back pain and prevent the stresses that can come from sitting at a desk.

3Filing cabinet and storage

Keeping track of your documents is important, so purchase a lockable filing cabinet for the office. These handy storage units can also help to organise any other knick-knacks you’ll acquire over time. Filing cabinets, folders and other small storage solutions such as mini baskets are key to keeping your space clutter-free. Place all your stationery in the baskets, including pens, paperclips, notepads and post-it notes.

4Telephones and headsets

Telephones are an obvious one for most workplaces, but don’t forget the headsets. These nifty pieces of kit are especially important in customer service departments or if your employees will be making calls via Skype.

5Computers and high-speed internet

Computers are the most important part of the office for most businesses; without them, there is no work. Invest in quality models that run quickly, as this will boost efficiency in the long run. A good computer is nothing without a good internet connection, however, so do make sure you compare internet packages. Don’t forget the keyboards and mouses, too!


With so much technology in the modern office, it’s easy to forget about the simple things. A whiteboard is a helpful tool to have during meetings as it allows you to draw diagrams, compare numbers and make notes for the entire room to see. Stock up on markers so you’re always ready for the next big meeting.

7Client seating and a meeting table

If you’re expecting clients to pop in for meetings, setting up a pleasant space for them is crucial. The environment is their first impression of your company’s inner workings, so always ensure they are comfortable. As well as professional-looking seating, make sure you have a table to create a functional place for pre-meeting chats.

8Safety products

Keeping your employees safe is important, so don’t forget to purchase a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit. You might also need fire alarms and gas sensors if your building doesn’t have them. A security alarm is the key to keeping your belongings safe, which is vital if you are investing in any expensive kit.

9A fun item

While it isn’t technically essential, it’s a great idea to get something fun for the office, such as a ping pong table. This will allow your staff to let off some steam and improve their productivity, all while bonding with their team members. Allow for downtime and you could notice a huge difference in your workers’ happiness.

You should follow above office fit out checklist for a great office environment. Of course, there are other items you may need to pick up depending on the nature of your business – but tick off the essentials and you’ll be well on the way to success.