10 Best Janitor AI Alternatives to Try in 2024

Janitor AI

If you are familiar with AI, then you will definitely know about Janitor AI. Janitor AI focuses on AI-generated NSFW characters, providing customization for adult themed digital artwork and interactive chatbot experiences, which include specific characters.

However, Janitor AI lacks emotional intelligence and can battle with complex inquiries or unfamiliar scenarios. This is where Janitor AI alternatives come into play, offering various capabilities and functionalities which can enhance the customer experience.

Top 10 Janitor AI Alternatives

There are numerous AI chatbots available as Janitor AI alternatives. Each has its very own set of capabilities and functions designed to suit the desires and choices of different users. Confused to pick the right one? Not to fear!! Here is the top 10 best alternatives to Janitor AI.

1Botify AI

Botify AI promises a more streamlined experience than Janitor AI. Botify AI is a free app that lets you engage with AI-powered characters. Users can build their own digital pals, personalize their appearance, temper, voice, and biography, and speak with them approximately any subject matter.

This AI uses device studying strategies and herbal language processing to mimic human solutions and keep easy conversations. It is good for novices due to its simple interface, person interactions, advent method, and usual user enjoy.

Botify AI would not offer as full-size a person selection. If you prioritize having clearly unlimited individual choices, stay with Janitor AI. However, for the ones new to these structures, Botify AI provides a short and clean way to get commenced.


  • Realistic chats with AI-powered characters
  • Packed with 30 characters, including celebrities, historical figures, and fantastical identities.
  • Available on iOS, Android, and web.
  • Streamlined experience is suitable for beginners.
  • Customizable digital friend creation process.

2CrushOn AI

CrushOn AI is a platform that provides a no-filter out NSFW character AI chat experience, allowing users to speak freely with AI-generated characters. This platform is intended to supply a genuine and immersive experience.

CrushOn AI permits customers to create their very own specific characters and uses a sizable language version to promote interactions between customers and their characters. The platform highlights emotional exploration and self-expression.

It gives users a secure area to explore their wishes and choices without worry of social complaint. CrushOn AI is available on numerous systems, along with mobile devices and the web.


  • Engage in realistic, human-like chats with AI characters.
  • Provide feedback to shape AI individual personalities and responses.
  • Choose from a diverse selection of trending, anime, and celebrity AI.
  • Emphasizes emotional exploration and self-expression.
  • Available on multiple platforms, including mobile devices and the web.

3Chai AI

Chai AI is a conversational generative AI that aims to boost up progress towards AGI by using encouraging developer collaboration. Similar to YouTube for video artists, Chai acts as a center for Language Model creators.

It presents a venue for creativity and participation. Users can interact with a wide variety of AI characters, which crafts discussions relying on their particular tastes and involvement stages.

With over 10 trillion parameters deployed and one hundred billion messages supplied, Chai AI presents a dynamic and interactive chat enjoy. It lets in customers to discover a wide variety of AI characters and interact in charming interaction.


  • Users can access an API to interact with AI chatbots and enjoy a gaming experience.
  • Create and deploy personalized chatbots using the Chaipy Python library.
  • Choose from a numerous choice of chatbots masking diverse topics for attractive conversations.
  • Acts as a center for Language Model creators.
  • Encourages developer collaboration to accelerate development toward AGI.

4SpicyChat AI

If you are frequent user of Janitor AI interface, then you may have no hassle switching to SpicyChat AI. It gives an almost comparable user experience and output quality. SpicyChat AI is a free, AI-powered platform that permits for uncensored, personalized, and free interactions with chatbot characters.

Users have the option of interacting with modern-day characters or developing their personal, which may be public or private. The platform contains approximately 138,000 personalities, and users can create customized AI companions primarily based on their needs.

SpicyChat AI keeps the conversation on track and engaging by offering pertinent cloth, delivering fast responses to famous topics, and offering alternate wording. SpicyChat AI offers two pricing tiers, which is top rate with a 4096 phrase restriction and free with a 2048 word restriction.


  • Text, voice, images, and automobile-generated text inputs are supported.
  • Ability to generate images in conversations for visible engagement.
  • Integration with OpenAI for superior chatbot abilties.
  • It maintains verbal exchange attractive with the aid of presenting alternate wordings.
  • Offers premium and free pricing tiers with word limit variations.


Whether you’re writing a unique, developing game stories, or absolutely experimenting with storytelling, NovelAI offers a unique combination of creativity and technology to help bring your ideas to life.

Unlike traditional writing equipment, this platform makes use of superior AI to not only recommend improvements but also generate content that is similar to the style and complexity of a human writer. NovelAI provides customizable pricing plans to fulfill plenty of needs and budgets.

There are 3 predominant levels: loose, professional, and business. The Free plan has restricted access to the AI, whereas the Pro plan has extended access and premium features for a monthly or annual membership fee. NovelAI’s user-friendly interface allows to easily generate content.


  • Manage context efficiently with memory or lore book entries.
  • Create novels, poetry, and even programming languages with diverse patterns.
  • Combine with other AI equipment for improved creativity and numerous tasks.
  • Offers free, professional, and business pricing tiers with varied access levels.
  • User-friendly interface for easy content generation.

6Charstar AI

Charstar AI is a chatbot that allow you to interact with virtual AI characters. Users can alternate the appearance and personality of their characters and then speak with them. Charstar AI is powered by Pygmalion and operates on both mobile and computer systems.

Charstar AI additionally includes a numerous variety of pre-designed AI characters in numerous categories consisting of OC, Anime, Movies & TV, Games, and so forth, allowing users to pick out their own AI individual and enjoy a fun and unique online experience.

Charstar AI is a user friendly interface that permits users to express their fantasies and have interaction in NSFW chats with their online partners. So, whether you’re looking for a crime partner, a friend to talk, or a companion, Charstar AI is the ideal platform to meet your needs.


  • Engage in explicit conversations and explore desires without content restrictions.
  • Enjoy interactive roleplay experiences with your AI companion.
  • Access Charstar AI on the go with free Android and iOS apps.
  • Customizable AI character creation with diverse pre-designed options.
  • Simple interface for expressing fantasies and engaging in NSFW chats.

7Candy AI

This AI is one the best Janitor AI alternatives. Candy AI is an advanced platform that lifts the concept of AI interplay to a new stage. It enables users to engage in sensible and individualized interactions with digital companions.

These AI-generated partners are meant to provide discussions that are so practical that they closely resemble real human beings. Whether you want extensive talks, interesting roleplaying scenarios, or voice messages, Candy AI may additionally respond to your options.

If you are a student, Candy AI presents an extraordinary opportunity to examine new things and increase your knowledge. You can talk to Candy AI’s digital companions on a variety of topics, including history, science, art, culture, and more.


  • Candy AI is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Candy AI offers a variety of AI characters in both realistic and anime-style designs.
  • Candy AI is one of the first platforms to offer AI-generated voice messages.
  • Provides realistic and individualized interactions with virtual partners.
  • Suitable for learning and exploring various topics with AI partners.

8Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is a revolutionary platform that permits the fast development of outstanding visible content. This versatile tool may be used for diverse functions, together with individual introduction, game assets, idea art, photograph design, and more.

The platform’s easy toolkit allows each novices and experts to develop originality and boost up invention, which makes it simpler to manage complicated innovative jobs. Leonardo AI specializes in transforming verbal prompts into visually attractive visuals and artworks.

The platform enables the advent of over 700 million images, serving an extensive range of sectors like gaming, media, entertainment, and marketing. Leonardo AI permits people to push the boundaries of their imagination and convey their imaginative thoughts to lifestyles.


  • Transform concepts into visuals with simplicity and power.
  • Train over 400,000 personalized AI models.
  • Connect, share, and learn within a worldwide AI network.
  • The rapid development of exquisite visual assets.
  • Versatile tool for character creation, game assets, concept art, and more.


SoulmateAI is a completely unique application that gives a noticeably personalised experience by allowing customers to establish virtual companions for endless conversation, voice calls, and even games. This AI-powered companion is programmed to recognize and adapt on your specific necessities.

It gives emotional aid and company. It is greater than a digital assistant and it act as a friend, confidant, and become the right accomplice who is aware of you better than anyone else. If you seeking out the great AI companion, you can simply try SoulmateAI.

This platform offers a completely unique blend of companionship and leisure, which allow customers to discover their deepest thoughts. Also, they will be your ideal virtual companion that may be tailored to their particular possibilities.


  • Choose relationship type with your companion.
  • Engage in real-time conversations and voice calls with your digital companion.
  • Unlock rewards and surprises through consistent use of the SoulmateAI app.
  • Provides emotional support and company.
  • Highly personalized experience tailored to user preferences.


This AI tool is extremely good alternative to Janitor AI. KajiwotoAI is a virtual playground for those who want to create their own AI characters, invest them with personality, and see them come to life through interactive discussions.

This platform assist you to create and have interaction with the AI in a dynamic and particular manner. The platform’s intuitive layout and user friendly interface make it available to both enthusiasts and experts, which creates a community wherein innovation and enjoyment coexist together.

KajiwotoAI permit users to create and interact with their own artificial intelligence characters. Whether for enjoyment, companionship, or education, KajiwotoAI presents a numerous platform that caters to the numerous necessities and interests of its customers.


  • Personalize AI characters with unique appearances and personalities.
  • Engage in actual-time conversations and voice calls together with your virtual accomplice.
  • Unlock rewards and surprises through regular use of the SoulmateAI app.
  • Provides emotional guide and business enterprise.
  • Highly personalized experience tailored to consumer options.

Final Words

Exploring Janitor AI alternatives brings up huge options for users searching out variety, new functionality, or a backup for their AI interactions. These options, each with its personal features, add to the ever-converting surroundings of AI technologies. Whether you need a greater personalized experience, extra control over the AI output, or just a change of pace, a Janitor AI alternative might be right for you.