10 BEST FREE Anime Websites to Watch Anime Online

We have come up with 10 top anime streaming websites. These sites are accessible on PC, Android, and iOS mobile devices.

anime websites

For decades anime was the only domain of reactionary kind of fans. People wanted to stalk down exceptional, significant, VHS tapes to get their animation fix. Today, anime is bigger than ever. Thanks for expanding the license that brought more series to American shores. Perhaps you wedged Princess Mononoke when it made an end-of-year list or saw a wander-away episode of Dragon Ballz on TV. But what is anime? How did it get fame?

What is anime?

Anime is the most basic form of animation. Fascinatingly, the name itself isn’t a short form of the English word ‘animation’. Rather, it is a Japanese word. The word that you would say for “animated cartoon” in Japanese. To a Japanese watcher, anime is any form of a cartoon, whether it’s made in Japan or any other place. However, Japanese-style animated movies use a signature style.

The vibrant colors, dramatic panning, and characteristic facial expressions made the series out-of-the-world. It has some degree of specific animation style that the Japanese creators follow to produce immensity of episodes. It felicitates with involved character design. The sole approach of anime is one big reason why anime is well-accepted across the world.

The interesting fact is, this Japanese anime is no longer restricted to Japanese audiences. These shows have an enormous fan following around the world. In the United States and European countries, anime series are only available online. There are a good lot of anime streaming sites where you can watch these shows online for free. This article experienced many affirmed best anime streaming sites. Also, if you are anxious about their legality, then we are here to get you covered there too!

Popular Anime Websites

List of best streaming anime websites to watch anime online for a pretty harmonious watching experience.

Crunchyroll  https//www.crunchyroll.com/
Amazon Anime  https//www.amazon.com/
Contv  https//www.contv.com/
9anime  https//9anime.to/
Animedao  https//animedao-tv.com/
Gogoanime  https//www16.gogoanime.io/
Masterani  https//www.masterani.one/
Kissanime  https//kissanime.ru.com/
Anime Planet  https//www.anime-planet.com/
My Anime List  https//myanimelist.net/
Animefrenzy  https//animefrenzy.net/
Chia-Anime  https//chia-anime.su/
Tubi TV  https//tubitv.com/category/anime
Soul Anime  http//ww9.soul-anime.us/
Anime Lab  https//www.animelab.com/home
Anime Heaven  https//animeheaven.ru/
Side Real  https//www.sidereel.com/
Anime Take  https//animetake.tv/
Animefreak   https//www.animefreak.tv/
Hulu  https//www.hulu.com/
Netflix  https//www.netflix.com/

Top 10 Anime Sites To Watch Free Anime

Here are the top ten Anime websites for you. These websites offer a large quantity of quality content. So if you are new and oblivious of legal anime streaming websites, this list is for you. Here we have reviewed some of the best anime sites that let you watch anime online free of cost and legally.


Link to Website: https://www.crunchyroll.com/

Crunchyroll is one of the most renowned anime websites. This is an American website that provides high-quality and authentic content. This site provides the link to its users. Users can easily stream and download namely any cartoon, anime which they want to see. The streaming services are one of the best in class excellence. It offers premium subscriptions for free.


  • No signup required to watch anime for free.
  • It is one of the best anime sites which provide HD quality anime on demand.
  • Users can add reviews to the animation series after watching.
  • It is reachable to any platform.
  • It permits you to share videos on social media sites.
  • The site supports languages are English, Dutch, France, Italian, and more.
  • Up-to-date subs and simulated episodes.
  • It is available in 100+ countries.
  • This site helps you to watch drama shows.


If you are a die heart anime fan, then you have come across the right site. 9Anime provides you with one-of-a-kind attributes such as suggesting content which you might prefer watching. The suggestions are based on the user’s choices of what they click to stream online on the site. This site comes with a clean and smooth interface. It has a well-categorized section for all your anime. They’ve got a distinguished amount of content along with regular updates.


  • You can search for fragmentary, newest, and most-watched HD movies with effortlessness.
  • This site provides a huge database to watch good movies, TV shows, and Original Video content.
  • It provides you to strain your videos by season, year, quality, type, and language.
  • You can demand anime you would like to watch.

3Anime heaven

Another best alternative available for browsing animes and cartoons is Anime heaven. This website provides notifications of upcoming anime, dark and light themes. It is currently available in regions such as United States, Philippines, United Kingdom, Singapore. The site has an extensive collection of content structured alphabetically. The best part is that a kid can come across the dubbed and subbed content of cartoons and anime. This site keeps on updating with the most recent content along with suggestions with the critic reviews. The animation is often characterized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters, and incredible themes.


  • Offers ongoing and concluded videos.
  • It allows categories like action, comedy, dub, adventure, and more.
  • Inbuilt player
  • HD quality videos
  • Secure website
  • No ads
  • Enormous database
  • Easily accessible on almost every platform
  • You can request your favorite animation clips.


Hulu’s on-demand collection has always been about anime shows and that prominence relic. Hulu creates original content like Amazon, Netflix. While its providing has been diverse, many shows don’t get transformed. Since its track record is trending rising. It gives you a 1-month free subscription. With a negligible fee of $7.99/month, you can take pleasure in live Tv streams! Enjoy your favorite seasons of hundreds of anime titles. Also, you will get various filter categories that offer a lot of pop idol biopic, news, entertainment, sports, and many more!


  • It offers offline streaming too
  • Accessible across all devices
  • Screen recording option is available


Netflix is one of the major streaming services. The enormous anime catalog will make you a surprise for sure. You will get to watch the best anime series, like Black Clover, My Hero Academia, One Piece, Attack On Titan, and many more. It is popular among Indians too. It broadcasts live sports shows like Live Cricket World-cup and Olympics! Most of the shows are free to watch here as it generates revenue from the advertisements. Yet it has a premium subscription by which you get to access some elite stuff. The user-friendly interface and modern design techniques make this platform the finest alternative for you.


  • It is available worldwide.
  • It has premium original content. It offers kids programs in various languages.
  • Offers ad-free streaming.
  • You can take pleasure in watching action movies, kids’ TV Thrilling videos, and more.
  • Provides you to download your favorite anime on mobile!


It is an outstanding anime website. You can find the newest anime releases along with the newest episodes of anime. You can also enjoy anime movies you watch often, and the newest chapters of the comics you are reading! The searching button lets you search alphabetically. You can easily browse the website resourcefully by using the site’s alphabet catalog feature.

If you are in search of a new anime to watch, you can decide to choose from the various types available on the site. This site is perfect for anime lovers. Yet, the site can be annoying sometimes, as lots of ads popping around.


  • Latest anime title release
  • Available in high 1080P resolution
  • It provides you with an Anime community
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Choose from many search list


The website is available and used worldwide. Chia anime website provides more than 1000 anime for online streaming. It offers high qualities in various genres. Such as genre lists for adventure, comedy, magic, space, etc. You can enjoy and watch current and most popular movies, latest amine series without any trouble. The best part is that it provides English subtitles to international audiences. The videos get loaded faster than another site, without buffering, and without maddening ads when viewed.


  • It is available worldwide.
  • It provides a genre list for adventure, comedy, magic, space, etc.
  • The latest anime series can be watched with no difficulty.
  • You can enjoy the most popular and newest movies.


At present, Tubi TV is available in United States, Philippines, India, Mexico, Canada, and Australia. You can explore the site for animated movies, from this website of the Japanese movie collection, from classic blockbusters to new shows on Android and iPhone devices. This website also offers the most popular and latest added clips for the user to view.


  • You can find shows and movies with effortless.
  • Accessible on Android and iPhone devices.
  • You can simply view the most popular and freshly added clips.
  • It has a clean and smooth User-friendly Interface
  • Parental control
  • Closed captions
  • The search list consists of 40000 titles

9Soul Anime

The Soul Anime website provides well-liked movies like dragon ball heroes, new fairy tale series, black clover, and many more animations for free worldwide. The users can search for their fascinating movie with easiness. This website provides a huge list of amines and daily updates of the latest and old episodes.


  • It provides a huge list of animes.
  • You can search for your interesting and attention-grabbing movie with no difficulty.
  • Offers daily updates of episodes.
  • You can access subbed and dubbed anime
  • Genre-based group

10Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is an international exclusive platform. It enables you to buy animated movie CDs of various actors and directors with no difficulty. The users can search for requisite anime and watch it in HD and 4K quality in various languages such as English, German, French, Japanese, Korean. It also offers more languages along with a broad range of subtitles available on the platform.


  • The platform is available worldwide
  • It permits you to buy anime with no difficulty.
  • Provides animated videos of the diversity of actors and directors.
  • Amazon Anime provides an ample range of subtitles.
  • Supported animation with high dimension quality and 4K.
  • Supports animation in many languages like English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, and more.

The above-mentioned list provides you with websites that are available for the users to stream and enjoy Amines on their devices. There are also available many unofficial Anime sites. But you should compare those sites as many of them are found with malware, cryptocurrency mining scripts, and malevolent software. All the websites mentioned are free to browse. You can even download the content from these sites. For that, you would like a stable internet connection.


What is anime? 

Anime is an English name for the approach and art for animation owned by Japanese culture. It comes in all diverse kinds of genres.

What makes anime so popular?

Most of them focus on teenage life. The story revolves around the intermediate phase between being a kid and becoming an adult with a lot of responsibilities. This makes anime well-mannered with good plots.

Where to watch anime legally?

You can watch anime online for free and legally on the following sites:

  • Amazon Anime
  • Crunchyroll
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Anime Planet
  • CONtv
  • Tubi TV

Is Crunchyroll free?

Yes. Crunchyroll provides a free as well as a paid version. In the free version, you can watch many popular anime titles for free with ads.

Is 9anime legal?

Yes. 9ANIME is very safe to use. The site has over 93 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore. The AppStore has an increased rating of 4.7/5 too.

Where can you watch anime for free?

The free Anime sites are:

  • Crunchyroll
  • 9anime
  • AnimeDao
  • Gogoanime
  • Anime Planet
  • Soul Anime
  • Side Real
  • Anime Take

How to Stop Pop-up Adds On These Websites?

Pop-up ads can be irritating most of the time. The solution is that you have to download the Ad-blocker extension on your browser. This will prevent ads from popping up.

Is Anime Illegal?

No, Anime is not illegal to watch. The content on an official site is uploaded with the consent of the creator. It is illegal only if you watch from a source that has no copyrights of it.

What are the frequent features of anime websites?

  1. It consists of various categories like drama, action, comedy, mystery, thriller, and more.
  2. Both subbed and dubbed versions are available here.
  3. The advanced filter search is available by genre, region, or theme, etc.
  4. Faster updates on the latest anime shows.
  5. Free anime streaming and downloads are allowed.