Undo Sent Messages in WhatsApp – New Update Coming Soon


WhatsApp is one of the biggest messaging platforms, where people are exchanging millions of messages on a regular basis. There are instances where people have actually regretted sending certain messages. It is not about sending certain irrelevant messages which might sound fun filled, users end up sending it to the wrong person as well.

Just imagine, one of your friends decided to send a funny message or tried to pull off a prank on your other friend but ended up sending it to the person which was not intended to send in the first place. There is nothing as embarrassing as that and it is obvious that you do regret that later. How about an option where you just undo the sent message and be relieved? Sounds interesting, isn’t?

Tech geeks from WhatsApp have been trying to bring in a new feature to the app, where the users will be able to just un-send the sent messages. It is a great relief to all those users, who tend to send accidental messages and get embarrassed on a later note. The company is still in the trial process for this particular feature and it is yet to be released for the people to try it out.

This particular feature of the undoing of the messages has been successful on the beta version of the WhatsApp. We can expect that there will be a launch of this feature soon for the public to try it and reap the benefits of it. All sounds to be pretty good, with an option to be able to retrieve the messages. There is still a twist added to this new feature and if someone has sent the message and wants to retrieve then they must be swift enough, otherwise, the damage is done and irrevocable.

It is a quite interesting feature for WhatsApp users, but there are only in a few instances where they will be able to retrieve the message back. Unfortunately, it can be done only in two instances, one is when the message is sent is at the server end and the other is when it is delivered. Apart from these two situations, there is no other way where we will be able to retrieve the messages by any means.

The sender has to be sure with the fact that the message is not been read yet and retrieve it as soon as possible. If the receiver on the other end is online is prompt enough in reading through the messages and the ticks change the color. There is no escaping from the embarrassment and regret as well, which one would never like to come across with.

Though the feature has been tested on the Android version of the app, it is said that the iPhone users would be the first to try it out. Just in time, the Android version will also be released for the users to try it out. This is not the only feature update which the messaging app has tested. There is another feature which will allow the users to know if any of their contacts changes their number.

In general, we all move to different states and it is the most obvious fact that we change the numbers. It is essential for us to maintain the contact with our friends and now the messaging app has a new feature. Whenever a particular user changes their phone the person in the contact list will be intimated. In that way, we will not be losing the contacts of our near and dear ones.

There are a few of us who change our numbers for other reasons and we do not want the others to know about the number change. It is up to the users to share the information about their number change or not. The feature has the option to disable or enable it, we can share it with all our contacts or just with the ones with whom we want to share it.

This particular feature was seen on the beta version of the app for the Windows phone. If one doesn’t want to share the change of the contact at all, all they need to do is disable the option, as simple as that. It doesn’t matter which option the user chooses, the group members will be automatically updated with the new number. In that case, there is no need for one to ask the admin of the group to add the user specifically all over again.

All the new features which the WhatsApp has on its beta version have to be yet approved off on a full scale. Only if it is successful in the market, then it will be released for the public to use it in their versions of the app. This contact update feature is something which the users are really not very excited about. They feel that their privacy is getting affected and feel to not to have this feature.

The undoing of the messages for the users is said to be available within a 5-minute window, where they will have the option to revoke the messages which they have sent. It is not new that the app has been pouring in with lots of new updates; in fact, we can see there have been many new updates released in the latest versions of the app.

A feature to send .gif, a new way to share the status with media files and the comeback of the old status feature with a new name were a few recent updates on the app. We can see that the company is trying to give better texting experience to its users. There were mixed responses when the new status feature was introduced. This undo of messages is the feature in WhatsApp beta version and it is clear that there will be myriads of responses from the people. Let’s wait and see.

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