A Guide to Understanding Filter Light in Vacuum Cleaner

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A vacuum cleaner is an essential device that keeps your home clean and dust-free. It becomes a necessity in modern homes as it is used often to remove dust particles from furniture, upholstery, carpets, remove stubborn pet hair, etc. Therefore chances of it breaking down or a problem occurring is high in its day-to-day usage. One of the most common issues that all homeworkers face is the device stops functioning correctly or stops pulling in the dirt.

It is one of the most common problems and one that homeworkers often face. This is either due to a clogged filter or the broken or torn exhaust filter due to which the vacuum loses its suction power.

How Do You Know If Filters Need Replacement?

A common indication of the problem is the vacuum cleaner filter light that is on. If the filter light is illuminated, it is an indication that you need to check the filter, clean it, adjust it, and fit it back in. It could also be that the filter is damaged, in which case it will have to be replaced.

Understanding the Filter Lights

If you own a Dyson V10 filter light will indicate if there is a problem with the filter. To save yourself the hassle, check and empty the bin regularly. Also, you need to check for blockages, if any, and clean the filters regularly before and after use.

If your cleaner’s filter lights are on, it indicates the following:-

If the filter lights are flashing intermittently after cleaning, it indicates the filter hasn’t been fitted correctly.

If the filter lights are still on even after cleaning and placing the filter properly, there is a problem with the filter, or the filter is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Dyson V10 comes with a bin that has a ‘Max’ mark on it to indicate the level of dirt and debris that has accumulated in the bin. Once the bin has reached that mark, it means that the bin must be emptied right away before using it again.

Failure to do this would mean that the dust particles could be sucked back into the filter, damaging the filter. Empty the bin into the trash can by pressing the bin release button. It is a good idea to clean the bin after emptying it. So, keep an eye on Dyson V10 filter lights to stay ahead of your maintenance schedule.

Why Should You Clean Filters Regularly

Clean filters maintain strong suction and help pick up dirt and debris effectively. The Dyson V10 Cyclone is a powerful machine that can capture even the minutest particles. It can transform into handheld units for the convenience of the user. However, the device comes with a price tag. They’re expensive, so regular cleaning and maintenance are of utmost importance to ensure that the device functions at an optimal level.

The filter unit is the most delicate part of the vacuum cleaner, and the cleaning depends a lot on the usage. If you use the device in the full suction mode most of the time, it will need to be cleaned and inspected more frequently.

How to Clean the Vacuum Cleaner’s Filter Effectively

Cleaning a filter is an easy job. All you have to do is remove the filter from the vacuum and wash it with water. The best way to do this is to place the filter under a running tap until all dust particles are washed away.

If you have a Dyson V10 Cyclone Vacuum cleaner, remove the filter from the device by twisting it in an anticlockwise direction, and place it in running water. Place your hand on top of the filter and shake it gently, thereby allowing all dirt and debris to be washed away. Wash the filter inside out until the water runs clear.

Once it is done, let the filter dry properly before putting it back on. Regular cleaning and maintenance ensure that the performance level of the device is at the optimal level and that the lifespan of the machine is longer.

How to Check for the Blockages

To check for blockages, check the wand all accessories by removing it from the device. Prominent areas to check for blockages include the neck of the cleaning head, brush bar, wand, and the bin inlet.  It is also important to check the airway above the cleaner head for blockages and remove if any.

Follow these simple steps and ensure that the machine functions properly and lasts a long time to fetch maximum returns on your investment.