4 Types Of Perimeter Security Systems

perimeter security systems

Are you looking for ways to prevent unauthorized access to your private property or company premises? Or do you require a reliable solution to secure a public area or event location? Perimeter security systems are the perfect choice, whether you want to control traffic or need to secure an entrance. To help you pick, Hörmann have highlighted some of the types of perimeter security systems you can choose from, thanks to their expertise in this industry.

What are Perimeter Security Systems?

Perimeter security systems are simple, the name describes exactly what they are designed to do. For industrial properties and commercial buildings with multiple access points, a perimeter security system is put in place to protect them and those working inside. With so many access points these types of properties can often be easily accessed by intruders and potential thieves. Companies choose to install these security systems to avoid theft and to prevent any costly damage from intruders.

Another instance where a perimeter security system would be needed is where national security is a priority. Placed in public areas to protect pedestrians and motorists either for a specific event or to avoid possible acts of terrorism. This is usually where high profile events are taking place with attendees of national importance, or events where mass gatherings are expected.

Security Bollards

Security bollards are some of the most popular and commonly found forms of access control for a number of industries and events. Bollards are great at being able to control traffic, as well as granting access to only those who are permitted. When it comes to investing in security bollards for your perimeter security system, you have a number of options to choose from:

Automatic security bollards

Automatic security bollards offer the advantage of being able to be operated quickly, lowered, and raised again for the quick entrance of permitted access. Often placed to grant access to vehicles, individual motorists can be granted access quickly whilst other traffic can be easily denied entrance into the premises.

Permanent bollards

Permanent bollards can be installed to restrict access at all times to specific areas. These are best suited for areas of which you would like to protect, for example where a public area has been pedestrianised and should no longer be accessed by vehicles.

High Security Barriers

High security barriers were designed to offer high levels of security to the perimeter of sites with high importance. This is required to protect the building and site from unauthorised access but has also been designed to allow for the safe and quick exit and entrance from the building, as well as being able to allow emergency services to enter with ease. For the health and safety requirements of most companies these features are paramount.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates offer the perfect amount of protection for entrance points. Often popular with industrial properties for large entrance points which are used frequently. Many sliding gates are now automated offering the additional benefit of fast and smooth operation. These can often be operated in a number of ways with the option for various devices, when designing your gate. Sliding gates are preferred over other styles of gates for their level of security. Sliding gates have less weak points, where access may be gained (like hinges). So, they are much harder to open with force.

Mobile Vehicle Barriers

Mobile vehicle barriers are the perfect security solution for temporary events, such as summer festivals and winter markets. Mobile vehicle barriers can prevent vehicles from passing through a particular area. Thanks to their design they can be removed easily and relocated when necessary, making them great for city centre events.