Top Reasons to Invest in Real Estate in Abu Dhabi

invest in real estate

Abu Dhabi is the richest and yet the largest emirate of all the constituent cities of the UAE. Abu Dhabi itself is especially noteworthy for foreign investors because it is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, and it is rightfully considered one of the few most profitable cities today. Much of the wealth donated by the UAE oil went to improve the infrastructure of Abu Dhabi and turn it into a unique luxury resort.

The city covers an area of 67 thousand square kilometers, and every one of them is filled with luxury. The same sense of luxury is felt in property in Abu Dhabi by the sea. Why do foreign investors choose this emirate and what benefits do they obtain?

About Abu Dhabi in Brief

The city of Abu Dhabi includes several dozen islands located off the coast of the Arabian Peninsula. In the eastern part of the emirate of Abu Dhabi is the small town of Al Ain, famous for its rich and beautiful greenery. There are a large number of parks, farms and even artesian wells. The most amazing places of this area are Mount Hafit, Ain Fayad Park, Al Haley Amusement Park, Al Ain Museum and Zoo.

The city of Abu Dhabi is separated from the mainland by a strait; the temperature in the capital is a few degrees lower than outside the city, also because there are a lot of green spaces.

Economic Attractiveness of Abu Dhabi

There are two main ways of managing real estate in the emirate in terms of investments.

  • Buying properties to rent them out
  • Buying properties to make money on the resale

In the first case, you obtain income from allowing tenants to live in your apartment or a villa and pay rent and bills. The second situation provides an opportunity to invest money in a property, sell it later, and get the difference of invested funds.

The above-mentioned methods are the examples of a long-term investment. If you buy an already finished property or a property from a secondary market, you can get income in a couple months from the purchase. If you invest in real estate off-plan, prepare to wait for a couple of years.

Reasons to Invest in Real Estate in Abu Dhabi

Comfortable Conditions for Homeownership

There are leasehold and freehold zones set by the government. It means that foreigners can buy real estate for full ownership in these areas in Abu Dhabi.

High Demand on Real Estate

Due to the increasing number of investments in the emirate, in the coming years, gas production will grow on the rising line. Naturally, such a comprehensive approach will lead to an increase in jobs and demand on real estate for rent.

Wide Selection of Real Estate

Although real estate in the luxury segment is available on the market, there are a prevalent number of affordable housing units. Abu Dhabi is a city where real estate boasts of modest design but outstanding quality. Visit the website Emirates.Estate to look through the catalog and find the home of your dream.

Development of Different Spheres of Economy

Besides developing gas production, the government invests in boosting the sphere of tourism. Flows of tourists coming to the city will provoke demand for rented out apartments and villas. Therefore, the owners will get a good income.

Real estate from Famous Developers

The abundance of available housing options at affordable prices allows every buyer to choose a perfect property. It is possible to find a variant that will meet all the needs of a buyer. Besides, a potential homeowner can communicate with professional real estate agents from trusted agencies. They will provide detailed information on each housing unit.

Real estate in Abu Dhabi

An important advantage of the real estate market in Abu Dhabi is a high return on investment. The net return on investment is 7-8% per annum, as housing is in steady demand due to the structure and pace of market development. Besides, the emirate continues to be improved and has very serious prospects. Considering the above-listed characteristics of the metropolis, purchase of real estate in Abu Dhabi is a responsible investment.