Top 10 Cloud Migration Tools for 2024

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Most businesses want to migrate to the cloud because they are aware of its advantages including operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and business agility, etc. However, many are reluctant because moving to the cloud involves a lot of steps and hassles. Are you one among them? If so, here is some good news for you.

There are many migration tools to help you right from the beginning till the end. What are cloud migration services and tools? They are software that automates and manages the migration to the cloud. They help companies to update data and systems through the relocation of files to the cloud.

Top 10 Cloud Migration Tools

Here is the list of top 10 cloud migration tools to reduce pre-migration hassles. Check out features and benefits to choose the best cloud migration tool as per your requirements.

AWS migration services

It is the short form of Amazon Web Services and is provided by Amazon. AWS is considered to be one of the best because it provides a huge range of benefits and has a lot of useful features. AWS cloud migration process is complete in just 5 phases.

  • Business planning and migration preparation
  • Discovering which migration strategies you are going to use
  • Designing applications
  • Migrating and validating applications
  • Operate within AWS

Features and benefits of AWS

  • AWS has several cold and hot data storage services including AWS CloudFront, Amazon Glacier, AWS Snowball, and many more.
  • It has a serverless architecture that makes its operational speed and agility are unbeatable.
  • It handles data security and maintenance. So you are assured of security.
  • Autoscaling is one of its beneficial features because it ensures disruption-free operation.
  • AWS offers tools like Amazon inspector, AWS identity, and AWS trusted advisor, etc. that are very helpful to users.
  • Moreover, it is simple, scalable, cost-effective, secure, flexible, and reliable.
  • Its supreme performance is a big plus.

Google Cloud Migration

Do you want to migrate just one application or do you want to migrate thousands of applications? Large or small, Google Cloud Migration is a very good tool. It is provided by Google and offers multiple advantages. Google also has a 5-step strategy.

  • Assess
  • Pilot
  • Migrate data
  • Migrate applications
  • Optimize

Features of Google Cloud Migration 

  • Advanced replication technology
  • Destination flexibility
  • Pre-migration testing
  • Automatic adaptations
  • Migration groups and others

Benefits of Google Cloud Migration

  • Provides friction-free and top-grade migration for businesses of all sizes and types
  • It is simple to use
  • Google Cloud Migration is also scalable, fast, and flexible.
  • One of its main benefits is its minimal downtime.
  • The cost is low and the staff productivity is high.

Azure Migration Tools

It is one of the most sought-after migration tools and is provided by Microsoft. Azure Migration is very popular because of its important services that include

  • Infrastructure as a service
  • Platform as a service and
  • Software as a service.

Azure Migration is a 4-step approach including 

  • Assess – There are three aspects involved called Discover, Map, and Evaluate
  • Migrate that involves four steps namely, Rehost, Refactor, Rearchitect, and Rebuild.
  • Optimize that involves three steps namely Analyse, Save, and Invest.
  • Secure and manage that involves securing, protecting, and monitoring data.

Benefits of Azure Cloud Migration 

  • Its productivity is very high.
  • Provides best backup storage
  • Ensures quicker disaster recovery
  • The costs are low.
  • Data security is advanced.
  • You can make an analysis of the data easily.
  • It is also flexible and scalable.
  • Moreover, it is cost-compatible.

Carbonite Cloud Migration

Carbonite Cloud Migrate is powered by DoubleTake. This helps businesses to migrate, physical, cloud, and virtual workloads through a streamlined process. The process is automated. So almost 100 steps are automated into just 5 easy steps. The automated process first installs necessary software. Then makes provisions for the target environment The next step is initiating real-time replication.

Features of Carbonite Cloud Migration

  • Automated and repeatable process – Regardless of the source of the target, Carbonite Cloud Migration orchestrates all migrations.
  • Replication – It replicates the source system to the target with the help of AES 256-bit encryption.

Benefits of Carbonite Cloud Migration

  • The replication maximizes the efficiency of the bandwidth.
  • The data loss is minimum.
  • Downtime is also minimum.
  • Migrations are not only simple but also non-disruptive.
  • Performing unlimited testing after migration.
  • Reliable replication of data, systems, and files.
  • Award-winning customer support.


Turbonomic is a wonderful choice for retail business, banking, finance, media, and healthcare, etc. It manages the performance of apps in the private or public or hybrid cloud. Turbonomic has a unique feature and that is it uses AI to deal with the hassles of the migration process.


  • Automatic placement
  • Automatic scaling
  • Adherence to SLA
  • Better management of application resources
  • Multidimensional analysis and not single-metric
  • Proactive approach


  • The first main benefit is Turbonomic has the ability to deploy in the cloud.
  • It helps the users to deal with the complex migration processes with lots thof ease.
  • You can make the right decision using real-time data.
  • The operating cost is very low.
  • Although the cost is low, the performance is high.
  • It speeds up the migration
  • It understands the full operation stack.
  • Moreover, it boosts the use of infrastructure.

VMware/Cloud Health Technologies

VMware, one of the leading virtualization companies, acquired Cloud Health Technologies in 2019. Cloud Health Technologies provides hybrid cloud management software. It is specially designed to increase the visibility of the user both in public and private cloud infrastructure. Moreover, it also helps in maximum utilization of resources.


  • Data migration
  • Server migration
  • Dashboard
  • Project management
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Reporting and
  • Cost management


  • It aligns data with business operations and this is very useful to the company.
  • Cloud Health Technologies also set new policies. This is helpful for configurations.
  • It uses special tools to align businesses with infrastructure.

Cloud Endure

Cloud Endure is a well-designed tool that is effective in managing the migration of all apps. It is also designed to mobilize the workload of the organizations across the cloud. It has two automated modules, the first one is disaster recovery and the other one is live migration. The best thing is that it provides disaster recovery from all sources.


  • Data encryption
  • Data replication
  • Disaster migration
  • Data recovery
  • Import and export of data
  • Tracking of progress
  • Automatic backup
  • Security of applications
  • Ceaseless app stack orchestration
  • Block-level replication


  • It uses innovative technology for disaster recovery. So you are assured of IT resilience and business continuity.
  • Cloud Endure is cost-effective when compared to other cloud migration tools.
  • It has a unique feature and that is continuous data protection. This feature enables real-time updates and also minimizes the loss of data.
  • It gives protection to data migrated to the cloud with block-level replication.
  • One of its main benefits is data integrity.

Velostrata/Google Migration Services

Velostrata is now known as Migrate for Computer Engine. It is one of the cloud migration tools. It is specially designed to decrease risks related to cloud migration and also to boost migration agility. Velostrata has an agentless streaming-based approach. This approach helps to migrate applications and software to the cloud within minutes. It also simplifies the movement of workloads back to the premises.


  • Data migration
  • Planning
  • Project management
  • Server migration
  • Dashboard
  • Physical hardware
  • Security


  • The first benefit is better migration predictability. This is possible because the data need not be migrated first.
  • Moreover, it allows queuing of migrations. So it is easy to schedule testing windows.
  • It has automation tool schedules. So migration is automated.
  • Furthermore, it allows the migration of multi-tier applications. This ensures better instantiation and also ensures minimal downtime.
  • It also enables live cloud testing with test clones.


Dynatrace is a total solution for application monitoring. It is suitable for small, medium, and large businesses. It uses AI to provide data analytics to users who have thousands of servers. Dynatrace makes it possible to complete all of them through a single interface. The single interface acts as a centralized hub. It is a wonderful choice to streamline the business operations of all businesses regardless of their size.


  • Discovery
  • Analytics
  • Digital management
  • Performance management
  • Self-healing
  • Visualizing application


  • As it is a comprehensive monitoring solution, it helps in diagnosing and detecting performances.
  • Dynatrace forms insights into application performance and customer experience through full-stack monitoring.
  • It performs automotive monitoring.
  • It is AI optimized and provides excellent data analytics service.
  • Dynatrace uses a single platform and maintains end-to-end transparency.
  • It also implements dynamic architecture.
  • Dynatrace can also send notifications.

App Dynamics

This cloud monitoring solution provides real-time monitoring. App Dynamics unites your team to provide the best results and success for your business. This is a very good option for large businesses that have several websites and applications to manage. It also manages complex digital footprints. It has several features to help its users. You can choose between paid and free versions.


  • Data retention
  • Fast installation
  • Visibility of server
  • Multiple platform monitoring
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Synthetic monitoring
  • Effective alerts
  • Code-level visibility


  • It provides deep insight into the business process.
  • App Dynamics offers visibility to stakeholders.
  • One of its main benefits is it combines six monitoring applications into one robust application.
  • Its support system is incomparable.
  • The unified analytics functionality ensures that the user gets all the necessary information.
  • It helps to spot all issues on the spot.
  • Complete visibility and intelligent insights are its biggest pluses.


Cloud migration involves a lot of effort from the in-house team. All applications must be modernized. Data must be transformed. Then rigorous tests have to be done. The cloud migration tools are very beneficial to decrease these pre-migration hassles. Select the right tool after analyzing the pros and cons of all the top tools. Choose the right one to suit your requirements.

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