How Startups Can Steer Clear of Wasting Precious Money and Time


A lot has been said about aspects businesspeople must pay attention to. But, it might be equally important to identify things that only stand in the way of good time, money, and HR management. Make no mistake: These are the most valuable assets you possess. Alas, without great management skills, they are poured down the drain. This is something that could spell doom for organizations that are making their baby steps. Hence, you simply cannot afford not to see the wood for the trees.

Alternatives to having an office

First off, it may sound strange, but one thing that may be actually hurting your business is an office. Namely, renting or buying a workplace is expensive and many startups and small businesses bite off more than they can chew. In case you have a limited budget, consider opting for a coworking space or working from home. Move to your own office when the timing is right and it makes financial sense to do so. And if you absolutely need one, start with something that is not too fancy.

Business automation

Let the technology do the heavy lifting for you. Business automation is one of the most prominent trends today, one that enables you to kill two birds with one stone. Namely, it is possible to save both time and money by streamlining and automating routine tasks. Online tools make your life easier and are capable of carrying out a host of tasks. One can automate blog and social media posting, email marketing, administration, accounting, customer support, file storage and backup, etc.

Delegating tasks

Apart from technology, try to rely more on your employees. Even the best of the best are not able to tackle everything on their own. So, do not even try. Get into delegating tasks: If your hiring policy is on the ball, you should be always able to find the right people to handle duties that could dilute your focus and attention. Oh, and do not bother to hire managers. This is an additional expense that should come only after you manage to get a financial foothold.

Sound hiring and outsourcing

Similarly, try not to go overboard with hiring. Having more people on your payroll puts a strain on your budget. It is a major expenditure that can be trimmed. For instance, you could seek the assistance of another company to sort out a certain business related work. Besides, many startups take advantage of outsourcing, especially when they need effective marketing or dedicated IT support. It is a great way to keep spending in check without compromising the quality.

Get rid of obsolete practices

Ditch the practice of multitasking. Scientific studies have confirmed that this method does more harm than good. Our brain performs poorly when it needs to switch back and forth from one task to another. Instead of doing that, group similar tasks in blocks and go one step at a time. Likewise, working without breaks is another counterproductive practice that always backfires in terms of productivity and engagement. So, allow employees to recharge their batteries and move on with renewed vigor.

The next level

There are many moving parts that constitute a successful business, but not all of them are created equal. Thus, grasp the big picture and factor in core operational challenges. Strive to gain clear focus and momentum. Get your priorities straight and avoid spreading yourself and your resources too thin. Do not act like a business owner, just be one. Why get entangled in the trivial and non-pertinent when you can form the backbone of your operations and tweak later on? You want to move full steam ahead without encountering roadblock and other nuisances.