9 Rabbit Alternatives – Best Sites Like rabb.it in 2024


The landscape of streaming video services is heavily saturated these days and only getting more crowded as we march toward the future. But one site, rabb.it, was ahead of the curve. Now that they are shut down, here are some other options for you.

We all know Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu, but have you heard of rabb.it? In the early days of streaming video, rabb.it was at the forefront, allowing streaming of movies across multiple devices, and shareable between viewers in real-time. It set a precedent for many of the streaming websites available today.

And then in 2019, it just stopped. At the time, few knew what happened to rabb.it, but we have information that the CEO failed to get vital funding, had to lay off the entire staff, and shuttered it for good. Plenty of people who used rabb.it were obviously disappointed, but with many alternatives just like it, the viewers rebounded quickly.

Top 9 Rabb.it Alternatives for 2024

With the closure, in an instant, all of the affiliated rabb.it websites went down the rabb.it extension went dark, and videos that had been streaming died. Within hours, the users had already found rabb.it alternatives. These new streaming options had none of the rabb.it issues and would be around with better funding and management for a while.  

These are a few of the best rabbi.it replacement with the same style of video streaming:


Tutturu.tv is one of the prime alternatives to Rabbit. If it is not accessible in your region then you can trying using NordVPN for it. With NordVPN discount code YouTube, you can save maximum on it.

A shared browsing site with identical services without all the rabb.it problems, Tutturu.tv has the same features as websites like rabb.it once did, including private rooms, remote passing, and audio chat. Soon, they are going to add new features like public rooms.


A virtual hangout, Kosmi gives you the ability to share your screen with friends for watching services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It conferences other TVs for lan-style gaming and can even be used to play a live Game of Poker. 


Connect with friends in private rooms and play games, as you did on rabb.it, share files, and watch movies. It is easy to use and completely free, although you must set up a registration, and creating your room takes no time.


Create your own private or public chat rooms and watch movies with streamless sync with anyone worldwide. With its easy user interface, share files with just a click.


Striving to be the next big social platform, Rave is basically a web-based media center. It allows you to share videos and music as you are watching or listening to them, with family and friends.


This is a terrific rabb.it replacement. You don’t even need to create an account. Just watch what you want, listen to what you want, and share it with your friends and family in real-time. It has a Social Share feature that allows you to invite your nearest and dearest via Facebook and Twitter.

7Netflix Party

A browser extension for Google Chrome, Netflix Party only works if your friends have the same extension as it was with rabb.it. After that, just log in and pick something to watch. It is that easy. It does not work with local networks or other streaming services, just Netflix.

8Share Tube

Invite your friends and family to a chat room of your own creation. Together you can watch YouTube with perfect sync up. Of all the rabb.it alternatives, it has the quickest chatroom set up, and it also doesn’t need a registration login.


After creating a free account, you can add some apps that will assist you with syncing your video for the enjoyment of you and your friends and family. The apps allow you to do everything from watch movies to read books, all remotely.

How Streaming Services Work?

The creation of the streaming service, combined with a chat room concept, was a revolutionary leap. People no longer have to sync their movies exactly at their own homes while discussing it over phone text or an IRC. Rabb.it and services like it saw a need, filled the need, and filled it with class and style.

With these fantastic file sharing, chat room creating, auto-sync platforms, people can watch movies, listen to music, watch YouTube videos, and generally connect without the disconcerting reality of leaving home during a dangerous time. It has helped people stay in touch and have some fun in the process.

We live in a wonderful digital age, and platforms like these enhance connectivity, productivity, and the delicate balance of privacy and human interaction. The private chats are only accessible with the right instruction, giving you the freedom from fear of prying eyes to pick controversial conversation topics without judgment from strangers.

If you love to play games but cannot leave the house, hook up with your friends and go on a fun quest.  If you want to go on a date but are overseas on a military service post, connect with your significant other, and watch a movie together.

The possibilities for improving human connection are limitless, and with the services that do not require registration, your fear of identity thieves can be put to rest.


Rabb.it started the party. They had a good run, but what they left behind is new and inventive ways to carry the legacy into the future. They saw that the public had the desire to find new ways to get together, without actually getting together. For a tech startup, the insight was spot on. Even though this platform doesn’t work now, you have a wide choice of similar good-working platforms to use. Have you ever used a streaming video and audio syncing service?