Top 20 Best Digital Marketing Automation Tools 2024


In today’s modern world, businesses find digital marketing an ideal medium to spread their marketing message to the targeted audience. The digital marketing concept revolves around terms like Google Ads, content & email marketing, DMA, and a lot more to help them to reach millions of customers. In simple words, digital marketing is vital for online businesses to make their strong presence in the digital world. Now you have an idea about how important digital marketing plays a role in your online business. But this concept didn’t stop there. Now, marketers have another new term to follow, and that is DMA (digital marketing automation).

Once you win the attention of the targeted consumers, then the next step is to monitor those efforts you have put for accomplishing your goal. In simple words, the next move is to analyze the performance via different mediums or tools to know if you are heading in the right direction or not. In such a practice of DMA, several tools loaded with the best characteristics are put into use. So, before we discuss the top digital marketing automation tools, let us discuss more digital marketing automation & its strengths as well.

Know What Digital Marketing Automation is

DMA refers to modern tech, specially developed to market your online business or webshops on multiple channels. Today, marketing departments are taking their interest in this newly introduced concept in digital marketing. With the assistance of digital marketing automation tools, you can manage the different marketing strategies on a single platform.

Strengths of Digital Marketing Automation Tools

Nowadays, DMA (digital marketing automation) tools are in demand because of several advantages correlated with them.

  • Staff Cost: For carrying out DMA tasks, you don’t require an entire staff as marketing tools can assist you in managing overall activities under the sun. Hence, it reduces the staffing cost to some extent. It’s also easy to use.
  • Better Return on Investment: Most of the marketers usually worried about the ROI while using these tools. But there is nothing to worry as such digital marketing automation tools are designed in such a way that they can easily automate cross-sell, follow-ups to raise the revenue.
  • Well-Defined Processes: When the processes are well-defined then it turns out easier for marketing teams to carry out the specific task without any confusion.
  • Effective Marketing: DMA tools make the overall process of analyzing the performance of business easier. It also assists you to save the time that you can further utilize in performing other productive work.
  • Boost Creativity: Because DMA tools save your time, so now you can direct your efforts to further creative things that can add more productive points to your online business. Hence, it leads you to try some ingenious work to bring more effectiveness to your business.

Take a Deep Dive Into The List of DMA Tools


For an effective DMA, Marketo is the ideal choice that analyzes every inch of the business, including its channels & engagements. Marketo offers so many tools under the sun, making it a perfect platform to choose for DMA tasks. It is loaded with ample marketing capabilities & incorporates sales features. Everything on the tool is labeled, so using this Marketo platform is easy, even for beginners too. is a flexible DMA tool, developed to enhance the connection between online businesses & customers. Such practice is accomplished by catching the attention of the consumers, sending a text message at the moment whenever a consumer behavior is noticed. offers the complete ease of customization in mails. There is a limited number of mails, allowed to be sent at one time. Automated marketing campaigns are available to help at different marketing stages.


Hubspot is a DMA tool that involves the working of the whole marketing system. It’s a 3-in-one tool, i.e; CRM, marketing & sales. It has the feature of Hubspot academy, perfect for beginners & to sharpen their skills with video sessions, certification courses, etc. This tool has the resource library loaded with updated information to learn & for carrying out the successful DMA of your business. Hubspot provides the marketer with a better experience.


SendinBlue is a perfect DMA tool, especially when you are seeking a medium to focus on email marketing & its related services. From several email campaigns to SMS marketing, Sendinblue can assist you in reaching your goal without breaking your budget. Responsive design templates and several SMS campaigns are available along with the free several plans for DMA. It has a limited number of design templates accessible in the tool.

5Oracle Eloqua

If you wish to monitor the client at purchasing stages, then choose Oracle Eloqua, which serves the needs of B2B & B2C & allows them to outline the automated campaigns. Another point to highlight about the Oracle Eloqua tool is that it also has several integrations with other tools, which assist the marketer in making the overall marketing process effortless. It has a user-friendly visual campaign builder and the ability to handle advanced email campaigns. Oracle Eloqua has more than 100 integrated third-party platforms.


Pardot is the Salesforce software that makes analyzing the B2B activities easy. In short, it’s a B2B DMA software. It offers ease, including email marketing, lead management & nurturing, etc. But simultaneously, it is not easy to afford by smaller businesses. Pardot has the lead deck, which gives detailed info about the activity of the candidate.


Another tool is LeadSquared, which is developed to drive forward the leads via the funnel faster. With the assistance of this LeadSquared tool, one can kick-off the capture process through campaigns, live chats, emails, etc. Not only this, but marketers can also take necessary actions to perfectly handle their drip marketing.


Next on our list of DMA tools is ActiveCampaign, which is seamlessly an impressive tool that is trusted by one hundred thousands of users around the world & helps their online business to reach to a new level. It’s a three-in-one tool as it comprises the email marketing & CRM of small businesses. Tracking the activities in automation becomes a matter of a few clicks.


Ontra-port is a comprehensive DMA tool that allows business owners to handle the different aspects of digital marketing, including sales, content management, & other marketing aspects with whole ease & accuracy. Ontraport is featured with best capture tools along with the data sharing capabilities and many more management tools, making it a perfect medium to accomplish your several digital marketing automation tasks. Ontraport tool is ideal for small online businesses and solo-entrepreneurs. Ontraport also comprises e-commerce characteristics, including cart abandonment, payment collection, & more.


Autopilot is a simple to use DMA tool that allows digital marketers to take advantage of marketing channels, namely email, text or SMS service, snail-mail communication, etc. Autopilot assists them to enjoy the convenience of social media in their DMA. It’s a light tool that doesn’t hold heavy functionality. So, it is also faster than other apps.


Drip tool is an Ecommerce CRM developed to meet the requirements of B2C companies. Saying clearly, we are pointing towards the meaning that this modern tool helps to build a profitable relationship between the customer at a huge scale. Such business relationships are built by sending information to customers at different intervals. Drip is known for its advanced features like hyper-segmentation, multi-channel marketing, email builders, tracking, and a lot more, making the marketer experience a great one.


With the word, Omnisend, one can conclude that it is an omnichannel DMA tool. It offers pre-designed templates along with several data capturing tools to help your online business shine in the e-commerce world. Because of the features like automation workflows, content editor, and audience segmentation, Omnisend is entitled as a reliable DMA tool for e-commerce marketers.


SharpSpring is considered the most flexible DMA platform in the market because of features such as dynamic forms, built-in CRM integration, social CRM, actional report, landing page, & blog builders, etc. It is not limited to providing such features. It also supports creating effective marketing strategies, giving your helpful guidelines, on-site training, & a lot more on a single platform.


Over time, market changes and hence, marketers develop new strategies & start searching for the lead generation DMA tool. If you also want the same, then Wishpond is the right choice as it supports both small & medium-sized businesses & organizations providing the services like email automation, social contests, design templates, pop-ups, etc.

15RD Station

Another impressive DMA tool on our list is RD Station that has the potential to manage & automate the digital marketing strategy to produce the best results. This tool brings those marketing strategies into practice and generates more traffic to your platform. Hence, it leads to more conversion and increases the sales rate as well.


Looking for a DMA tool that can meet the needs of both large and midsize organizations? Rely on Exponea as it unites the data from online & offline sources. Exponea masters the capability to run email campaigns, DMA tools, custom analytics & reports. Several industries are taking advantage of this platform to market their business and reach a huge number of consumers. The thing which makes it a reliable platform is the AI tools that help the digital marketer to manage & analytics.


SalesFusion tool is a blessing for B2B business as it has the capabilities to align the marketing & sales aspects so that they could earn more profits and gain a pride name in the digital world. It aids several businesses to generate the revenue flow for sales and marketing. It’s an advanced level of DMA tool that offers integration with Sage CRM, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics & Infor CRM, & also employs several other tools like Lead Scoring, Media Planning, etc.


GreenRope tool lets you do a lot more with less. As it incorporates the characteristics of both CRM & DMA, it becomes easy to drive sales, strengthen the business-customer relationship, & deliver the consumer a better experience. This tool gives the ease to manage the sales & marketing activities from a single dashboard that visualizes your business performance. The dashboard also holds the customization properties, allowing you to change the colors & items size on the platform. GreenRope is the best-suited DMA tool for small businesses.


Being an online business owner, you prefer working smartly, and in this case, Jumplead has always considered an excellent tool as it involves no cost & complexity. It’s a reliable DMA tool that caters to both small businesses & B2B’s, offering the convenience of effective marketing along with exceptional customer support. Features like LiveChat makes this tool ideal for communicating with website visitors to resolve their queries or answer their questions.


Last on our list is ContactPigeon, e-commerce integrated DMA platform featuring rules-based engines and features like campaign management, email & search marketing. Automating & controlling personalized messages has also become easy. If you haven’t used an email platform before, then you should go for ContactPigeon as it is super-easy to use. But the drawback of this tool is that it has limited integration for reporting as well as integration took a few days to complete.

Which DMA Tool Do You Swear By?

Most of the companies in the market are always on the hunt for the right tool that can bring them the desired results, including more customer engagement, conversions, and sales. We have identified your needs & come up with this blog listing the ten best tools for DMA. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to turn the online business insights into A+ execution at scale. We hope that you find this blog ideal enough to get all the answers to your questions.

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