Best Live Chat Software for Website in 2024

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Here is a list of the best live chat software for your website to provide ultimate online support. It will help you to improve customer experience.

Live chat has seen its fair share of evolution as any other online tech. The first widely accessible online chatting service globally was created by a CompuServe executive named Alexander “Sandy” Trevor in the year 1980. Since then, with the broadening of the World Wide Web and easier access to the internet by the general public, the online chatting system underwent a continuous series of transformations.

In the field of business, this technology has saved thousands of enterprises from going bankrupt. While physical shops had to stay closed due to the lockdown, many companies shifted the majority of their operations online. Live chat platforms helped keep employees connected to each other and get work done as a team. They also became lifesavers in terms of customer interaction.

Whether it is obtaining new clients, ensuring a satisfactory experience, retaining old clients, or addressing concerns- the gift of online chatting software sprinkled its magic everywhere. Most industries are holding on to the virtual business model due to its low cost and high visibility.

Best Live Chat Software for Online Customer Support

With growing users, each live chat platform is trying to develop advanced features to offer one-of-a-kind experiences. There are so many options in the market, each surprisingly similar to the other in terms of capabilities, that it becomes hard to keep up. So, to help you out, we have come up with the 7 best live chat software for your website in 2024.


Especially beneficial for businesses, this platform offers great value when you compare its low price to the number of features it provides. With Olark, you can access premium functions such as customizing your chat box and setting up automated messages to pre-load when a user visits your website.

You do not have to worry about investing your money into a completely new platform without complete knowledge about it since the software comes with a 14-day free trial with 20 messages a month to test the waters. Only if you are satisfied, you pay for the subscription to get your hands on robust analytics in terms of user satisfaction, chat volume, ratings, and so on. You also have the option of integrating your sales via these live chats, a feature that can push your business to the next level.


This live chat software is particularly useful for businesses that send out targeted messages to a certain kind of audience. This software also has the ability to prescribe a specific potential lead to the right kind of representative.

Additionally, it comes with a feature called Drift Playbook, where you can access a range of tools that help you convert leads into sales. When a rep is unavailable, you can customize the chat to automatically book meetings or get emails for when they are back and ready for action. There is a free plan with limited features that you can avail of. However, the subscription fee is worth the advanced tools that come with the full version.


This platform provides you with all the features we discussed above for the other two options and more. Its key features include lead tracking and reporting, message archives, and multilingual chat features. You can customize the chats to begin the conversation by asking users for email, order ID, and similar crucial information so that the reps can stay informed.

Another unique feature offered by LiveChat is the sneak peek option where a representative can see the message being typed by a user even before it has been sent, giving them more time to prepare a better, more detailed response.


This software comes with many enticing features, but nothing beats its universal adaptation of CRM systems. This means that any live chat from a user can be replied to using other platforms such as Facebook messenger.

Because of the CRM compatibility, businesses such as medical centers can use this software to create a top-quality workflow. This feature also protects the user’s privacy since it complies with HIPAA regulations.

Additionally, SnapEngage provides specialists who will help you set your chat up and train you for the same if you are new to the concept of live chat. Lastly, if you are interested in more detailed analytics, including lead conversion and marketing, you can always integrate this software with Ruler Analytics.

5Pure Chat

This software is mainly used by MSMEs. You can link your chat to your CRM and email platforms for better integration. The software also comes with a great feature of visitor analytics that many growing businesses will find helpful.

With access to this information, you can have better conversations with users based on recorded historical data. The program comes with a 30-day free trial and limited features. So, for example, if you want to learn more about user impact and which conversations led to sales, and so on, you will have to link it to other marketing segments to get that info.


This software offers chatbots in addition to live chat tools. Plus, it comes with some solid features, including product introduction for certain types of users and outbound emails for potential customers. The most intriguing feature offered by this software is the “self-service” option.

If a customer has a query and is waiting for a rep to connect with them, they can access informative articles related to their questions via the help center with this feature. It not only keeps them engaged during the wait time but often cuts down the job of the representatives largely by providing answers to the queries through the articles.


The best part about this program is its ease of integration. Once you have the software, all you have to do is use a WordPress plugin, and you’re good to go! The live chat will automatically sync with marketing automation to help you convert more leads into sales. The most remarkable feature of this software is the whole bundle that it comes with, relating to marketing integration, segmentation, and so on.

With this, you will have a complete customer relation pack in your hands. If you are looking for just the live chat function, then you can use this program for free. But if you want other features, the subscription fee is $16.50 per month.

And that concludes the list of the top live chat software that will certainly enhance your platform, making it more interactive and accepting of issues or feedback. Though live chat has become a mainstream tech used in business websites, many industries and individuals still are unaware of its benefits and are losing out on a good amount of potential revenue by not harnessing them.

Especially for local, small businesses, where authenticity and personalized customer interaction is the deciding factor of the business’s success, live chat adds an immeasurable amount of value to their online platforms. It is a great way to establish brand loyalty and get first-hand consumer feedback. Plus, most live-chat programs facilitate anonymity, which is a huge perk.

For industries such as psychological healthcare, this identity protection feature helps customers connect freely with the service providers. On the other hand, live chat allows the organization to take direct notes from customers and constantly improve its services.


When it comes to choosing the right live-chat program for your organization, there is no way anyone can give you a concrete yes or no answer. Like every other business decision, this one too comes with its fair chances of failure and success. Each live chat platform has something different to offer, along with the basic features. They all come at various price points too.

Once you have your choices laid out, it is time for your call. You need to look into what each option has to offer and weigh it against the specific needs of your company. The better you understand the requirements of your business and how each live chat tool corresponds to it, the more you can benefit from such software. 

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