Do’s and Don’ts of Math Tutoring

maths tutoring

Maths tutoring is one of the most in-demand tutors for students of all ages. There has also been a new upsurge in trying to look for online maths tutors. So, if you are a maths tutor and provide maths tutoring to any student of any age, you should know the basics of good maths tutoring. It will help you get a good grasp f the subject yourself and help you gain a reputation as being skilful in the subject. So, you will be able to answer the questions your student might have at any point. Below are some of the best tips for online math tutoring.

Always arrive on time

Whether you are conducting classes online or offline, you should always be present for the class on time. It helps you to build trust with your student and a sense of discipline for the class. It also you as tutor to maintain a certain decorum necessary for a class, or a student may become too comfortable taking classes from the comfort of their home.

Be prepared

It is crucial to be prepared for a class beforehand. Ensure that you are reading the subject yourself before taking the class. It will help you make an outline or study plan that will help you reach out to the student more easily. Also, if they ever ask any questions, you would be able to answer them with ease. It is also essential to understand the subject enough to simplify it. Most students do not understand kids math, and so they have an unnecessary fear about it. If you as a tutor can simplify the subject, they will find it exciting and thus love the subject more.

Be patient and listen

It is essential to listen to the students intently. Mostly they know the areas they lack in, the best and they should be allowed to talk about their problems. It will simplify your work as a tutor since you will know which areas the student needs extra focus on and create a study plan accordingly. Also, be patient enough to always listen to their problems and queries that they have. By solving queries, the student understands the subject more and starts being genuinely interested in the subject. The student should never feel overwhelmed or demeaning due to asking questions.

Be professional

It is true in both forms of tutoring: online and offline. You should conduct yourself professionally and respect all forms and mediums of instructions. The students must never be criticized for mistakes or their lack of understanding of a concept: how much it may be simple. Neither should a student ever be said wrong about their instructor at school. This reduces the reliability and validity of a tutor and should be avoided at all costs.


These simple tips should be enough to help you to get around maths tutoring initially. You will automatically gain more knowledge with time and experience. These are some simple guidelines, and the list is not exhaustive. But these have been considered as a great starting point or an excellent way to remind yourself of things you should always maintain as an online tutor.