Psychological Tactics To Use For Your Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Social media is among the most popular activities. As a marketer, this is great news because you have a platform to connect and communicate with both existing and potential buyers. However, online competition has become more intense, and you have to do what you can to take the lead. In social networks, people tend to act in a more or less defined way.

You can use psychology to influence social media users to promote your services, products, and brand. Here are the psychological tactics to use for your social media marketing.

Color Psychology

You may have realized that social media is highly visual. Different colors carry different emotional meanings. For instance, red may imply passion or anger, while yellow may mean joy or happiness. However, the meaning depends on the tone and imagery used. Color can differentiate you from other online users and drive the right traffic to your blog.

Social Proof

Social proofing is a vital concept in social media. The idea behind social proofing is that people are more drawn to like what other people have already liked. When people see that others trust you, they are more likely to take action when they see your posts. Social proofing is based on the assumption that people who have already interacted with you have a better understanding of your services or products, so it makes sense to follow their lead.

The popular social proofing strategy includes the display of testimonials from customers or reviews from celebrities. This strategy establishes the credibility of your brand. Adding a share button on your blog or website to deliver content to your social media platforms is another way to leverage social proofing.

Mere Exposure Effect

The mere exposure effect means that familiarity often leads to a natural liking. You have probably noticed how big brands use constant ads. The process of repeated exposure forms a connection between the brand’s presence and potential customers. Unlike big brands, you may not have the budget to create ads.

However, exposure can cost you less if you have a target audience. Hone your messaging down to specific audiences who are more likely to reply to your messages. For instance, if you want to approach a company about your product, target that company’s decision-makers.


If you have been on social media, you probably know how controversial topics perform well. Controversial posts attract more attention on social media. As such, algorithms pick that up, and these topics get more reach. Using controversy as a psychological social media marketing does not have to be challenging. You only need to share content that not everyone agrees with.

For instance, if you sell CBD oil, you may post that millennial women use CBD oil to help them deal with stress and anxiety. First, millennials are your target audience. Second, CBD oil is already a controversial product in the market. As such, this post will create a conversation that will increase your reach.

Knowing the most influential social media platform also plays a role in increasing your reach. Instagram is currently a popular platform in the world. Create an Instagram profile, purchase Insta followers, and begin using these tactics for your social media marketing.