Private Investigators: Top 5 Reasons Your Company May Need Them


The term “private investigator” may depict to an ordinary mind as one breaking into a haunted house or taking pictures of suspected criminals. But it’s more than that.

A private investigator is a person who can be hired by any individual or group as an agent to carry out background searches, gather data and check for facts from either legal, financial or criminal records; which will, in turn, help these individuals or groups to make informed decisions.

Lots of struggling individuals and businesses today wouldn’t have had issues if they had employed the skills and expertise of someone flexible enough to serve as surveillance and help connect the dots through the acquisition of quality, relevant and helpful resources.

5 reasons your company may need a private investigator


One of the most important jobs of a private investigator is to carry out critical surveillance on whomever a company is about to hire.

People tend to appear good, projecting their best behavior when seeking for jobs and positions. But a background check for criminal records, where they go, where they live and their job history will help throw more light on their personality and protect the company from future icebergs.

You would not want someone stealing from your company, would you?

An investigator knows just where to go, what to look for, how to make cross-checks right from educational backgrounds, to job history. He looks for behavioral patterns and gets back to the client with recommendations.

Business start-ups/Acquisition

Every business, whether it’s an existing one or a start-up has a past and form a part of the market population they interact with. And most times what’s obvious isn’t all there is to that business. Company reports must convey information such as risk assessments, trade history, market penetrations, and other necessary factors.

Employing the skills of a private investigator, therefore, gives you access to deeper truths, and shows through research and investigations, if a business is worth acquiring or starting.

International due diligence

Every company, except of course one who already has the right information, stands the risk of falling into the hands of fraudsters when considering investments overseas. Through the help of due diligence, private investigators acquire every viable detail on a company’s operation processes, business endeavors, associations, profit history, legal status, and court records and more. This information protects your company.

Attorney referral services

In a country with millions of attorneys, with each promising the very best service, it’s important for any company to know the right one to work with so as not to lose money or get into trouble with the law.

A private investigator comes in handy here. Due to working experience with several attorneys, both on civil and legal cases, referring the best attorney practicing in that specific area will save any company time and money.

Also, a company might be in need of someone who can carry out interviews and interrogations, thus require help from an attorney. A private investigator does a background check on the attorney’s previous cases, how they were handled and the level of delivery. However, the investigator only does his findings for the sake of investigation and for the purpose of providing information to the company.

Corporate investigation

Every year, businesses in America alone loose over $32 billion to theft, with 34% as employee theft.  The job of a private investigator in any business, corporation or company is to carry out a thorough investigation, which includes background checks on staff to uncover any history of wrongdoings from employees who make up the management teams or any third parties.

Corporate investigations include.

  • Employee investigations

These investigations are focused on the misconduct of a worker, like work inefficiency, substance abuse, employee dishonesty, and theft.

  • Financial investigation:

A company experiencing a wave in its finance can merge with an investigator to point out embezzlement conspiracies, operational leaks, fraud, money laundering, etc.

Private Investigators are more than what they appear to be, they are life savers.