10 Most Common Construction Mistakes


Mistakes are common and may happen in any sector or business and there is no exception for the construction industry. When compared to other businesses, the construction industry has heavy machinery hence the cost of making mistakes can be fatal. Each individual project will include intricate details and be more simple to showcase the information.

10 Major Construction Mistakes

The rule for any activity is to prepare and in the case of attending construction sites, it is no different. Make sure you know what to bring to the construction site to make sure you are semi-prepared for the most common mistakes you can experience at construction sites. Like other projects, construction projects have a few specific variables for you to keep in mind. Some of them are listed below:

Building Wraps are not properly installed

Most of the contractors without following or reading the directions will place the building wrap. This will allow the drafty building wrap included with mildew and mold. The contractors should think about this building wrap since their name will associate with the newly constructing subpar building. It can lead to getting more jobs when compared to the early stage.

Roof Moisture Intrusion

The improperly installed roofing materials can be easily identified by the testing the completed roofs or observations during the installation. Roof moisture intrusions are allowed through the roof drain bodies to promote mildew or mold formation and damage the materials.

Out of Order: Performing Construction Tasks

Most of the contractors will never know that there are out of order for performing the construction tasks. It can easily lead to major issues at various stages. It is similar to a house siding before completing the electrical boxes and wiring. As a result, the entire siding needs to be removed to fix an electrical issue. This will require an additional cost and also time to complete the job if the sidings are replaced or removed or damaged.

Tuning the Lighting Controls

It is very common that each contractor will perform the lighting control issues. During the proper time, the lighting may not deactivate by including the occupancy controls. The day-lighting controls may be served with over-illuminate spaces and improperly calibrated.

Building with incorrect HVAC Sizing

Everyone should know the importance of air conditioning and the heat. A few of them can save money to install a smaller system that is not effective in this case. The HVAC smaller system might be cheaper to install but for the long-term, it may cost you more to build a bigger one. Additional cost for paying the higher electricity bills to make it comfortable for your working or living space.

Mechanical Controls Issues

It is a common issue while starting the testing phase by the commissioning agent. The controls will not properly respond to your mechanical equipment and may not work for any particular mode. For long-term operation, you need to optimize the mechanical control issues.

Water Issues

While working on the construction site or project, you should never experience the water issues. If the contractors have not performed their jobs properly then you may experience water issues on the construction site. It could happen if the contractor failed to check the properly sealed pipes or checking the rough caps.

Not Continuous Duct Insulation

It is a frequent issue if the duct insulation is properly continuous within the non-fire-rated partitions. The warm air is allowed to condense within the wall’s exposed duct section. It may damage the insulation, adjacent drywall, and completes with energy loss contribution along with the un-insulated area. These conditions are the key parameters for mildew & mold formation. The condensation effects are commonly hidden without any notice across the partition.

Provided with insufficient Access Panels

It is essential to access the system components that are located across the hard ceilings. Insufficient for everyone to resolve various instances if you have not provided with an access panel. They are hugely important for multiple permanent objects like furniture or millwork, blocked by cabinetry, or insufficient size.

Failed to utilize the updated Blueprints

The construction project will continuously change with its designs and drawings. It is essential for everyone to get involved in the project by referring to the updated Blueprints. If you utilize outdated information or outdated Blueprints may face numerous issues or delay in delivering the project. You need to completely redone or torn out the work that costs your money and as well as company time.