In-Home Daycare – Work with a Licensed Child Care Only


Parents in Victoria, Austalia now have an even more comprehensive option when it comes to choosing a specific child care provider for their children. Aside from nannies and traditional daycares, they now have in-home daycare centres.

In Victoria, refined in-home child care policies were recently added to the polished child care packages offered by the Australian government. Now, when you search for “in-home child care in Victoria,” you can see that the delivery of services and distribution of places for child care delivery are more consistent and equitable. This program is specifically targeted at families needing this type of care the most, giving more focus on improved quality care and early childhood education provided by highly qualified educators.

Given these varied options and new child care services subsidized by the government, your role as a parent is to look for a qualified licensed in-home child care provider. If you think that any in-home child care provider will do, here are some of the reasons why working with a licensed one is the best way to go.

Children receive care in a comfortable setting

One of the best advantages of working with a professional in-house child care is they offer a homey setting while taking care of your child. These settings are similar to the comfortable settings these kids are familiar with, complete with bathrooms, backyard, kitchen, play area, and living room.

The kids are also treated like extended family members, with a couple of other children they can play with. Meals are also served just like how it is served at home — in a central dining area with other family members eating together. On certain days, the carer and the kids can go out on a trip as a family, visit parks, go trekking, or stroll in the mall. Through this, the kids will never miss out on activities that their respective families usually do.

Smaller child-carer ratios

When you dig deeper into in-home child care in Victoria, you will see that most licensed in-home carers operate within the state-specified rules. One of these state-imposed requirements is the number of kids a single child care provider can manage.

Though the maximum allowable headcount varies, a vast majority of in-home carers can only cater to six or fewer children. Most licensed home providers accommodate fewer children per group. Through this, the carers can focus on the care needs of each of the children left under their care. Compared to daycare and child minding centres were the size is larger, in-home providers stick to smaller child groups to offer an optimum quality of care.

Most in house carers have centres within the community

These in-home care providers usually operate within the same neighbourhood or community where their client families live. If not in the same area, at least nearby. This makes hiring them to care for your child very convenient. You can always drop by and visit to check up on your kids.

Some providers also offer transportation assistance, so going to the centre and paying a visit can be more comfortable and more convenient for parents. Some centres provide enrichment activities and other programs that busy working parents cannot give.

The Takeaway

If you have a child that has special needs, or if you cannot care for your kids because of a busy schedule, leaving them to a licensed carer can give you peace of mind. You can continue providing for your family without having to worry whether or not your kids’ needs are taken care of.