How to Get More Followers on Pinterest?


The social media sector may be highly competitive. You must, as a business, find out how to stand out and get noticed. Use Pinterest to promote your ideas, products, and services. Are you seeking strategies to get more follower on Pinterest? There are several methods for increasing your audience’s size and engagement, so it’s important to test out various ideas to see which is most effective.

25 Tips to Get More Followers on Pinterest

It’s understandable why so many individuals utilize Pinterest as a business platform, given that it has over 320 million active users. But how can you increase your fan base? Here are few suggestions to get more followers on Pinterest.

1Use a Pinterest Business Account

You may access analytics and other tools that will enable you to evaluate your performance and monitor your advancement by setting up a business account on Pinterest. Additionally, this will get you access to tools like Promoted Pins, which may increase your articles’ interaction.

2Optimize Your Username and Bio

Potential Pinterest followers can learn much about your page and why they should follow it by looking at your eye-catching username and well-written bio. Verify that these two components appropriately depict who you are or the company or brand you represent.

3Post Idea Pins

Idea pins are a great method to capture people’s interest in following your page since they frequently combine aesthetic appeal with useful information. To rapidly get the attention of potential buyers, include pictures of the goods or services you’re offering along with information about them.

4Include Text on Your Idea Pins

By providing viewers with additional information about what they’re looking at, adding text to your idea pins helps enhance their engagement. Keep it succinct, but include enough information so that readers can understand the pin’s purpose and want to click through for additional information.

5Focus on a Specific Audience

To increase your Pinterest following, it’s essential to understand who your target audience is. To guarantee that this audience interacts with your material, follows your page, and even shares it with their own networks of prospective consumers, concentrate on producing content that speaks particularly to them.

6Post Original Images

Although it may seem simple, unique photographs are crucial for standing out on Pinterest. You want your pins to be distinctive and captivating in the crowd. If you’re fortunate enough to have access to graphic designers or expert photographers who can produce unique photographs for you, this will greatly aid in expanding your fan base.

7Include Relevant Topic Tags

The need for fresh photographs to stand out on Pinterest sometimes seems clear. Your pins should be unique and captivating in order to distinguish yourself from others. If you’re fortunate enough to have access to expert photographers or graphic designers who can make unique photographs for you, this will significantly aid in increasing your following.

8Create a Cohesive Brand

The secret to becoming recognized on the platform is building a unified brand. To set your brand apart from the competition and offer potential followers something recognizable to look for while scrolling through their feeds, establish a consistent color scheme, font style, and graphics.

9Post Infographics

Infographics are excellent for sharing confidential information about your business or market trends that may interest potential customers. They provide viewers with an understandable visual depiction of the material, which makes them more engaging than conventional text postings. They may also increase engagement rates among both current and potential followers.

10Use Keywords in Your Board Names and Pin Descriptions

Your Pinterest board names and pin descriptions should contain keywords to ensure that they appear in search results when users type such phrases into their searches. This may assist in attracting attention from those audiences to your profile page or posts, which is especially useful if you’re seeking to target particular markets or demographics.

11Add Relevant Keywords to Your Name

Did you aware that Pinterest’s search engine optimization includes your username? If your username contains a keyword associated with your niche, people are more likely to find you while searching for that term. This is crucial if you own a business since clients will specifically search for establishments like yours.

12Take Advantage of Trends

Keeping up with Pinterest’s newest trends might help you produce material that connects with readers and draws in new followers. Discover the newest subjects that are popular in your field by using Pinterest’s “Trends” function. This might help you come up with content ideas and keyword suggestions that will help other users locate your pins.

13Share New Content Weekly

When trying to increase your Pinterest following, consistency is key. In order to let consumers know they can expect new information from you frequently, you should post fresh content at least once each week. Additionally, it’s crucial to publish frequently because doing so increases exposure and maintains user interest in your account over time.

14Be Active and Engaged

One of the easiest strategies to get more followers on Pinterest is to be active and interact with other users. Make sure to like, comment on, and share other people’s stuff when appropriate. You should also follow them back if they follow you. By doing this, you may cultivate relationships with other community members and show them how much you value their interest in and use of your account feature.

15Follow Other Users Tool

Remember to follow other people as well! If someone engages with your material or follows you, take some time out of your day to see what sort of content they produce and think about following them in return. This might result in even greater involvement in the future.

16Add a Pinterest Follow Button

A “Follow Us on Pinterest” button is a simple method to connect visitors from your website or newsletter to your profile if you already have one. Potential followers will notice the stuff you’ve pinned when they arrive at your page and may then decide whether or not to follow you. This makes it more likely that only individuals who are interested in your material will follow, which will ultimately lead to higher engagement rates.

17Use Pinterest Sections to Organize Your Boards

Pinterest sections are a wonderful method to group boards into defined categories so that users can locate the content that appeals to them right away. Create a section for each of these categories, for instance, if you have boards for home décor, fashion trends, and beauty goods so that people can quickly switch between them. This raises the likelihood that visitors to your profile will follow you by making it simpler for them to access the information that is most pertinent to them.

18Promote Your Pins

One of the best strategies to broaden your audience on Pinterest is to promote your pins. To bring attention to certain pieces of content and increase the number of followers on Pinterest, you may employ sponsored pins, which show up as advertising in user feeds. When promoting pins, it’s crucial to carefully follow any applicable advertising restrictions established by the platform and prospective target followers with demographics that are comparable to those who are actively engaged with your content.

19A/B Tests Your Pins

Additionally, promoted pins may be utilized in A/B tests, which compare the performance of two pins that are quite close to one another. This testing can assist in guiding future decisions regarding pin design by revealing the kinds of pin designs that most appeal to certain populations.

20Use Pinterest’s Free Shopping Tools

Take advantage of all that Pinterest has to offer by putting up free shopping tools like Buyable Pins or Shopping Ads if you run an online store with items that can be purchased directly through your website or other platforms like Etsy. Both make it simple for customers who see things on Pinterest but want to avoid going through numerous steps before being able to purchase them from another site to buy them immediately from within their feed without ever leaving the platform.

21Join The Verified Merchant Program

You will get more visibility and trust with potential clients if your company is recognized on Pinterest as an official merchant. Additionally, this application enables you to include rich pins, which provide extra product details like price and availability right in the pin itself.

22Apply for Rich Pins

Rich pins are unique pins that include additional details about goods or services. They let potential clients better comprehend what your company has to offer without requiring them to leave the page they are on. You may apply for rich pins on the Pinterest Developers page, and once accepted, they will greatly expand your audience on this site.

23Re-Pin Older Content

Some businesses need to concentrate more on producing new material, but reposting previous content is just as crucial when trying to increase your following. Re-pinning older material encourages fans to follow you again so they can keep up with your articles by helping them remember they have already liked it previously.

24Claim Your Website on Pinterest

By claiming your website on Pinterest, you may prevent other people’s pages or irrelevant websites from being linked in any pins made from links in articles or blog posts. In addition to improving exposure, this makes ensuring users get on the right page when looking for further details about the good or service you provide.

25Schedule Your Pins

By enabling postings to be scheduled in advance, you can make sure that each one is seen by as many people as possible at different times of the day when they are most likely to view it. Additionally, scheduling lets you write several pieces at once, saving you time from having to do it each day. This makes maintaining consistency much simpler.


In addition to enhancing interaction with current followers, these strategies should help you get more followers on Pinterest. When utilizing any social media site, keep in mind that consistency is crucial. Post frequently, include pertinent hashtags, reply to comments and queries swiftly, etc.

All of these things will help users become more engaged with your material. These pointers should give newcomers to the realm of digital marketing useful guidance on how to get more followers on Pinterest for their particular needs. Good luck!