How to Collaborate With Influencers to Meet Your Goals

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Online marketing and social media are some of the most common ways people hear about new products or services. If you have a business, you want to make sure it has an online presence. When looking to meet some of your company’s sales goals, consider working with an influencer. These are people who have established an online presence and have a dedicated group of people following them. That means that anything they recommend will be taken seriously by their followers. Here are some ways you can collaborate with influencers to help meet your goals.

Have Clear Goals

While an influencer marketing campaign is a great way to get more visibility to your brand, you need to have clear goals before you approach them. If you don’t, you’ll end up wasting time and money. Write down all the goals you want to be accomplished out of your influencer campaign. This might be brand awareness, conversations, engagement, or a combination of everything. You may want to promote a new product and get awareness around it, so you want the influencers you work with to show it off in their Instagram photos.

You also want them to tag your company and link to your website so their followers can purchase your product. When you approach an influencer, make sure to tell them exactly what you want them to do so they agree to your terms. If your goal is just to increase your reach, you’ll want to look at influencers who have thousands and thousands of followers.

Offer a Giveaway

One way to get the hype around your product is to give the influencer your product so they can test it out and take a picture of it. You should also give them an extra one so they can do a giveaway. People love entering for free items, so the influencer will get more engagement than normal on their post and may get new people to follow them. There are different rules you can set for the giveaway, such as having the person who enters follow both your company and the influencer. They can also tag someone they want to tell about the interview and get a point for each person who is tagged.

Give Sufficient Payment

When working with influencers who are just starting out, it may be enough just to give them a free product in exchange for promotion. However, many influencers now make their living off brand collaborations, so make sure to offer them a fair compensation if you’re working with a larger influencer. You can either offer them a set fee or pay them per click on the unique tracking link you give them. Some companies may choose to give the influencer a certain percentage of each sale as an incentive for them to sell more, as the limit isn’t capped this way.

Knowing how to collaborate with influencers to meet your goals will help your business succeed. Influencer marketing campaigns are a great way to get the buzz out about a new product while increasing sales.