Finding Charging Cables and Batteries without Emptying Your Wallet


A few decades ago, it would’ve been almost unthinkable that we would all grow to be so dependent on a piece of technology usually no bigger than our hands that promise to be the all-in-one gadget that we would need for a huge part of the aspects of our lives. And yet the technology that is mobile phones exist, we’re all glued to it, and it’s honestly now unthinkable to go a single day without it.

With our world being as busy and face-paced as it is today, we’re all required to be online all the time – sometimes even 24/7. When we aren’t, we run the inevitability of not catching up with the rest of the world around and beyond us. Missing the things going on in the world and in our own personal world is like a day living deep within a forest alone – we emerge almost ignorant of everything else afterward.

There’s a lot of reasons to stay online – and we can all agree that most of them are personal. We want to see what our friends, family, relatives, and acquaintances are up to; we want to communicate with them without being barred by location or time; and we want to know what’s going on with the world and how it would affect our day, week, month, or even year. We also stay online for professional purposes – employees and employers need to stay updated with their respective jobs, students need to keep up with studies or updates from their professors. We even stay online for the most mundane tasks like finding a recipe or knowing which road to take during our road trips!

For all its good points, mobile phones have one unfortunate catch that we’re all still struggling with: its battery life. With so many functions and features keeping your phone running (and your life going), they’re all taking the juice out of your battery – draining it the more you use it. Of course, the most obvious solution is just to stop using your phone altogether if your battery’s slowly inching to critical charging levels, but we really couldn’t help using our phones if we need to!

But we’re in the age of advanced technological developments, and the alternative we have is just within our reach – and won’t puncture a hole through our wallets, too!

Here’s everything you need to know about finding charging cables and batteries without emptying your wallet (and your smartphone battery while you’re at it):

finding charging cables and batteries without emptying your wallet

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