Creating Your Very Own DIY Birthday Yard Sign

happy birthday

By following a few simple steps, you get the opportunity to learn how to make a DIY birthday yard sign for any upcoming birthday party. If you have a big and spreading lawn and planning to host an outdoor event, then this particular option seems to be a good call to consider. Just like spending money on decorations, you can save some as well by creating the birthday yard sign on your own. The steps aren’t that difficult. Just cover up the supplies you need and then start focusing on the steps.

Supplies you will need for the sign:

Be sure to create a checklist of all the supplies that you need for your DIY birthday signs. Listed below are the main points to add to that list.

  • Card or paper stock to be used as template numbers and letters
  • Thick cardboard or the self-healing cutting mat
  • Scissors or the die-cut machine
  • Pencil for writing
  • Corrugated plastic sheeting
  • Hot glue gun and utility knife
  • Landscaping staples

Make sure to create the stencils:

You are most welcome to use the silhouette cameo for cutting out the letters that you have sized for fitting the cutting mat. Think of the widest letter first and then size up the font depending on that better. Look in with the font size that will work well with that letter, and then use a similar font size for all the other letters for consistency in the sign.

  • In case you don’t have the cutting machine, then print out the templates and cut them with scissors, and use them as stencils. Generally, 8 inches x 11 inches is a good size to start with.
  • Be sure to use the utility knife for cutting out every letter carefully. Cut the sections of the board for that easy cut-out letters. Hold on to the excess plastic to be used later.
  • Whenever the letters are cut out, flip them over and add the strip of corrugated plastic right at the back. You have to cut perpendicular to the plastic’s lines to see the holes on the top and bottom of the strip.
  • Secure the strip using a hot glue gun. Then add the landscape stakes through strips at the bottom of every letter and number.
  • Hold the top of those stapes so that they won’t slide up and push stakes into the ground.

Focusing on these simple steps will actually help you to create the perfect birthday yard sign for your happy boy or girl. You can even use colorful papers just to ensure that these signs become even more attractive. Using spray paint to color the plastic sheet will also work out well and will help your yard sign to stand out in the crowd.

In case you don’t want to go through this mess and don’t have time to spend on making the yard signs, you can buy them from online stores as well. These signs come with the stand or the frame to help you put in the ground with ease.