B2B vs. B2C Marketing – What’s the difference?

B2B vs B2C

B2B vs B2C – the main difference is their target audience as terms refer business to business and business to customer.

Industries of 2020 are now looking forward to a completely digital and easy route for a fostering business in 2021. All enterprises ranging from small setups to developed ones are taking turns towards a counseled, digital, and effortless, quick route. Investors are now existing for the simple cause of providing money. They know what they want, but all their affairs are handled by a supportive enterprise, a B2B marketing enterprise, from scratch to a developed brand.

What is B2B Marketing?

B2B Industries work as an alliance between two businesses. All their services cater to the needs of establishing companies and help them grow exponentially. Hence, the moniker came from “business to business” as these platforms work for organizations and businesses, operating on an extensive and major level to carry out their utmost responsibilities. Basically, they are business suppliers.

In 2020, 61 percent of super startups across the world offered B2B solutions, whereas the other 39 percent offered B2C solutions. Super startups are privately held companies that haven’t yet reached unicorn status (market valuation of one billion U.S. dollars or more) statista.

B2B businesses offer services for organizational needs. This occurs when both are fulfilling their official requirements on a greater level. Thus, startups prefer to utilize B2B offerings for a helping hand.

Example Of B2B Companies

These examples will help you learn how the B2B Industries work and burgeon.

The Main Tab

The Main Tab is a wholesale marketplace focused on premium brands, allowing retailers to find brands on the platform, place wholesale orders, and offer NET Terms to the retailers so they can buy now, and pay later. They predominantly work with small and local retailers, think mom and pop luxury shops.


Alibaba is the leading B2B platform of today. They are succoring businesses with their huge inventory, helping them cultivate on a greater level. They are currently providing millions of buyers and suppliers. Alibaba commits to having over forty categories in their inventory, serving businesses situated in over one-ninety countries.


You don’t need every single category of the world to offer businesses for their catering. Another way of being a B2B platform is to focus on a single category and contribute whatever you can. The main concept of being a B2B platform is dealings in-between businesses.

Similarly, SnapCap offers financial services to companies and organizations like loans to help them continue their journey.


BulkBookStore provides all kinds of books and novels in bulk. If you’re establishing a library or starting a literary business, they’ll accommodate you with their amenities.

These were some examples to help you understand the basics that lay the foundation of B2B business.

B2B Marketing Models

Buyer centric models

In buyer-centric models, companies usually establish their digital portals where they contact sellers with quotations. These companies fulfill their business requirements by connecting with the sellers with suitable quotes. The sellers then inform the buyers about their quotations so that they may avail their requirements.

Supplier centric model

A business supplier initiates his commerce by establishing a platform on the internet. He then markets his services to other businesses and also price them as per their need.

Intermediary model

The mediators provide a common platform to buyers, sellers, retailers, and wholesalers to commerce while accommodating them with their services. They help to connect the right pairs and contribute to their business growth for them to flourish.

What is B2C Marketing?

Archaically, B2C meant buying directly from the outlets. Where the shops had a direct relationship with their customers, marketing them what they require. Now that we have burgeoned over the years in the internet era, all the industries are now digitally established as well. B2C or business to consumer, are providing their services and goods on the internet while also availing B2B benefits for their personal growth. Therefore, people confuse their minds as the majority of the B2C companies are also connected with B2B businesses.

B2C is a direct relation of organizations with their consumers. It’s when they like to deal with their customers personally and look onto the affairs on a concise level.

Business-to-consumer marketing, or B2C marketing, refers to the tactics and strategies in which a company promotes its products and services to individual people: creating, advertising, and selling products for customers to use in their everyday lives – Emarsys.

Example Of B2C Companies


Amazon is the best example of a B2C organization. They 100% deal with their consumers directly. They market their own products and attract their customers from around the world through different strategies.


They sell their self-made food to their customers. McDonald’s is the world’s leading global foodservice retailer with over 38,000 locations in over 100 countries. This example is the purest form of B2C business, where there is a direct relation of providers with their consumers. Mostly all the food outlets conduct B2C business.


Target is everyone’s direct route when it comes to buying supplies for anything in the world. Target is a general merchandise retailer with stores in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Learning about the target as a B2C market might help you understand a lot about the perks and workings of B2C commerce.


Social media platforms like Facebook are also B2C businesses. Their platform allows their clients to advertise their products to a massive audience. On the other hand, they tend to establish a direct relationship with the general public’s social requirements.

B2C Marketing Models

Direct Sellers

This is the basic B2C commerce method where shops, companies, brands, and other organizations sell their products directly to their customers.

Online Mediators

These are firms that don’t have pre-owned products, but they connect a buyer and a seller via simple broking.

Advertisement-based B2C

Advertisement based companies offer advertising features to their customers.

Digital Communities

Sites like Facebook, which builds online communities based on shared interests, help marketers and advertisers promote their products directly to consumers. Websites will target ads based on users’ demographics and geographical location – Investopedia.

Payment based

Sites like Netflix who make their content available to their customers on subscriptions and are completely payment based, are also another form of B2C business.

B2B vs B2C – The Difference

B2B financial dealings are more complex than B2C as there are large sale cycles and a huge inventory to commerce. The revenue then comes from the great investment that shoots for the moon when B2C will lie among the stars. Lower revenue means less investment, which clearly means less hassle to handle. Thus, startups usually go for B2C business as its affairs are comprehensive, concise, and less to handle. But that’s the other side of the story; the dilemma comes in when you know that some markets are small compared to the general public. That means at some point, the revenue of B2C markets shoots for the moon. However, their usage and benefits vary from industry to industry. For some sectors, B2B business is way more profitable than B2C.

B2B commerce also requires a lengthy process of marketing. It involves intricate and productive decision making. When it comes to decision making power, B2C companies got more upper hand since they don’t rely on other platforms for their business affairs.


As compared to B2C trading, B2B eCommerce got market stability when it comes to intricate market conditions. In times of turmoil, their presence in the market strengthens, resulting in the growth of potential customers. Having customers in the form of businesses, companies, firms, and organizations, B2B industry hooks their clients while being smart and effective in difficult situations.


B2B industries place effort for their customer satisfaction through liaisons and services. Their enhanced supply chain process helps to increase sales and generate further leads.  They mold their plan as per their customer requirements for the complete satisfaction of fostering companies and organizations.

Lower costs

Due to improved supply chain management, businesses benefit from this model because of lower costs. Buying in bulk helps the progressing companies to be under budget while availing of resourceful and productive services.

Lengthy Decisions

The main disadvantage of B2B commerce is that their commerce process goes a long way. A B2B industry is dependent on many other decision-makers for a complete cycle. The whole verification process for authentic trading takes way more time than B2C trading.


In B2B business, customers got more upper hand for turning the events. Since the customers are running businesses themselves, they tend to be more prompt on their demands and requirements.

Authentic Trading

B2B commerce is hundred percent verified and authentic. They go through a complete verification process of data and companies, ensuring safe and certified trading. Their management process help keep track of data for exact estimates. This also helps to avoid errors throughout the whole trade.

Why B2B and B2C marketing are considered as different business models? The answer is simple because both have different marketing tactics with a different aim of audience.