Are Smart Homes Safe?

smart home

Smart homes have become all the rage over the past few years. Appliances that once seemed impossible for real life are now readily available for us to buy right online. With the potential to do so much, it’s clear why so many have made to move to turn their homes into smart homes. Smart devices can make our lives so much easier by taking away small everyday tasks. 

While they might provide plenty of benefits, some aren’t so sure that they’re worth it. People have always been wary of trusting technology. Some have worried about technology one day turning on them, but hacking is a much more realistic fear for today. You could be welcoming in some dangers when you invest in a smart home. This leaves many people wondering, are smart homes safe?

Certain products have little risk

Depending on what devices you have in your home, you probably won’t have much to worry about. Some people might only have small devices in their homes, like a smart light switch or thermostat. Devices like these have very little risk for your home unless a battery goes out without you noticing. Smart locks and security systems pose much more of a threat that people are worried about. 

Devices that could cause an issue

As smart homes have gotten more popular, more people have switched to smart security systems. With these, you can check up on your home and give commands while you’re away. Smart security systems can also give you some more protection than a traditional security system. Traditional security systems have wires that can be cut, which then makes them useless.

Smart security systems, on the other hand, are wireless, so intruders can’t cut them. This might make it seem like a smart security system is the best way to protect your home, but there is still a way to get around it. Hackers could get into your security system while your away to get into your home.

Many people also have concerns over some apps and smart speakers. Apps may be able to track your daily patterns, making it easy for someone to find out when you will and won’t be home. Since smart speakers started, people have been afraid of their conversations being listened to.

Smart homes, like anything, are not completely perfect. While there is a certain level of risk with some smart home products, many people and their homes are kept safe with them. Taking all the necessary precautions can help keep you safe. 

How to keep a smart home safe

When you know the risks of having a smart home, you might decide against it. While it could be intimidating, there are steps that you can take to protect your home. Many of these steps are simple but can make a big difference. 

  • Most importantly, you should make sure that your router is protected.
  • Create a strong password and avoid connecting to public WiFi.
  • You should also ensure that you update all of your devices. Anything that isn’t updated could be easier for someone to break into.