5 Ways to Make Your Business Attractive to Investors


Sometimes in order to start a business, all you have to do is sell an asset or take a bank loan. Unfortunately, some people dream so big that even this won’t be enough. If that is the case, you will have to persuade others to invest in your idea and this is not an easy task. Sure, the power of persuasion, skills of a gifted negotiator and a quality presentation can help you to a certain extent, but the most important thing is that you manage to make your business more attractive as it is. With this in mind, here are few ways you can make your business more attractive to investors.

1.      Invest your own assets

First things first, in order to persuade others that your business is truly worth investing in, you must be the first one to do so. You see, no one expects you to have 50 percent equity in this enterprise, but having at least 12 to 20 percent would be highly recommended. Otherwise, you are sending a message that although you want others to invest in your vision, you are not ready to do the same yourself. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how this would make prospective investors avoid you.

2.      Be clear about your goals

Another thing you can do, in order to make your business presentable, is define clear goals you can later offer to your investors. Sure, the ultimate aim of any business is greater profit, but in what way do you intend to get there and what will be some of the milestones you can expect to encounter on your way to the top? There are several categories of goals you can focus on like revenue, customer service, employee appreciation, website traffic and community outreach. In this way, your agenda will be clear from the very start.

3.      Get your finances in order

Next thing you want to do is get your finances in order. Giving your money to someone else is never a pleasant thought, so you need to offer reassurance that it won’t be mishandled. For this, your books need to be clean and presentable at all times, which might be something too complicated for a layman to pull off. Luckily, both the number and renown of companies offering financial services in Sydney are at their all-time high. This makes it quite easy for any perspective startup to get a qualified accountant to take care of their needs.

4.      Have a team of experts

Every investor knows that, regardless of your business structure, people are what makes a company tick. With this in mind, you need to surround yourself with a team of experts and proudly display your staff to your potential investors. Focus on showing your investors that people around you are people of knowledge and skill, who aren’t afraid to take that extra mile for the sake of the company. This way, you won’t have trouble winning them over.

5.      Demonstrate your leadership skills

In the very end, you yourself need to demonstrate your leadership skills in order to impress the investors. Regardless of how good your team looks, you will always be the one in the spotlight. Ancient Romans had a saying that a leader who is a lion, makes the recruits appear as lions themselves. When people talk about you, charismatic and influential need to be first two words that cross their minds. Luckily, there are more than a few tactics you can employ to start giving away that impression.


The best thing about these five steps is that they are beneficial for your business in more than one way. Not only do they make you seem more trustworthy, but they also strengthen your internal business structure. In other words, each one of these tips listed above is worth trying out even if you aren’t looking for new investors at the moment. You never know what tomorrow brings and it is always good to be ready for any eventuality.