The Password Game: Rules, Answers and Winning Tips

the password game

The Password Game might be the game that finally makes you lose your cool. This game is something that makes you spend hours torturing your keyboard trying to figure out the safest password possible that still satisfies all the restrictions.

The game starts as just a box asking you to select a new password and reminding you that it requires capital letters, numbers, and special characters. The Password game is also very entertaining. This will also be one of the most amazing free games you’ve played in a long time.

If you are interested, this article provides a list of all the password game rules, answers, and winning tops to help you out.

Here are all 35 rules in The Password Game:

Rule 1: There must be a minimum of five characters in your password.

Rule 2: You can’t just use any old password.

Rule 3: You have to use an uppercase letter in your password.

Rule 4: A special character needs to be a part of your password.

Rule 5: Your password can only have a total of 25 digits.

Rule 6: A month of the year must be included in your password.

Rule 7: You have to use a Roman numeral in your password.

Rule 8: One of the game’s sponsors needs to be a part of your password.

Rule 9: Your password should have a multiplication of 35 Roman numerals.

Rule 10: You need to use this CAPTCHA in your password.

Rule 11: The current day’s Wordle answer needs to be part of your password.

Rule 12: You have to use a two-letter periodic table symbol in your password.

Rule 13: You have to use an emoji in your password that represents the moon’s current phase.

Rule 14: The name of the country needs to be part of your password.

Rule 15: There must be a leap year in your password.

Rule 16: Your password must contain the best move in algebraic chess notation.

Rule 17: (egg symbol) This is Chicken Paul, and he has not yet hatched. You should remember your password for him and keep him secure.

Rule 18: The atomic numbers of the components in your password have to total up to 200.

Rule 19: All the vowels in your password string should be in bold case.

Rule 20: Oh damn! Your password is on fire. You should quickly fix it.

Rule 21: Your password is too weak, so make it better (Man Lifting Weights emoji).

Rule 22: You have to include one of the following affirmations in your password: “I am enough, I am worthy, and I am loved.”

Rule 23: Paul will hatch at this time. Kindly remember to give him food. Every minute, he consumes three bugs (bug emoji).

Rule 24: The URL of a precisely one-hour YouTube video must be part of your password.

Rule 25: You have to sacrifice something now. Select two letters that you are willing to not use in your password.

Rule 26: This step requires twice as many italic characters as bold characters in your password.

Rule 27: You have to use the Wingdings font for at least 30% of your password.

Rule 28: You should use the hexadecimal code of a color in your password.

Rule 29: All Roman numerals have to be written in Times New Roman.

Rule 30: This rule states that each digit’s font size must match its square.

Rule 31: The font size of a letter must vary between its occurrences.

Rule 32: You have to include the length of your password in your password.

Rule 33: Your password’s length should be a prime number.

Rule 34: You can skip this rule.

Rule 35: You should use the current time as part of your password.

You will be asked if this is your last password after making one complying with all 35 rules of the game. You’ll have just 120 seconds to enter your precise password when you click “Confirm,” so be ready. When you fail in the rules, the game will start again, and you have to start everything from the beginning.

Password game answers and tips for winning easily

Now that you have learned the rules of the password game, it’s time to learn answers and tips. Simple rules indicating that you have to use at least five letters, a number, an uppercase letter, and a special character comprise the first four rules of the game.

So, here are the answers to each rule of the password game:

Rule 5 answer

The fifth rule says that the digits in your password must total 25.

Password game answer to rule 5:

997 (9+9+7)

9871 (9+8+7+1)

9691 (9+6+9+1)

111111111111111111111111 (You should understand now)

Rule 13 answer

This is when the password game becomes really cryptic, as it asks you to submit an emoji that represents the moon’s current phase. You can search the internet to find the current phase of the moon. Next, choose the appropriate emoji from the list of moon phase emojis to copy and enter it into your password.

Rule 16 answer

The password game will now ask you to answer the name of your nation and a leap year. Then, the best move in algebraic chess notation is the next question it will ask. If you find it tricky or hard to understand, think clearly. But after some research, you can determine the purpose of rule 16.

Algebraic chess notation is a way to record and describe specific chess moves. In that, each piece in the game of chess has a single letter that represents it. All you have to do is identify the best move on the chessboard that was in front of you and write it down.

Here is the answer to rule 16 of the password game:

R: Rook

N: Knight

B: Bishop

Q: Queen

K: King

P: Pawn

Sadly, even experts are unable to provide you with the best answer for rule 16 because the board always changes when a new instance of the game is launched. To solve it, though, simply match the letter of the piece you wish to move in chess with the alphanumeric reference of the box you want it to go to. For example, moving the Bishop to C5 would read Bc5+ when checking the King.

The optimum move to make can be determined by using chess help tools, which allow you to reconstruct the chess board. Then, just use the preceding approach to convert this to algebraic chess notation.

Rule 17 answer

Rule 17 of the game is really abstract. The password game invites you to take a chicken named Paul, put them in your password, and keep him safe as if the brainwashing chess rule wasn’t perplexing enough. As Paul the chicken has not yet hatched, he is still in his egg.

That is your mission right now: to keep Paul safe. If you fail at it and Paul dies, you have to restart the game with a crippling sense of frustration.

Here are the tips for you to keep Paul alive:

  • Copy and paste the egg emoji at the start of the password.
  • Paul can be spared from burning by swiftly deleting Rule 20’s fire.
  • Paul will require three caterpillars every minute once he hatches; avoid overfeeding him and prevent starvation.
  • Paul can be fed by pasting the caterpillar in front of him.
  • You have to restart the password game if “Paul was slain’” is displayed on your screen.

Answers to the remaining game rules

The next few rules are relatively straightforward. Put out the fire, feed Paul, make your password have a positive affirmation, and bold every vowel. A little more difficult one is Rule 24, where you have to enter the URL to a YouTube video that is exactly that long, as requested by the password game.

As this varies on a regular basis, players are unable to provide you with any examples at this time. Nevertheless, they can provide you with this crucial advice: Remember to feed Paul as well. He will perish if it takes more than a few minutes to locate a video URL that is exactly the right duration needed.

Next, you have to sacrifice two no longer-useable letters. You can choose a less-used letter, such as “z” or “q,” but make sure they don’t conflict with the previously selected elements. The password must then be entered in Wingdings font, making it nearly impossible to read, and italicized twice as many letters as you had bolded previously. Finally, it must be converted into a color using a hex code provided by the password game.

Tips to win the password game

You will be asked if this is your last password by the password game when you have complied with all 35 rules. Before clicking this, make a note of your password. You will have two minutes to fill in your precise password once the password vanishes if you confirm.

You will need to restart the password game from the beginning if you attempt to copy and paste the password or if you are unsuccessful.

Final thoughts

The password game is one of the most innovative and exciting games that players have enjoyed in recent times. Try the game with your friends to refresh your mind and experience a sense of adventure and victory.