Protect Your Valuable Goods A Shipping Pallet

shipping pallet.

Transporting products and valuable items is a hefty task. Bulky cargos and freight shipments are advised to be packed with proper palletizing since it has a lot of utilities associated. There is a lot to explore about shipping pallet and this article will help you know more about this structure. 

What is a shipping pallet used for?

Pallets are sturdy structures formulated with a flat base and are commonly used for cargo shipments. A variety of items are contained and transported by piling them up on the top of these pallets, the practice of which is referred to as ‘palletizing’. They not only keep your goods and valuable belonging in place but even protect them from unwanted damage. 

Advantages of using pallets for shipping

Shipping pallet is a reliable means of delivering heavy goods which otherwise would have been distorted and most probably degraded by the time they reached the assigned destination. There are numerous benefits of using pallets  that have been mentioned below:

Hassle-free dispatching

Packaging of marine goods, industrial consignments, colossal metallic parts, etc. require great effort and meticulous palletizing. Shipping pallets are held in great importance for such freight operations and have been trusted as a sure-shot way of handling and conveying the goods with utmost safety. The properly managed and systematic loading is possible only with a shipping pallet.

Huge demand in the shipping sector

Shipping sectors make use of shipping pallets that reek of professionalism. They are able to carry out countless consignments for shipping goods on a daily basis solely because of the effective palletizing and storage of goods. They guarantee the clients 100% dependable service by entrusting their faith upon the strength of a shipping pallet. Even though they are quite expensive, the cost justifies its seamless functioning. This is why there is an ever-increasing demand for shipping pallets.

Variants in sizes and options

There is a plethora of materials and sizes available in the market, out of which shipping pallets are carved out thereby making it an object of personal preference and versatility. These variegated models include:


Most commonly used pallet structures have the dimensions—48 inches by 40 inches. They are famous in the North American shipping industry. Australian and European zones have a separate pallet size and that is (42*42 and 40*47 inches respectively). 


The most ancient and traditional shipping pallets are made of wood as a principal substance. There are various parameters that have to be fulfilled by the particular wood in order to use that as a construction material, such as softness, imperviousness, contagion proofing is compulsory, coating with varnishes, etc. They are brought into the commercial consumption only after being approved in different standards.

Alongside wooden pallets, shippers make use of steel, plastic and even paper to do the palletizing. The cargo is loaded and secured with wraps and tight straps that stabilize as well as back the safety of the valuable goods that need to be shipped.

How to palletize?

Follow the simple steps:

  • Evenly stack and pile goods over the flat surface of the pallet.
  • Cover the whole consignment with extensive strapping and enfold with bubble wraps.
  • Do not forget to tag the cargo for identification purposes.

Shipping sector works on trustworthiness and faith, therefore, it is very important to select the best-quality pallets for your shipment since they can prove to be fatal and devastating if made up of inferior materials. Make your consignors happy with the superior shipping and pave way for profit!