eCommerce Trends in 2017 – Drive Successful Online Business


Online shopping dumps the local retailer market and buyers prefer popular ecommerce platforms to shop online. Starting an ecommerce business can be easy, fast and inexpensive than local business. But it is shocking that 80% ecommerce businesses are failures due to the absence of effective planning, strategies, and execution.

To build a successful online business, ecommerce owners should have to identify and understand possible pitfalls. These ecommerce trends will help to develop your e-business, build marketing stratagems and instill trust to your customers.

If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.
– Jeff Bezos, Founder of

Let’s see few facts of eCommerce market:

  • 51% of US citizens prefer online shopping rather than the local marketplace.
  • In the US, 70% of adults do shopping online once in a month.
  • In 2016, total retail sales across the globe reached a gigantic $22.049 trillion.

It is an essential and challenging task to pick the right plan and go with advanced tactics to make your operation successful. This infographic will help retailers to understand ecommerce trends in 2017 and utilize best strategies to attract more customers.

ecommerce trends

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