6 Best Mobile CRM Apps for Android and iPhone in 2024

CRM - customer relationship management

Working in account management, business development, or sales requires one to be on the go. It can be difficult to make time for accessing CRM on your laptop. Thus, your only option would be to use a CRM app for mobile.

The way we reach out to people has changed entirely. It is possible to make a sale without ever having to meet a customer in person. There is no denying how revolutionary phones are. You can easily use your smartphone to access contacts, schedule appointments, manage daily tasks, call anyone, and more.

Best Mobile CRM Apps in 2024

The best mobile CRM apps allow you to take complete advantage of your smartphone. It offers functionalities that allow you to work on the go. The following are some of the best mobile CRM apps for android and iPhone users that will transform your mobile into a powerful tool.

Zoho CRM – Best for Businesses

Zoho CRM is possibly one of the best mobile CRM apps out there. It offers five subscription plans that allow you to choose one that suits your needs best. The reason why we have included it in our list is that it requires minimal technical experience and is easy to use.

If you are looking for outstanding social and marketing integrations, it might not be the right tool for you. Its customer support is only available during business hours, and it lacks the visual pipeline view on a smartphone. However, it makes up for everything through its flexible pricing plans. You can easily test it out to determine if it is the right fit for you or not.

Although the mobile app can be used for free, you have to sign up for a paid plan to use some critical functionalities. Zoho offers paid plans starting at $12 a month for each user. But, its limited free plan is a good option for up to three users.

Some of its notable features are mentioned below.

  • Home Screen Dashboard: It showcases meetings for the day and tasks that need to be completed on a given day.
  • Lead Information: It offers a quick view of leads by contact name and email. You can use the feature to filter leads to find unqualified leads and converted leads. It is also possible to select an individual lead by name to view related conversations.
  • Analytics: Gain insights into leads, activity, and deals through analytics. It helps you make decisions.
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Pipe Drive – Easy to Use Mobile CRM

Considered to be the easiest-to-use mobile CRM, Pipe Drive is a great tool that will empower you to make the right decisions throughout the day. It can assist with just about every task. Some of the reasons why it is a must-use include an improved mobile experience, clear-cut visual pipeline, and easy operations.

To provide an unbiased opinion, it is pertinent to mention that it offers fewer features in comparison to other larger CRM competitors and lacks some customization capabilities. Moreover, it does not have a free plan like Zoho CRM. Here is an overview of Pipe Drive’s pricing.

  • Essential: $12.50 a month for each user.
  • Advanced: $24.90 a month for each user.
  • Professional: $49.90 a month for each user.

The best thing about Pipe Drive is the fact that its mobile CRM app is not much different from its desktop version. It truly shines when it comes to the visual aspect. You can view the pipeline experience to obtain useful information with minimal effort.

Another great thing about Pipe Drive is the fact that it features minimal design that may appear underwhelming. It is a good thing because it is easy to get distracted. If you have never used a mobile CRM in the past, you will be delighted to know that Pipe Drive is simple to use. It is the best tool for those of you that do not require plenty of integrations or customizations.

Some of the mobile app features that you will come across when you use Pipe Drive are mentioned below.

  • Home Screen: It shows your calendar for the entire day.
  • Deals: It displays your pipeline. Boasting the most user-friendly visual pipeline experience, you can easily drag and drop deals into various lifestyle stages.
  • Activities: The feature enables you to schedule activities, record audio notes, create notes, and log a call.
  • Contacts: It is where you get to manage leads and their contact details.
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HubSpot – Best Free Mobile CRM

The next CRM app for mobile users in 2021 is HubSpot. It is an amazing mobile CRM that allows you to handle everything using your phone. Even if you decide to use the free plan, you would still get to access sales tools and marketing automation tools such as email tracking and chatbots.

The reason why HubSpot is widely used is that it makes for an excellent CRM and marketing tool. You should experience no trouble setting it up and using it. However, you must keep in mind that pricing gets high if you want to use additional services. It can also be overwhelming to review the number of integrations and options.

Generally, HubSpot is available for free for unlimited users. But, if you want to use more features, you will need to subscribe to any of the following payment plans.

  • You can start with free.
  • Starter: $45 a month for two users.
  • Professional: $450 a month for five users.
  • Enterprise: $1,200 a month for 10 users.

Now, it might not be necessary for you to subscribe to a payment plan since the free version offers dozens of features such as a business card scanner and chatbot. It also allows users to import contacts from a spreadsheet, create contacts manually, and more.

The clean user interface of the mobile CRM will convince you to give it a try. Some of its most interesting features are mentioned below.

  • Email Tracking: It lets you view the activity tab to find out if a prospect viewed or opened an email.
  • Document Features: It notifies you when a client or prospect views a sent document.
  • Home Screen: It shows upcoming tasks and meetings for the days.
  • Contacts: You can filter contacts by companies or name.
  • Deals: Similar to other visual pipelines, it enables you to drag and drop each deal.
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Zendesk Sell – Best for Organizing Sales Processes

When it comes to text-based selling, Zendesk Sell is the best option. Its sleek, modern design makes everyday use interesting. What sets it apart is its impeccable text messaging can call features. You can easily use the mobile app to perform all your work.

Before you are sold on the app, you need to know that its pricing can get expensive if you decide to use premium features and it lacks various integrations. Its minimal interface makes it easy to navigate and does not overwhelm users.

After you have used the 14-days free trial, you will need to subscribe to any of the following payment plans.

  • Sell Team: $19 a month for each user.
  • Sell Professional: $49 a month for each user.
  • Sell Enterprise: $99 a month for each user.

Zendesk Sell offers the perfect user experience. The company has invested heavily in design. Some of the mobile app features that you can use are mentioned below.

  • Home Screen: It provides you with a quick overview of the sales pipeline, calendar, tasks, and new communications.
  • Leads: It is where you get to create a new lead quickly or import one from the address book.
  • Contacts: It showcases information about each person.
  • Deals: It provides access to the visual pipeline for managing the lifecycle of each lead.

Zendesk Sell is a great tool that small businesses can use to streamline the sales process and increase their revenue.

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Salesforce – Best Mobile CRM for SMBs

Salesforce is a CRM tool that had to be included in the post. It is the most customizable mobile CRM in the market. Organizations use the tool as it is very customizable, offers access to the technology stack, and has an extensive inventory of features and integrations.

Some of the things that you need to know about Salesforce are the lack of moderate pricing, the need for technical knowledge, and the lack of timely support when using a low-tier plan. Once you have used its free trial, you will need to choose from the following pricing plans.

  • Essentials: $25 a month for each user.
  • Professional: $75 a month for each user.
  • Enterprise: $150 a month for each user.

Salesforce was founded back in 1999 and has become a leader in the field of CRM. Having acquired Tableau in 2019, its commitment to innovation is unrivaled. Besides, you cannot go wrong with its highly customizable user interface that enables you to create a tailored sales process according to your needs. Some of its essential features include the following.

  • Mobile Landing: It provides you with a demo on how to use the app.
  • Chatter: It covers all your communications.
  • Today Screen: It shows tasks and meetings for the day.
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Freshsales offers an easy-to-use solution for small and medium businesses. It is a great choice for startups and small – medium-sized businesses that are taking their first step in the world of CRM. However, it also offers customized and special features for more experienced companies too.

One of it’s best features is that it offers a unified platform so that the software can be easily integrated with other business platforms.

The following features will encourage you to use Freshsales:

  • Proactive AI assistant – sales assistant Freddy
  • Data duplication functionality for efficient lead management
  • Limitless options for customization
  • Third-party integrations to extend functionalities
  • Simple interface that makes CRM easy-to-use for small o medium companies

In addition, Freshales CRM is available in 30+ languages, supports multiple currencies, and offers Numerous communication tools to enhance collaboration, including email, VoIP, phone, email, and call recording, etc.

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As the world becomes increasingly more digital, using a mobile CRM has become a necessity. From Zoho CRM to The Real Estate CRM, only the best CRM apps have been mentioned above to install on your android or iPhone mobile.

Take advantage of these apps to achieve all your objectives and more. There is nothing that you cannot do with the right mobile CRM. Hence, you have no excuse for not using one.