What is a UTV? What Can You Do with A UTV?

Utility Terrain Vehicle - UTV

If you are into terrain ride or motorsports, rides across the desert, or you work with very rough surfaces and make use of mounting vehicles, you must have seen or at least heard of UTVs because such sporting activities and works require a UTV Vehicle.

However, if you are entirely alien to the term UTV, don’t worry as this article has got you covered too. Continue reading below for all you need to know about UTV and their functions.

What is a UTV?

A Utility Task Vehicle, a Utility Terrain Vehicle, Side-by-side, or Recreational Off Vehicle (ROV) as it is variously called is a kind of vehicle for terrain or off-road expeditions and work. The likes of rocky and sandy terrains are the domains for a UTV because they are specially built and equipped for such areas.

UTVs most times are mistaken for ATVs, and although they are similar in some features, a UTV is still the bigger boy for the rough paths.

A UTV is larger than the ATV, and it’s fitted with a steering wheel, pedals for both the accelerator and breaks. For exceptional cases, there are roll-over protectors and seat belts. Also, unlike the ATV, the UTV is built for up to 2 or more passengers (up to 6). Hence the side-by-side name and it comes with in-built features like what you have in a shaft drive UTV.

These unique and capable vehicles have different types and functions. There is the work UTV type, which is designed for all work-related activities on rough terrains, with fittings like trucks and baggage carts at the back. Then there is the fun UTV designed to enhance your off-road with capacity for speed and other accompanying features.

7 Things You Can Do with A UTV

There are a lot of things you can do with a UTV, some of them include:

1Farm Work

With the massive workload present in a farm, UTVs are sound equipment that can multi-task with many features fitted to them, such as back trucks, plowing disc attachment, rake attachment, harrow attachments, etc. These tools can be used to carry out the many tasks on a farm, such as plowing of the land, harvesting of produce, transportation of supplies, among many other things.

2Clearing of The Surroundings

If you live in a compound with enough space to grow some healthy grassland, but you have issues of maintaining the overgrowth, then UTV can come to the rescue. It is also used for stadiums and pitches that always need their fields trimmed and cleared to perfection. A UTV fitted with a mower, or a grass clearer would be the perfect tool to use in these cases.

It allows coverage for a vast expanse of land and enable the work to be done effectively and with ease.

3Snow Clearing

For those who live in very cold regions with a high propensity for snow lock-ins, a UTV can be your way out on a very snowy day. With snow-proof tires and a snow shovel attachment fitted to it, a UTV can help you clear the way and save you from a snow lock-down.

4Recreational Rides

One of the primary functions of a UTV is for outdoor terrain expeditions as they are fitted for the best experience. Rides on a rough rocky landscape and paths like mountains, sandy regions like Abu Dhabi, Sahara Desert expeditions are all made for UTVs.

5Motor Sports

Radical motorsports that involve different scenarios of water-ways, rugged and rough terrains, and sandy tracks, mountainous paths just like those seen in the Dakar Rally are all best done with a UTV which is built for all outdoor situations.

6Golf Games

Moving from one golf course to another can be quite tasking and draining combined with the overhead sun and the weight of golf equipment on your back it can be discouraging. UTVs are used for trans-course transportation for both the golf player and the golf equipment if a golf cart is not readily available.

7Large Group Conveying

Unlike the ATV which has a limited number of seats for the driver alone, UTV on its own has a range of two to six seats which can easily convey people and special customization can be made to convey a larger group. With a UTV you could have a family road trip in a radical style.

8Load Hauling

Asides from the fact that UTVs are much bigger than the usual ATVs, which makes room for both people and load, there is also the customizing feature attached, which allows for the attachment of back trucks to the vehicle to hold and haul an extra load.

You will find the above in use at airports where there is a large quantity of passenger baggage to haul.


UTVs are vehicles fitted for rough paths and terrains, and off-road experiences, be it for work or recreational purposes, they make the perfect fit for almost anyone.